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Day: April 19, 2013

The Best Ten The Voice auditions so far

I am a huge fan of the TV show The Voice. However like most shows I do prefer the American version so I thought I’d put together my favourite ten auditions from The Voice over the four seasons so far (although none of the top ten are from season one). Looking down this list I think it is pretty clear that there is a certain type of vocal I enjoy and that is quirky female voices.

I also much prefer the US judges and the way they hardly communicate with each other during the audition itself. They are busy listening to the vocal and aren’t asking each other if they are going to go. Also it is clear that doing a song I personally like – and doing it well – helps, for example with Cassadee Pope and Sarah Simmons.

So here we are. My top ten The Voice USA auditions so far…

10. Monique Abbadie

9. Tony Lucca

8. The Line – I’m afraid only the vocals and not video I have found.

7. Melanie Martinez

6. Caitlin Michele

5. Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes – Apolpgize – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

4. The Morgan Twins

3. Cassadee Pope

2. Juliet Simms

1. Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons – The Voice Auditions (S4 Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

Just as a bonus my favourite so far of the UK version is clearly Leah McFall. Yep yet another quirky voice. I know what I like at least…

Leah McFall

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