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Take Me Out Girls 2012 on ITV1 – Season 4 Photos & Details

For the latest series photos and gossip then please follow the link for Take Me Out Girls Photos for Season Seven – 2015.

It’s back folks. Take Me Out sandwiching The X Factor. Saturday nights with Paddy and Dermot. What more could we want? Yet again Mr Paddy McGuinness is trying to team up men from his love-lift with his flirty thirty in an effort to bring love and happiness to the world. Take Me Out has been going for three runs and this is the fourth and it has already been commissioned for another two after this so Take Me Out fans rejoice as the dating show is set for a long run on Saturday nights for a good while yet.

This year we have a full selection of thirty women to start with. Last year we had 29 because one poor girl won a date with a guy and then the producers found out about his criminal past and therefore she was completely airbrushed out of the show. Harsh. Still we have thirty women who from Saturday we’ll see coming down those stairs hoping to return up them hand in hand with a gorgeous date on the Isle of Fernando’s!

I have compiled all the original flirty thirty photos and their basic details. I hope if any of the girls get around to reading this they won’t think of me as some saddo (I am but please don’t think of me as such) and take my comments in good jest (certainly you Erica – seriously Trypophobia?). I hope you all enjoyed the show and enjoy the incoming barrage of fans on twitter and facebook (and probably the odd one or two in the comments here – the post on the last series got 207 comments (so far) so you may want to check for the odd piece of fan chat and guys pretty much only ever leave positive comments so good for your ego).

Anyway you didn’t come to this blog for my waffle. You came here for photos and details about the girls. So I shall just get on with it and in the immortal words of our favourite Bolton lad (well I do like Sheephead too – what has happened to Sheephead?) it is time to…

Bring on the Girls…

Angela Take Me Out Series 4

Angela’s Details:

26 years old
Probation Officer
From Exeter
Been single for six months

Random Fact: Angela used to be a goth and has appeared in a Bollywood production.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I can very much see her as a goth!

Caroline Take Me Out Series 4

Caroline’s Details:

30 years old
Litigation Lawyer
From Sheffield
Been single for 18 months

Random Fact: If she could, Caroline would live off mushy peas, wotsits and Horlicks.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Smart, bit ditzy, bit quirky, ticking a lot of boxes!

Caroline B Take Me Out Series 4

Caroline’s Details:

40 years old
Radio DJ
From Bournemouth
Been single for nine months

Random Fact: Caroline can recite every single lyric to any Chas n Dave song. Scary…

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She works in local radio. I’m envious!

Catriona Take Me Out Series 4

Catriona’s Details:

22 years old
Retail Analyst
Originally from Glasgow but now lives in London
Been single for one year

Random Fact: She is also a big fundraiser and has raised thousands of pounds for a Hospice that means a lot to her family. One charity challenge involved a Zip line across the River Clyde.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She raises a lot of money for charity which is excellent but she says she actually enjoys dates. I question her sanity. Dates are evil (well maybe evil is a strong term…dinner dates are evil!)

Chanelle Take Me Out Series 4

Chanelle’s Details:

20 years old
Cosmetic Co-ordinator
From Manchester
Been single for two years

Random Fact: Chanelle lives with her Nana who is her best friend in the world.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Her celebrity crush is Peter Andre. It was all going so well until then. Still I think she seems like a good ‘un. Also this is the one romantically linked to James Arthur from The X Factor. Did a party succeed where Paddy failed? We shall find out…

Charlotte Take Me Out Series 4

Charlotte’s Details:

22 years old
Receptionist at a car dealership
From Croydon
Been single for two months

Random Fact: She has an irrational fear of clowns.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Having an irrational fear of clowns isn’t irrational. They are evil. Imagine going on a dinner date with a clown *curls up in the foetal position rocking back n forth sobbing*

Chloe-Marie Take Me Out Series 4

Chloe-Marie’s Details:

23 years old
Primary School teacher
From London
Been single for one year

NB: I have no idea why her photo in the Press Pack isn’t a face on.

Random Fact: She has a fear of cotton wool.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I like her. Her fear of cotton wool though is a little bit strange but I like her.

