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Tasha Take Me Out 2013 Tasha


  1. Hakeem Hakeem

    Will love to make you happy, please get in touch

  2. Marcus Marcus

    Tasha is absolutely stunning and I would love to take her out and show her a good time and my part of town.

  3. Dwayne Dwayne

    Hey how are you? Would love to get to kno you

  4. danny danny

    Top marks for that dress

  5. danny danny

    There was i thinking that i was the only one……chaa .there’S me thinking that am doing something special lol babe you know your hot u just want to read it.I cannot comprehend that the reason your on this show is for a man nah. a holiday ….nah to be known mmmmmm.To prove my theory here is my e-mail ……let me know who you choose cos there is plenty of offers.I have the timer on seven days …keeping warm and smiling …you cant be that fussylol

  6. Ryan Ryan

    Why is she still single let alone on take me out :'( she is soooo funny and beautiful I would take her out anytime tasha follow me on twitter @muhammedyusif I’m 22 and mixed raced

  7. im definetly falling in love wid dis girl on ma teli, every time they show her i feel my heart growing, she is so amazing perfect in every way gorgeous and a bangin personality, jus saw her tour a da studio and dat cat walk OMG.

  8. Jay Jay


  9. Jay Jay

    My kinda girl

  10. Tank Tank

    This is the kind of girl I’d love to go out with, I’ll never get the chance though 🙁

  11. Probably the coolest woman I’ve seen on Take Me Out: interesting tattoos AND she’s all geeky too! *High five for comic books*

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