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Month: September 2012

George Osbourne wants a third runway at Heathrow. Good for him but could we have another super-airport instead?

So it seems that George Osbourne is a supporter of a third runway at Heathrow airport which isn’t exactly the biggest shock in the world. It does shock me as to why this issue has become so big but who am I to argue with the media bandwagon?

First of all Tim Yeo’s position that the third runway is of such vital importance that he questioned whether the PM was a man or a mouse was exciting until it came out that he had a horse in this race that would mean that any third runway would probably be financially beneficial for the aforementioned MP. And some people wonder why the electorate think that MPs are all just in for it for what they can get…

Sadly some are but not all of them. I hold that point of view dear and don’t see them all as pigs snuffling about in their own troughs. One of those who seemingly isn’t is Zac Goldsmith who won the Richmond Park seat for the Tories in 2010 who today has let it be known that if the Tories officially backed the third runway then he wouldn’t be able to stand by that and therefore would not defend him seat. Of course he could stand as an independent or as a candidate for another party – if Richard Morris is right it’ll be UKIP – but in a way it is nice to see someone take a stance that they wouldn’t back something to such a degree that they wouldn’t stand under that banner.

I have no idea what the economic fallout is regarding whether Heathrow has a third runway or not. All I know is that more direct flights between London and the rest of the world is apparently a good thing. However in this day and age I don’t understand why expansion in aviation is important as the internet age is hear and people can communicate very easily via the world wide web. A friend of mine is being flown out to Washington DC tomorrow morning and flying back late tomorrow night. So a trip to the USA for a two-hour meeting and then turning round and coming straight back home. What is the point?

I know face-to-face meetings are the best way forward but the speed at which technology is evolving means that by any time that the third runway gets completed then communications will be a further 10-15 years along and look at how we communicated 10-15 years ago and you wonder where exactly we’ll be in 15 years.

Having said that though The Independent on Sunday are reporting that a world-leading infrastructure firm is looking into sites to build a brand new four-runway airport within thirty minutes of London. So we might not see a third runway at Heathrow but we might get a brand new super-airport with four runways. Not exactly sure the Lib Dems will be delighted by this but it is just a feasibility study at the moment and could rival the so called ‘Boris Island’ idea.

So all in all the aviation industry is both in a state of flex but also frozen – something that is really quite impressive. With the coalition in place no new runways are being built in the South East but come May 2015 the political landscape could be very different and if it is different then more air travel is all but inevitable – the big question is where would it be and whose house prices are going to crash.

Still come tomorrow no-one will care about this as the reshuffle will happen and unless Justine Greening is replaced by someone who is desperate to get a move on and David Cameron wants to throw the coalition agreement out of the window then this is a moot story for the next three years. Still a fun one to muse over though…

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Scammers are getting creative. How about compensation for being scammed…?

This morning I got the following e-mail telling me that I had won a whopping million pounds – well when I say won I really mean I had been deemed to deserve compensation for scam e-mails. Brilliant I thought (well I didn’t – I thought this was clever spam) but there are people that would actually fall for this.

I must say that the e-mail address doesn’t seem the most official and giving me options how I’d like my compensation (and the associated costs involved) doesn’t really lead me to think this is legit. However DR. FRANCESCO VANNI D’ ARCHIRAI might be real and he might be willing to make me a millionaire. What am I to do…?

Would you be fooled…?

Tel: +447024043834.
Fax: +447024043834.


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Vat……………………… ………………………… ……..£80
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SECOND OPTION BANK TO BANK TRANSFER: This is the Direct Bank Transfer that
will enable you receive your money in any account that you will provide
for this Bank to effect the transfer of your COMPENSATION FUNDS as it is
always done electronically and it will take 3 WORKING DAYS to reflect in
the account that you shall provide.
Bank Commission:………..£50
V.A.T:…………………… …..£80
Insurance:……………….. ..£100
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Pounds Only).

THIRD OPTION DIPLOMATIC AGENT: By Diplomatic Agent who will deliver the
consignment of your fund to your address within 7 working days.
Bank Commission:………..£100
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Please respond to this email by making a selection from the options above.
Citibank London, is committed to rendering qualitative services to you,
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We look forward to serving you better,
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Executive Officer, Citi Transaction Services.
Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.
Thanks For Contacting CitiBank London.

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Sometimes we all need to go to our ‘happy place’ the place where we feel safe and most at ease. I imagine everyone has a different idea as to where there’s is but tonight I decided it was time to go to mine and therefore I strolled to the beach.

I love the beach but I don’t love it on a hot steamy day. I love it on a still but overcast day. The difference isn’t only the temperature but also the proximity of people around you. I knew that tonight I’d be pretty much alone except for the odd person wandering by and could be completely alone with my senses. One sense is the smell of the sea. The slight tang of salt in the air and the freshness is something I adore.

Also the sound. Now whilst I did have my iPod on you could still hear the gentle lapping of the water. I think that water is my favourite thing on this planet. The sound of water is one of my very favourite all time things. From the sound of a waterfall (not that I’ve been near too many) to the sound of the rain on the roof to the sound of the sea. All these things make me happy but most of all they make me tranquil. Water makes me feel safe and happy.

So tonight I am down there. Alone. It is a strange concept knowing that even though I expected to not speak to anyone just the sense of seeing the odd person wander by made me feel less alone in the world. I’d think about who they were and what they were doing. From the joggers to the fat family who walked past with me pondering whether it was genetic or whether they just all ate junk – I thought about them all and their lives.

I noticed a few strange looks at me as I’m just sitting alone on a bench by the sea as dusk fell but I ignored them. They were probably doing what I was doing and wondering what I was doing there. As dusk fell there was one section of water which had light glistening of it and the rest of the water was in darkness. It was beautiful. I looked across the estuary at Sheerness and wondered if anyone was looking back at me. I need to put messages in bottles. It is something I need to do.

As I was walking back I looked at all the houses in Thorpe Bay Gardens and wondered how the people that lived there could afford such places. Did they inherit them? Did they make wise investments? Do they have good jobs? I pondered all the possibilities. I also thought about whether I would live anywhere like that. As I passed the posh houses I turned for home and here I am writing up a blog about nothing but summing up just how peaceful I can be just through the simple things like the smell and sound of the sea. I lived for so many years away from the sea and I always ask myself why.

The sea is my tranquil place but only when there isn’t too many people about. Every so often I think I should move to London and live in a big city but quaint quiet evenings like tonight make me glad I live in a relatively small coastal town.

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