Dannika Take Me Out Series 4

Dannika’s Details:

20 years old
Fashion Graduate and Shop Assistant
From Essex
Been single for six weeks

Random Fact: She hates when she meets a guy in a club and the next day they find her on Facebook and end up stalking her.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I like her. Crazy hair is always something that I swoon at. However not liking internet stalkers…*looks at the fact he’s posting about thirty girls on TV* I suspect me and her aren’t an ideal match. I actually do know someone who genuinely does this though. We (me and others who know him) often wait to see how quickly he goes from meeting them but saying nothing to adding them to Facebook. The average time is as soon as he gets home. For the record it isn’t me – as if I’d talk to a girl at a club. Sad but true. Anyway…

Emma Take Me Out Series 4

Emma’s Details:

18 years old
Just finished her A Levels and barmaid
From Newport
Been single for six months

Random Fact: Self-confessed adrenaline junkie whose best date was going surfing.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Another one I think I’ll like. Also I really really like what she is wearing in the promotional pic. I’m no fashion guru *looks at his PSU hoodie* but yes I like that look.

Erica Take Me Out Series 4

Erica’s Details:

29 years old
Personal Assistant
From Manchester
Single for just over a year

Random Fact: Erica has spent an estimated £3000 on an elaborate tattoo on her back and suffers from Trypophobia. Yeah go look it up. It’s weirder than clowns and cotton wool…

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Her dream man would drive a VW Camperman. I can’t even drive. Not looking too grand for me but has a very likeable face and I’m a face guy. So is a rooting interest to get a good date!

Fennela Take Me Out Series 4

Fennela’s Details:

26 years old
Operations Manager
From Suffolk
Been single for two years

Random Fact: Fenella is an active member of the Young Farmers Club and has attended since the age of 10.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Every year we seem to have one girl who is part of said club and they always like muscular men…

Helen Take Me Out Series 4

Helen’s Details:

26 years old
Receptionist in a local football centre and Chef in the Territorial Army
From Liverpool
Been single for one year

Random Fact: Helen has a special talent as a Marilyn Monroe impressionist.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She made a guys false teeth fall out on a date she is that funny. Probably going to be great value on the show.

Jamilah Take Me Out Series 4

Jamilah’s Details:

23 years old
Bar manager and mixologist
From Nottingham
Been single for one year

Random Fact: She is both a fully trained mixologist and a fully trained beautician.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She used to play football for Nottingham Forest’s ladies team. That means she’s better than me at football. Although in all fairness most people are.

Jordan Take Me Out Series 4

Jordan’s Details:

21 years old
Trainee primary school teacher
From Lisburn
Has been single forever

Random Fact: Jordan is petrified of moths and the thought of not finding a date on Take Me Out.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She has kissed men of 17 different nationalities yet has been single forever. Interesting mix. However anyone training to teach the future generation is someone I will naturally like (I think).

Justine Take Me Out Series 4

Justine’s Details:

25 years old
Speech and Language Therapist
From Essex
Been single for one year

Random Fact: Justine owns a beat boxing parrot called Silver.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Anyone who has a rewarding job (she works with children with autism) is someone I respect. Her fear is of caves. Not horrific and certainly not Trypophobia – did anyone look up what that actually was? Madness Erica. Madness.

Laura Take Me Out Series 4

Laura’s Details:

32 years old
Manager at a Bank
From Helensburgh
Been single for two and a half years

Random Fact: She has a huge phobia of birthday cakes with candles on.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Her ideal man is a real man’s man. I’m out of this but birthday cakes. Really?

Lily Take Me Out Series 4

Lily’s Details:

22 years old
Graduate and GP Receptionist
From Scarborough
Been single for 18 months

Random Fact: Lily has a phobia of dogs who are off the lead – she has had two terrible experiences where dogs have chased her when she was out running. She also has a fear of frogs, ‘It’s the way they can leap and cling’.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I can accept those phobias. I hate dogs off their leads. I’m convinced they want to eat me. I’m not mad. Honest guv…

Lois Take Me Out Series 4

Lois’s Details:

20 years old
Riverboat Skipper and Japanese Student
Been single for one year

NB: No Geographical location supplied.

Random Fact: Her long blonde hair has never been cut and she can play 11 musical instruments.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Raisins? Raisins? RAISINS? Her fear is of raisins. I’m shaking my head at some of these. However having said that I like her.

