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Nick Clegg’s ideology represents more voters than any other political leader

6% of people think Nigel Farage is an extreme left-winger, which is pretty funny but that isn’t the important thing that Ipsos-Mori has uncovered. The pollster asked people in one of their latest polls to describe their place on the political spectrum and the place of all the main party leaders. Now unsurprisingly the poll has found that most people see Ed Miliband on the left with David Cameron and Nigel Farage on the right. Nick Clegg is placed in the centre. Ticks all round.

Now when it comes to how people describe their own political views then there is a bigger spread, but the highest number based themselves in the centre-ground and that is exactly where Nick Clegg is placed.

Nick Clegg represents the bulk of us
Nick Clegg represents the bulk of us

This goes to support my long-held belief that if people truly believed that the Lib Dems could form a government on their own, then they would be far more happy to vote for them. The thing is Labour and the Conservatives have dominated government for just so long that people still think that the Lib Dems are a wasted vote. If we could get people over that prospect and just looked at all the manifestos without knowing who write them, more people would vote for the Lib Dems than any other party.

I do genuinely believe that most people sit in the centre-ground or lean slightly to the right or to the left. Whilst extreme views are growing, they aren’t anywhere near the number of people who sit in the middle ground. This is the Lib Dems biggest problem, getting people to vote for the political party who best represents them and not just listen to the highlights. If the party can do this then we can progress and keep moving forward

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