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Yodel – A joke of a delivery company – where has my parcel *actually* been delivered to?

I’ve been waiting. Waiting for a parcel. In fact I have been waiting for several parcels recently and the delivery has been sluggish at best. One parcel went missing but the replacement came through but one parcel that was apparently being delivered by Yodel has yet to appear but the ‘funny’ thing is apparently got delivered yesterday at 14:59 according to their tracking service.

Now I work from home as most of you know so taking in parcels isn’t exactly a huge deal. In fact several of my neighbours routinely get deliveries sent to my address knowing that I’ll in most likelihood be in whilst they are at work. Yesterday at 14:59 I was in fact in and certainly available to answer the intercom should it have buzzed. It never buzzed. However the parcel has been marked as delivered to me.

So what could have happened? Well the first thought of most people was that it got delivered to a neighbour. However I live in a gated community where to get access you need someone to buzz you in. Considering no-one buzzed me then it is highly unlikely they buzzed anyone else in my building. Had they done then I’m pretty damn positive that whoever they left it with would have come around and left it in front of my front door. So I’m going to rule that possibility out.

The second option is that the delivery driver has delivered it to another random address in the area. However with no calling card I have no idea as to who that might be. My building is the only one with this post code so any attempted delivery to another address would be way out.

Of course the third option is they just left it on the pavement outside my building where any Tom, Dick or Harry could have half-inched it. If that is indeed what happened then they’ll get rather a surprise when they open the parcel I can assure you of that.

The fourth option is of course the driver stole it himself, which having read the insanely long thread on Amazon about the company wouldn’t exactly be a shocker. I’m sure my ebay seller will either reimburse me or send me another parcel out but that isn’t the point. The point is Yodel say they have delivered my parcel to me when in fact they never even tried.

Here are just a few of the comments in that thread that I think add weight to my thought-process that they are an awful company:

i am a person who hardly complains, but this yodel made my blood boil. i don’t understand why are companies using this stupid and shady company. My experience with yodel was couple of months ago when i upgraded my O2 broadband and they were sending a new router via yodel. I was advised to stay at home the next day to receive the package. They give me a tracking number, i waited the whole day and nobody showed up. I checked the website which stated that the package has been delivered, i called O2 and complain them, they said that they will send me another one, same thing happened next day. And than the next day. 3 times in a row. Nobody showed up and each time web tracking number said that i have received the item. After ten days i received a letter from yodel that the parcel has been dropped with my neighbor (when i was still at home) and i have to collect it from them. And it took me another 2 days to get hold of my neighbour. They dont have a complaint number, all i have to do is fill a feedback form on there website, which i did and never got a reply. I hope nobody gives them any business and the shut down soon.

i had a card pushed through my door by yodel saying parcel inside garden shed.wasn’t even for me,traced it to some guy 2 streets away,good job i’m honest or he would have lost his goods.if thats who amazon are going to use,may have to think again who i buy from.

I recently experienced appalling service from yodel. We were out on first delivery – fair enough, although it was a day later than estimated delivery time – the card said the item couldn’t be left as it needed a signature. I arranged for re-delivery the next day and waited and waited. Then my neighbout came round in the early evening with a parcel that had been left amongst their plant pots at their back door – yes this was the expensive item that had needed a signature! I was less than impressed especially as they had to walk past us to get to my neighbours – thankfully they saw it before it could get too wet in the rain and be damaged or worse. Please stop using this poor service!!!

They are just three comments but there are over 600 on that thread and about 95% of them are saying how awful Yodel are. There are some that say fragile deliveries were thrown over garden fences, I saw one saying that the delivery wasn’t delivered because the driver couldn’t open the front gate, the only issue was that the address it was meant to be delivered to doesn’t even have a front gate.

Yodel are totally useless. Beyond useless. Why well known retailers like Amazon use them I have absolutely no idea.

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  1. Mircea Mircea

    Hi. I see a lot of complains , but I want to say something: most off you receive a card where is tell you : the driver don’t find a safe place a your parcel is returned to deposit and we try next day. Many off you ignore this card, but after three attempts your parcel is :on hold. The driver is paid only if the parcel was delivered. For most of you this is her job but why don’t you think to change the day for the delivery when you’re home first time when you receive the card and don’t let him to go three time for nothing. The new now is: find a safe place to leave the parcel, why don’t you assigned one, because you if you want another parcel is easy to say: I don’t find it. Is no good the safe place were you leave it. And is driver falls. If you say to leave somewhere , is not possible for you to say I don’t find it because you give the place. All of you know the people lied many times about his parcels, and the driver even if make his job good people find something to complain because this is the new lifestyle for many of you.

  2. David David

    I used to work for Yodel as a self employed driver. If you think they don’t give a sh?t about customers try working for them. 75p per delivery. No communication from management. When an item does go missing they try and blame the driver but there is no investigation done either.

    As a self employed driver you are paid for a SUCCESSFUL delivery so items are left in a “safe” place at every opportunity. Even if this involves signing on behalf of a customer.

    As an ex-driver I would encourage you not to use this company!!

