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Megan Take Me Out 2013 Megan


  1. Definition of beauty

  2. Ross Ross

    i thank Megan is if a good time with her boyfriend Matt from Ross Russell and old is Megan

  3. Ross Ross

    i thank Megan is if a good time with her boyfriend Matt from Ross Russell

  4. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Think you are being a tad harsh there Andy. All we see is an edited version of a TV show. Not really a great way to form such strong opinions for or against anyone.

  5. Andy Andy

    Well if she knows what she wants, what the heck is she doing on a cheap, tacky Saturday night TV program where the bloke picks her?

    I maintain she’s a horrid stuck up specimen.

  6. Stingercut Stingercut

    I’m not one for giving compliments but this woman should be a Hollywood movie star. I love natural red heads ( dunno if you are ), smart red heads, red heads with a perfect body and she has such a nice manner. I hope you read this and make it in entertainment.

    Ps the idiot who picked you should be dumped promptly, such an uncool chap. As the saying goes, beauty doesn’t last but stupid’s forever 😉

    Good luck.

  7. i think Megan was way to nice for that lad.he was stuck to her everywhere she turned.stuck to her.dont know how she remained so nice tbh.altho id proberbly never leave her side either.shes gorgous!

  8. Jay Jay

    megan is really preety she always has a smile by her side.!!

  9. Lea Lea

    Megan does it for me, fit as f**k, pretty, dark hair, bright eyes, cracking body n sharp attitude, she dress’s well & knows how to move to the groves… You may think she’s stuck up, oh no, she knows what she wants I like a girl with a bit if attitude!! Go for it girly, I’d def keep my light on for her, I’d do more than take her to Fernando… umm mmm!!

  10. Megan needs a chill pill. that aside she is a hottie (body/face wize)

  11. Andy Andy

    Who’s! High maintenance. Anyone see her tonight acting the high and mighty. She may have an ample bust but she has a terrible stuck up attitude and I would never date anyone like her. Horrid woman.

  12. wow what a lady megan is, i would love to show her how a lady should be treated 🙂

  13. Johnny Johnny

    Definitely likey 😉

  14. Jasper Wyatt Jasper Wyatt

    I think Megan is absolutely gorgeous, would love the chance to take her out on a date

    Jasper x

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