Malin Take Me Out Series 4

Malin’s Details:

19 years old
Flight Attendant
Born in Sweden but now lives in Bedfordshire
Been single for two months

Random Fact: She has been involved in both the Miss England and Miss Sweden beauty pageants.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: she had a recent dating disaster when she went to a guy’s house to watch a DVD – he excused himself to go the toilet. Half an hour later he hadn’t returned and she discovered he had gone to bed. I love that story. Still cheer up Malin – I’ve had worse dates as I’ve had people come around to watch a DVD and make their excuses and leave before the DVD has even started. Oh I fail at dates.

Meggan Take Me Out Series 4

Meggan’s Details:

23 years old
Dental Nurse
From Inverness
Been single for eight months

Random Fact: Megan is self-confessed accident prone – she recently shredded a cheque at work rather than the envelope.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Megan’s weirdest dating encounter involved her forcing a pound coin between a guy’s front teeth as a bet. It went wrong after it got stuck. Yep I’d call that weird but seems like an interesting one to watch. Also she doesn’t like small spaces. Finally a relatively normal phobia!

Melissa Take Me Out Series 4

Melissa’s Details:

28 years old
Housing worker in a male prison
From London
Been single for two years

Random Fact: Melissa used to be a raver but she used to bump into ex-convicts on the dance floor which was very awkward and not a great way of meeting men.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Her most annoying habit is talking over people when she finds them boring. Oh what’s that Melissa? You think I’m sad for having spent nearly two hours sorting out this Take Me Out blog? Oh I see. Guessing she thinks I’m a bit boring and have no life and she’s right – on both counts. D’oh

Nadia Take Me Out Series 4

Nadia’s Details:

24 years old
Merchandiser at Evans Cycles Head Office
From Brighton
Been single for one year

Random Fact: Nadia was moved up a year at school for being a ‘smarty pants’.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: She’s bloody smart so it seems so that is always a huge plus. Her huge phobia is of uncooked egg yolk. Yep that one is fair enough in my book. I have a fear of cooking full stop which is probably slightly less fair but moving on…

Natalie Take Me Out Series 4

Natalie’s Details:

26 years old
Full time mum
From Bristol
Been single for two years

Random Fact: She has an ear fetish.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Doesn’t like spiders or deep water. Yes I’m down with that on both counts. The ear fetish though? Really…? Look I’m a guy who is down with a lot of fetishes but that one really is shall we say ‘out there’.

Oli Take Me Out Series 4

Oli’s Details:

18 years old
Make up counter assistant
From Worcestershire
Been single for one year

Random Fact: She has a four leaf clover tattoo which she believes will bring her luck.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Based purely on her press photo and her fear of dogs. I clearly fancy Oli. Also I have a Good Luck Care Bear that I think brings me luck. Match made in heaven…?

Olivia Take Me Out Series 4

Olivia’s Details:

18 years old
Receptionist at a garage
From Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire
Been single for eight months

Random Fact: She’s young at heart and still sucks her thumb and has a comfort blanket called, Twiddler.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: The above random fact is a worry. However my ex had the same issue that she has regarding not being able to touch or look at feet. I thought it was weird then but now…I still think it is abnormal (but less abnormal than an ear fetish so…)

Piri Take Me Out Series 4

Piri’s Details:

21 years old
Manager of a shoe shop
From Kent
Single for two and a half months

Random Fact: Piri lists her interests as kebabs and cakes as well as dance and rap offs. She also carries mayonnaise and ketchup in her handbag at all times in case she accidentally buys a dry snack.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I genuinely bought three kebabes last Saturday night (special offer and was then breakfast and lunch on the Sunday). Her fears are normal (spiders, black cats and heights) and she once met a man in the cake aisle at Asda. I’m always in the cake aisle at Asda. Do I sense the stars aligning…?

