Lolly Take Me Out 2013


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74 thoughts on “lolly_take_me_out_2013”

  1. Thanks guys for all your lovely messages… Gonna miss them :(
    Hopefully keep in contact through twitter still… @LollyHolt x x x

  2. well ss i think she is by far the hottest most down 2earth women they have had on the show dont think afta wat uve said she wood go anywhere with u ps lolly still gorgious xx

  3. WOW… Just got your comment SS, harsh words.
    I’m sure your utterly perfect and must feel wonderful to be that way, but I myself have never thought I’m anything special…I’m just real! Sorry I clearly offend you and your positive world that you come from!
    Thanks Neil for your kind words x

  4. Come on Neil..there has been some fit girls on the show and Lolly has far from hit ‘the wall’. My post was a joke as it was just funny reading the guys comments! I would def take Lolly to Fernandos but then again…the place looks a dump 😉

  5. Lolly you are so beautiful, I’m following you on twitter it would be amazing if you could follow me 2? @TOWIE_No1fan ..I love your dress sense aswell, your gorgeous! :)xxXxx

  6. Green contacts…? Nope not me, I don’t wear contacts… The little girl with dark red hair wears green contacts, annaka her name is x

  7. Hi lolly! I love the dress you wore on last night’s show, think its the same one as you are wearing in your profile pic…where is it from?? xx

  8. Hi Lolly :) I think you are amazing, i really love your style and you always look fabulous, you seem like such a great laugh :’)

    I noticed that you said you have never been sent flowers, well i would love to send you flowers :) i can send you some to the studio if you like? :) that sounds creepy :/ i didn’t mean it to, i just thought you would like some :/ :) I’ve made such a mess off this ugh!

    Anyways, cya later, never change your style for anyone! :) Love from JD xxx

  9. Thanks guys 😉 …
    Its gonna be a good show on Saturday so be sure to watch it… and I’m on the gossip this Saturday too. x

    1. Chris in general I’ve found the girls are more than happy to communicate on twitter but like to keep FB for people they actually know so follow her on twitter but its unlikely she’ll friend you on FB.

  10. Just been catching up on take me out, lolly you are growing on me every week. Defiantly stand out from a crowd. Give me a follow on twitter @Josh21Knight

  11. Hey Lolly, Super shocked that he wasn’t your “scruff” last night…your wet look trousers were Amazing..where did ya get them?! A must have :)

  12. Hi All

    Thanks for your comments…

    Im on twitter @LollyHolt.

    I think my shirt was from Missguided, but I might be selling mine, if interested, hit me on twitter :)

  13. Lolly i would love to know where your check shirt with the spiked collar is from on the first episode?! @tessaluke4 if you get the chance !!

  14. Hey, I saw you on Take Me Out and you seem really nice :) Check my twitter out @shiv11 and we’ll chat :)
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

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