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Emma Take Me Out 2013 Emma


  1. Reda Reda

    Add me reda laghzaoui nas we talk privet

  2. robbie robbie

    and for gods sake plz leave your lights on untill the end .not once have i seen ur light on untill the end.if this carries on ull regret it in the end aite

  3. robbie robbie

    hey emma the good thing about you is u re really are a full package in the series(apart from how dumb u re) but the bad thing about you is “you” think you are too much of a full package which shows in your attitude which i’m afraid to say might lead to you being single throughout the series.So stop being fussy and picky thinkin you can get a guy anytime becoz it might be too late later.And for god’s sake plz stop acting so posh as if you are already a celebrity arite coz there are a lot of gr8 girls than you in the show.i just wanted to advice u becoz you fell down in da show n i feel so sorry for you so I dont want to end up alone arite. besta luck girl

  4. danny danny

    That will fall head over ……for you hope you didnt hurt yourself

  5. danny danny

    Get a man

  6. bob smith bob smith

    your really ugly get of that show for my sake please.

  7. Thomas Thomas

    Hey emma πŸ™‚ your really hot, especially now that i’ve seen your tits πŸ˜‰ thanks

  8. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    To the person who was posing as Emma and left a comment, unsurprisingly I didn’t publish it.

  9. David David

    Hi Emma, Wow, you’re so incredibly beautiful. Hope you find the man of your dreams on the show, but if not, I’d love to take you out

  10. ben ben

    your the hottest girl in all the series of take me out <3 <3

  11. Top lady. Very cool hair, and loving the fact she’s into grungy Rock music and whatnot!

  12. James James

    Hi Emma you okay? I saw you ok take me out lastnight and u seemed really sweet πŸ™‚ x

  13. Dave Dave

    Hey Emma how u doin babe? Saw I tonight on the show, u seem kinda sweet πŸ˜‰ x

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