  3. Jesse Jesse

    Same as most people above, ordered an item, got a text from Yodel saying delivered, not delivered.

    When I spoke to Yodel, they said geocode says delivered so its delivered, goodbye.


  4. Joan Joan

    Unbelievable this is now the 4th time a parcel costing over a £100 was casually left outside my front door on top of my plant pots – no card put through the door so the parcel could have easily been taken by anyone passing or posting a leaflet through my door – it was a coffee order and of course coffee was written all,over the parcel as it is in their company logo wrapping so Yodel don’t even have to package it – I only get this cavalier way of delivering from the so called home delivery Yodel service – the Yodel large carriers always want a signature so why can’t the home delivery guys do that or are they too lazy …… I have emailed the yodel customer service and also the company who have replied and are sending the feedback to yodel – yodel are yet to reply – I also,sent them the other emails from earlier this year too – I said an apology wasn’t good enough – I wanted action – so one day perhaps if everyone emailed them too at

  5. People dont using the Yodel this company made my blood boil i hate it !!!i wanted send my parcel to germany after 2 weeks i saw my track number there was write IIlegible address back to the sender ! N ( address was corectly) After 2 month i never get my parcel back !!! Was stolen fuck*** company !!!!!!!!!

  6. Jon Jon

    Appalling company that we can only hope get held to account by the on line traders who source their services. Clearly do not give a stuff about the end user. Inadequate systems and failing processes. Staff who are untrained and clearly past the point of caring. A delivery serice that is geared to fail and result in your item being returned after their x3 attempts rule. Operating model geared to up to make it near impossible for you to contact them. Dispersed regional distribution centres making pick up a worse customer experience than travelling to astore in the first place. God they must be cheap to continue to win and sustain business . From now on will base all online shopping decisions on courier (what a strange situation..) used. So unfortunately I am looking to find a gap alternative after x15 years of only buying gap clothing. In comparison, the Royal Mail offer a very professional service and I would imagine will be winning a lot more business back Over the next 5 years.

  7. Joan Joan

    Read with interest past posts on Yodel – I also have complained but think if enough sent their complaints to Yodel customer services again perhaps it might have more of an effect now adays – in case you don’t have their email address : – pointless to do it by telephone – I have also contacted my local Tradkng Standards so will let you know who they say on the subject! Good luck everyone

  8. i orderd a top on the 12 and never received it please can you track my order for 61 thorndale road newcastle upon tyne ne15 6hh

  9. Gill S Gill S

    Where is my compost gone? Am waiting for 2 bags of compost from Homebase, which were apparently delivered to a house that wasn’t mine and signed for for by someone who isn’t me, although they don’t know exactly which house out of the 100 on my road,

  10. waited in for my 2 cases of wine from Tesco via YODEL
    one got delivered into porch and so I called Tesco they said that yodel say all have been delivered after phoning and complaining all day at 9,10 pm that night a driver sneaked up the path and was about to drop off the offending box in the porch dodgy or what. Oh it was the same driver who said he had delivered 2 boxes earlier.
    Anyway I ordered again 14th Nov 4 cases of wine from Tesco Wines for next day delivery Sat 15th . After the last delivery problems stayed in all day and put a note on the door saying we have lots of bells ringing when you push the door bell but just in case bang on the window we are sitting there watching the door, After many calls to Tesco the last one 6.50 pm they say it will be delivered today as it is still on the van. 9pm passed no one to phone Yodel and Tesco conveniently closed and on website suddenly shows the driver tried to deliver at 11.48 and left a card through door today and was only loaded on van at 11.20 I would say he has a TARDIS to get from Chessington to Feltham on a Saturday in 28 mins and I can only say he did not come to our door I will choose this word carefully , The driver was a LIAR.Oh to the driver I was cleaning my car in the drive from 1130 to approx. 1245.I know Tesco and others use these cos they are cheap but what a crap service. No wonder Tesco is in trouble if they use cowboys to deliver their goods