Ruby Take Me Out Series 4

Ruby’s Details:

18 years old
Politics student
From Bristol
Single for almost a year

Random Fact: Her guilty pleasure is Justin Bieber and even has him on her duvet cover.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Justin Bieber? Oh dear. However the worst is yet to come another posh word of a phobia although this one is fairer than Erica’s Trypophobia. This one is called Tokophobia. Look it up. She is ginger though which is always a double thumbs up situation. Also a politics student? That is very much a good thing in my eyes as an (unsuccessful) politician. Seriously only 90 votes. Still gets to me…

Samantha Take Me Out Series 4

Samantha’s Details:

22 years old
Owns her own beauty salon
From Liverpool
Single all her life

Random Fact: She boby pops in her sleep.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: I sleep terribly at the best of times with someone else in the bed but someone who is boby-popping? Also her ideal man would be a millionaire. Not a great first impression…

Thiopia Take Me Out Series 4

Thiopia’s Details:

24 years old
Events Co-Ordinator
From Birmingham
Has been single forever

Random Fact: In her spare time she loves nothing more than studying Victorian criminology and the history of Egypt. Honestly who saw that coming?

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Again someone who is smart. I always like this. She hasn’t even been on a date this year. She has quite traditional values and likes the man to be the provider. Ok that is me stuffed with my modern-man-ness. (Is that even a word?) Apparently not but you get the gist…

Tonia Take Me Out Series 4

Tonia’s Details:

22 years old
Graduate in podiatric medicine
From Galway, Ireland
Been single for one year

Random Fact: Tonia once emailed Stephen Hawking to ask about star constellations. No news as to whether or not he replied though.

Neil’s Initial Thoughts: Got to finish up with one final look at fears and hers are…bees, spiders and movies about possession and paranormal activity. Not too bad. Also she doesn’t like muscular men, men who lives with their mums or men who lack any drive. Shall I bother meeting her or just organise the wedding now?

New Girls:

Of course as Paddy sends off the lucky ladies to Fernando’s they get replaced in the flirty thirty. I haven’t been sent through the background information on the new girls but I’ve just got six photos which replaces the two dates from Week 1 and the four dates from Week 2. So here we go…

Bronnie Take Me Out
Dani Take Me Out
Fleur Take Me Out
Jo Take Me Out
Katie Take Me Out
Leah Take Me Out

I must say that both Fleur and Katie are absolutely breathtakingly stunning…

Anyway folks I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted look at the Take Me Out Contestants for series four of the show starting Saturday 6 October on ITV1 at 7PM.

Feel free to let everyone know who you are loving below.

All photos are courtesy of ITV and Fremantle Media UK.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave any comments or contact me directly via the E-Mail Me link on the Right Hand Nav. You can stay in touch with the blog following me on Twitter or by liking the blog on Facebook. Please share this content via the Social Media links below if you think anyone else would enjoy reading.

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  1. Leigh Leigh

    Hi wondered where Laura from last weeks take me out got her yellow dress and orange dress from they were beaut x

  2. Dan Dan

    Can I still contact Chanelle

  3. david david

    Ok, so I admit I don’t watch the show, and am supposed to be retiling my bathroom this afternoon, but one thing leads to another on youtube, doesn’t it?
    Any way, couldn’t help but notice Katie on 2012 final show – beautiful to look at and a really pleasant demeanour too.
    Her photo here does not do justice at all.
    More to the point, do you have any follow-up details, such as whether she’s still single,(almost impossible to believe that,) or any way of contacting her? I was struck.

  4. Kodanshi Helcarver Kodanshi Helcarver

    These pages only show the very first batch of 30 women who start off the show. Any new and later additions are not part of the original Flirty Thirty, and therefore not represented pictorially.

  5. craig craig

    There is one girl that isnt even on this list and that is danielle. shes the blonde girl with a cheeky smile who Micky picked. why is she not on here??

  6. Larry Larry

    Jordan is lovely looking and I adore her accent!

  7. j j

    Hi I was just watching the show but in Ireland on tv3 and think it maybe,few months old. I loved Samantha sequin dress. Can ye tell me where she got it from ? Thanks

  8. Josh Smith Josh Smith

    cant believe some of these girls on this show are still single.

  9. Details and pics are only provided for the 30 women present at the start of the series.

  10. Alan Alan

    Why are there no details or a picture of Ann? She was the little Asian lady who came on the show from about show 5 onwards.

    Every week i would hope she didn’t get a date so i could see her again the following week! (yep selfish i know!). Very attractive with the most amazing smile!

