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Day: August 22, 2013

My Lib Dem Blog of the Year nominations 2013

I have just sent in my nominations for Lib Dem Blog of the Year and I wanted to explain why I nominated the four blogs that I did.

First of all I wanted to point out my personal criteria. I only considered blogs that on average are above 400 words per piece and are in my opinion thought-provoking and base their blogging on an opinion rather than just reporting news. My opinion on what blogs are is writing something that makes me both think and helps me understand why another person has that point of view. That was my criteria.

In alphabetical order (as they show up on Lib Dem Blogs so first names…):

Alex Marsh – Alex’s Archives – Now this nomination comes with the caveat that I do not religiously read his blog solely because he blogs a lot about a subject that doesn’t push my buttons – housing. However I appreciate the quality of his work and when he isn’t writing about housing I enjoy his pieces. Blogging to me in the context of awards isn’t about just what I’d read but also what I perceive as the quality of the writing and I think Alex’s work has considerable merit.

Alex Wilcock – Love & Liberty – Look lets get this out in the open. I don’t watch Doctor Who and couldn’t give two hoots about it so there is a considerable percentage of his posts that I wouldn’t read. However the quality of his writing on political issues and opinions is first rate. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has read his work and if you haven’t then I implore you to do so.

Jennie Rigg – Automated Attack Monkeys, Scalpel Mines, & Acid – Now Jennie and I have this faux hate/hate thing going. No love here (well from her end anyway, I may have a little shrine *glances to his right and sighs*) but these nominations aren’t about people whom I like and who like me. They are about people who write thought-provoking pieces with a large dollop of opinion and are of significant length. Jennie fits the bill and in terms of pure style her blog might be the one that I find easiest to read. She tells me she can’t win as she’s too anti-establishment but I said I couldn’t get a girlfriend and look at me now…oh wait…maybe you can’t win Jennie. Sorry.

Louise Shaw – From one of the Jilted Generation… – Louise writes when her gander gets up on a certain subject and when she does she uses a mixture of research and opinion to put her pieces together. When I see one of her blogs pop up I find myself clicking and reading to the end and I suppose that says a lot.

They were my four nominations.

For the record I would have nominated Richard Morris’ blog – A view from Ham Common – but most of his work these days is primarily produced for The New Statesman and as so I deemed his work is published by a commercial outlet and not on his own blog. Otherwise I think there is little doubt his writing is in the upper echelons of Lib Dem Blogging.

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