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Kelly Take Me Out 2014 ITV1 Kelly

To see more details on Kelly and all the other girls, including age, location, occupation, how long they've been single and some other random information then please check out the main <a href="" title="Take Me Out">Take Me Out Photos</a> page for series six, starting in January 2014.


  1. Sam Sam

    I think you’re really pretty, I have all of the characteristics you said 😉 should hit me up.

  2. BW BW

    Let me know if you fancy batting for the other team! FIT.

  3. Tasha Tasha

    Hi Kelly,

    I loved your look on 8th Feb 2014 show. Could you please let me know where you got your basket ball top from I soo want one,

    thanks Tasha

  4. Ha ha look very nice would love to take u out some time

  5. Jemma Jemma

    Hi Kelly i loved was you worn this saturday with the shinny jersey basket ball top with the socks to match i was wondering wheres that from or even the name of your online boutique you got 😀 please x

  6. Ramliz Ramliz

    Hey I Love Your Hats They Look Cool What Is the NameOf U Online Boutuiqe please do Reply back

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