    Would love to know where she is from…

  11. remmie remmie

    hi, who knows where i can get that yellow bodycon dress victoria wore on the last episode of 1/12/2012. im so in love with bodycon dresses so please help, help me out.

    • Victoria Pace Victoria Pace

      Few years late but its aq/aq i still have it in my wardrobe x

  12. Just watched the last in the current series, and I must say I’m saddened that Lois wasn’t picked. Also, why does everyone keep turning Bronnie’s light off? She’s absolutely dazzling!

    Looking forward to The Gossip now, and then the next series! Have fun, folks.

  13. Lee Lee

    Hi Samantha from Manchester is the hottest girl I’ve seen on take me out right up my street so if you read this Sam look me up please I love going anything and everything 🙂 x

  14. scarlett scarlett

    samantha was wearing a black dress on her date, does any one know where it was from

  15. I’m actually really happy that Erica and Meko got together. I liked the both of them a lot, and considered them very suited to each other, so it’s fabulous they’re now in love (^_^).

  16. Matty Matty

    I love Lois….. My type in every way…cute, very sexy, and funny too!….. Give her my email address if you like….

  17. Marie Marie

    Hi, Neil I NEED you to find out where Katie’s gold sequin dress is from. Seen it on last nights episode 24th November, it’s the one she wore for the night date. Tweeted her but she hasn’t replied :(. Its beautiful and she’s gorge!

  18. Any details on the girl who was picked by the Scotsman last night (24.11.) He has good taste, at least in Women!!

  19. Rob Rob

    Wow if there was anyone who floated my boat it would have to be Piri, known in my day as a cracking bit of gear, but the smile and moreover that sexy purring voice of hers would push any bloke over the edge I am sure, she is without doubt one of the most beautiful girls, I have seen and why for the life of me no one has run in to her shop pick up and literally carried her out to lunch on a cold wet Monday, I could just listen to her for hours, she is a girl that needs to be appreciated, worshipped ourt of the bedroom and controlled in, good luck Piri, If Only…I can dream

  20. Mr Tee Mr Tee

    Looks are in the eye of the be holder, I used to work with Mellisa. She was a nice girl more than likely still is.
    But God knows what the hell she is doing on this show.
    Surely she can afford a holiday for herself.
    As for Thopia what ever her name is I don’t believe she wants a date sweet girl but confused in many ways…
    Tony…funny show never the less. …

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Just for the record folks who were discussing if anyone could get a blackout on the first round – yes I most certainly could but its unlikely they would ever let anyone on to the show who they thought could get such a quick blackout.

  21. While I don’t fancy either Lois or Thiopia, I think they need to scrap “The Gossip” (although given that it’s got a much later slot, I can see that happening after this series anyway) and just give us “The World According To Thiopia & Lois”.

  22. Lois is amazing. She’s not physically my type (I don’t usually go for blondes), but she sparked my interest as soon as she mentioned she spoke Japanese. Then it turns out she plays the theremin as well! Fantastic. I’m extremely impressed.

  23. max max

    Yh Yh comment was right, there are never any good lookin black girls on the show….I bet £50 that the black girls won’t get picked….I s’pose its just todays society…ayye lol

  24. Chris K Chris K

    I have started to watch (have on in the background Take Me Out) in the past few weeks while I’m getting suited & booted for work. I cant help but stop & smile broadly when Lois makes a smutty comment. She has a witty funny personality which is hard to find in a good looking lady.
    Guys just seem to base their choose on looks!

    Lois- i’d take you out ; ) xx

  25. I could see myself getting a blackout the moment I say my name and where I’m from (cue 30 lights going out in one go, and I keep walking as “All By Myself” plays 😉

  26. That is the reason I think I shall apply — it would make TMO history to get a blackout in the very first round!

  27. Jez Jez

    I know that Natalie has already been snappped up. But if her date really didnt work out, I would love to take her out for a meal!!! She is beautiful!
    If thats not likly to happen, then if Olivia doesnt get picked or see anyone she wants to leave her light on for then I will def take her out!! Gorgeous.
    Great show, love watching every week. Just dont have to nerve to apply, as can only see getting blackout in the 1st round.

