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Lib Dems select candidates for Prittlewell & Westborough wards for the 2014 Council elections

Last night the Liberal Democrat members of Prittlewell and Westborough wards met for their regular branch meeting and chose their candidates for the 2014 Southend Council elections to be held on May 22 2014.

Cllr. Mike Grimwade who has represented Prittlewell ward since 2006 was re-selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate and hopes the people of Prittlewell once more believe he is the right person to represent them. Cllr. Grimwade looks forward to keep working hard and continuing the active casework that has helped the residents of the ward get their issues solved as quickly as possible.

He has recently been in the news for helping get a Post Office back into the ward following the one in Princes Avenue closing last autumn. The new Post Office is set to open on September 30th in nearby Eastbourne Grove.

Speaking to The Southend Echo Cllr. Grimwade said:

“Longer opening hours mean the new post office is much more accessible to residents, and it is very conveniently placed, so everything is in its favour.

“The Post Office was most helpful throughout the process – together we toured the area, looking at several different locations to try to find the best site. It listened to all our suggestions and was fantastic to work with.”

A few minutes later it was also unanimously agreed that Cllr. Paul Collins would stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the neighbouring Westborough ward. Cllr. Collins was first elected as a councillor for Westborough ward in 2010 and has worked hard – just like his Prittlewell colleague Cllr. Grimwade – to listen to local residents and deal with the problems that they bring to him.

The issues facing Westborough are different to those of the people in Prittlewell but Cllr. Collins has been hard at work to help bring these issues to the attention of the council. Car parking is a long-term issue in the ward but only recently more double yellow lines were removed and extra car parking spaces made available thanks to his hard work.

He has also been very active helping the new Westborough Community Association get formed and stay stable. Recently he has been standing up for Westcliff Library which is under threat of closure.

Both Cllr. Grimwade and Cllr. Collins are hard-working local councillors and they hope come May 23rd 2014 they’ll be able to carry on their hard work and continue with their ongoing active casework to solve residents issues and problems.

paul collins mike grimwade
Cllr. Collins & Cllr. Grimwade

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