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Day: May 1, 2014

The clever angles estate agents take pictures from

One of my friends and neighbours is moving. He works in London town and seemingly over comes home to sleep before going back into work the next day. So he’s selling his apartment. It is a beautiful apartment and if you have £275k and want to live in Thorpe Bay and be one of my neighbours then please have a look at it on Right Move

However this isn’t an advert for his apartment, I wanted to point out one of the photos used to try and attract people to buy the property. There are three external shots and two of our courtyard. One of them is embedded below.

Alexander Heights, Thorpe Bay
Alexander Heights Courtyard

Looks nice doesn’t it?

Well the thing is the angle is very clever as the photographer uses the plant in the bottom right hand corner of the photo to completely obscure my patio. My poor neglected patio with empty pots and soil over the stones after I pulled out all the weeds the other day. Other neighbours have always told me that my patio dragged down the value of properties and even the good people at Dedman Gray agree but ensuring it wasn’t seen in this photo.

It just made me smirk. It is genuinely a very nice apartment and would make a good home for someone. It is a lovely area with a railway station and The Broadway on your doorstep. However if someone having soil and empty pots on a patio is going to put you off then maybe it isn’t the best place for you.

Appearances are important not just in dating and interviews but seemingly in everything.

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