  28. Scoop Scoop

    This series is a bit of a letdown – a lot of plain girls this time. Maybe as stated above they haven’t let in girls from modelling agencies as it’s just too obvious when they go on dates that they are not interested (see last series, Cony).

    Having said that, a few of the standouts are Dannika, Malin, Meggan, Oli, and the most stunning of them all Natalie. Her amazing boobs aside, she’s very pretty and very glamorous. Hard to believe she has 2 kids.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Personally speaking I prefer the fewer models plan but a lot of the original flirty thirty were models at least part time. There are a lot of very good looking and very nice ‘normal’ girls this time around. I must say I am starting to gravitate strongly towards Emily of the remaining girls. Just seems like a genuine lass.

  29. Chris Chris

    Natalie is stunning totally amazing. Comes across as such a great girl.
    Would love to meet her and go for a drink. Seems a great girl and fun to be with.

  30. Purely in terms of looks, for me it’s Emma (with the hat), Dannika and Erica. As for Erica’s fear of following things… I assume that means she doesn’t have a Twitter account!

  31. I so wish I could take out Danika. She is so sexy and absolutely gorgeous. She stood out the most the little fitty. But the teeth are abit grey

  32. mark mark

    natalie proper good looking young lady.

    I would love to take that one out;-)
    or well bang her…

    Let the flap see the jack…

  33. Michael Michael

    Jordan is lovely looking and I adore her accent!

  34. Ya right there jo is stunning wish I was on the show and got 2 pick her if I did not get a black out thou haha

  35. Niall Moloney Niall Moloney

    Shame Jo was picked (hardly surprising though) if I went on, I’d def want her, she’s stunning!

  36. Jo is just a knock out how lush is that smile wow

  37. Jamil Jamil

    Jamilah is a very beautiful girl and in Arabic her name actually means beautiful. Malin is gorgeous too!

  38. Karla Karla

    We were watching on the 20th ad we saw one of the girls wearing a black dress with red flowers on it, we’re not too sure what girl it was but think it was bromine or channelle but were not too sure.
    Please would you be able to find out for us…
    Lauren, Amanda and Karla

  39. My daughter loved the gold sequin dress you had on Saturday 13 October. Where does it come from she wants it so much to wear on her 18th birthday next

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Hi Edwina,

      Which girl are you talking about? I can see a couple of girls in a Gold sequin dress from the last episode. Let me know and I’ll try and find out for you although I can’t promise anything.

  40. Jack Bush Jack Bush

    phiopia is one beutiful chick

  41. Anon Anon

    I can state for a fact ‘Victoria’ statement is incorrect.

    This can be proven. feel free to contact officially for any further information.

  42. Tyrone Tyrone

    There never seems to be any pretty black girls on here either! But hmm Thiopia is kinda alright! I guess she is that very picky type why she never been on a date!

  43. Susan Susan

    Laura from Helensburgh was a horrible, bullying, vain, vapid bitch at school. (Not that I am bitter lol)

  44. Is piri Indian? She looks it

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Her notes on the Press Pack don’t say if she is of Indian descent or not. She does have that complexion but the name is Hungarian in origin. So the quick answer is I don’t know for sure but I suspect she might be.

  45. Perry Floyd Perry Floyd

    I personally never watch the Show but was passing through the channels. made me laugh watching it and i have to admit Dannika is one in a million out of all of the girls. the smile, hair, style, the piercing… I personally think she is gorgeous. Any guy would be lucky to be with her.

  46. Dan Dan

    I think the girls have cottoned on that the show isn’t a fame stall and consequently the lookers haven’t applied this series. Except for Lily that is and she was snapped up straight off.

  47. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    When you are on TV you have to have a fair bit of make-up because of the lights etc. but I think there are a fair few natural beauties there who have very minimal make-up. The show does have a mix of models and what I’d call ‘regular’ girls. They use the models to bring some glamour to the show. Personally I don’t feel as though they need to do this but I’m not part of the production team so my opinion is relatively worthless.

    As for being a comedy writer. Yeah I’d like that. I keep pondering writing a book but never get around to it. One day. One day…

  48. Andrew Currie Andrew Currie

    Is it me? Too much hair, glamour, make-up etc etc – I don’t find any of them particularly attractive.
    Anyway, enjoyed your comments. Why are you writing about sport when you could be a comedy writer?

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