  11. JaneStanley JaneStanley

    I had a new washing machine delivered by ArroxXL (two man Yodel team) on 9th May 2014 from Littlewoods (Shop Direct). I paid for installation of new machine and removal of old. First off, Arrow XL refused to disconnect old machine and made me get on hands and knees in front of him to remove pipes (I’m suffering with severe arterial claudication in both legs). I was very hummiliated but just wanted to get the machine in and the men out.
    They then proceeded to remove all protective packaging in a communal area outside my flat (which they left for me to clean up). On dragging the new machine in and the old one out (they didn’t use sack trolley or anything), they’ve damaged the laminate flooring in the hall and the kitchen, they’ve damaged doors and frames on three doors (gouged out chunks of wood so I can’t just paint over). I tried to talk to them about this but they just shrugged their shoulders (and to be honest, by this time, I was so uncomfortable and upset, I just wanted them out).
    I contacted both Yodel (ArrowXL) and Littlewoods (Shop Direct) immediately, listing the damage done and also sending photographs of the damage done. Littlewoods refused to address and said I had to contact ArrowXL, who in turn said it was Littlewoods issue. I eventually was given the contact of who has consistently refused to escalate or provide any email address of anyone I can escalate to. He says that they accept liability for the damage done to the floor, but that he has discussed with “Senior Transport Manager who feels that the marks on the woodwork are unlikely to have been caused during a delivery of a washing machine”. I have asked them to explain this arbitary decision, but dean etc., refuses to explain. I have now sent them several quotes from various sources for the work required (i.e. quotes for materials from B and Q, estimates of labour charges, quotes from flooring companies, etc). ArrowXL are refusing on the following grounds :-
    a) They refuse to accept liability for damage to anything other than flooring.
    b) They will only provide single cheque to one company for the entire work to be done (i.e. they won’t provide me with cheque so that I can pay by credit card and therefore have cover myself through the credit card payment – it would actually mean they have responsibilty if anything goes wrong if they pay by cheque themselves).
    I have written endless emails to both Littlewoods and to ArrowXL, but all I get are the standard “We’ve got your email” responses. It’s now been 3 months since they’ve done this damage and they haven’t paid a penny compensation.
    I am horrified that ArrowXL / Yodel / Littlewoods / Shop Direct can get away with this.
    I don’t have the money to take them to court and I’m completely at a loss as to what to do next. I’ve tried making it public on twitter and facebook. I’ve tried forwarding the emails to BBC Watchdog.

  12. Emily Emily

    I ordered a parcel that should of been delivered by yodel. The following day after paying next day delivery and not receiving my parcel I decided to complain. I was told my parcel was left in my back porch 1) I don’t have a porch and 2) if they were to get into my garden to get to my ‘porch’ they would have to garden hop about 30 houses as I live in a terrace house with no possible access to my garden. I had to order again and collect from the store instead so paid twice and no idea when or if I will get a refund for my lost goods. Absolutely useless company!

  13. Lynn Anderton Lynn Anderton

    I bought a guitar amplifier from gear4music and i received a text from yodel on tuesday saying that the parcel had been delivered to my neighbour’s at number 48 of my street which are my next door neighbours. I thought that was unlikely as they both work all day. Anyway , i came back home and they were still not in. When they came back from work i asked them and as i thought they were not there and had no knowledge of a delivery. I then called yodel on their 08444537443 to be told that it had been delivered to the number 48 and that “F. Dagnall” signed for it. There is noone called that name around here and therefore i believe that it is just a name that has been made up. They told me to allow 48 hours for them to investigate. So i called them on thursday (yesterday) to see what was going on. They said that the driver would come back the same day to pick the parcel up from where he left it in order to deliver it to me in person. So i took my day off and waited all day for that driver who of course never turned up. I called them again today and surprisingly , i am being told that the driver came and found noone. I was sat all day by my bay windows waiting for him and he never came to mine or my neighbours nor even appeared in my street. They do not show any will to resolve the problem. I am going to the police station now to file a complaint for theft against YODEL and will not let go ! This is outrageous that a company treats people like that. I will make sure that they don’t get away with it even if i have to take it to court and pay a sollicitor. Just avoid that company as it is a complete joke !!! Will keep you updated on what happens

  14. steve steve

    We regularly have Yodel issues. I suspect, though this is pure conjecture, that as the nearest depot is 30 minutes away they sometimes just can’t be bothered as some of the stuff that has gone missing really wouldn’t be worth stealing. The latest one they claimed had been delivered to a ‘calum’ within 10 meters of my house but couldn’t tell me which house number ‘calum’ lived at. That is because there isn’t a calum in my street so unless that is the driver’s name, my parcel hasn’t really been delivered. They are appalling, i really don’t understand why people use them. At least we should be protected by Ebay for the latest incident.

  15. Bilbo McFaggins Bilbo McFaggins

    Stop hatin’ guys. YODEL is much better of a company than what you’re all saying. Although they might not be the best at the business, they’re much better than their competition.


  16. Graham Butcher Graham Butcher

    I had purchased an internet radio as a replacement for a broken one that my 91 year old Mum could use as it is the only source of entertainment that she has, having had 4 strokes since May and is now confined to bed and cannot do anything for herself.

    The seller had provided me a with tracking number and I was watching this intently awaiting delivery from their Basildon depot. It showed up as being in their depot and loaded on a van for delivery on the 27th Nov. I was at home all day on the 27th waiting for this delivery, it never arrived. I then checked on their tracking website only to discover that they claimed to have delivered to me at 17.32 on the 27th!!!

    I then set about trying to speak to someone at Yodel, impossible to find a number, all I could do was to enter into web chat with a company that arranged the delivery on behalf of the seller, Parcel2Go.Com Ltd, who where also less then helpful saying that they can provide a POD to the seller only. The seller then passed on the POD to me, and it clearly states it was delivered to me at my address and signed for. Complete pack of lies. I now have to wait while the seller attempts to make a claim against the courier in order to give me a refund, how long will it take and will it be successful??

    I believe that the driver never attempted to make the delivery and had the radio themselves, basically stealing from a poor old defenceless lady who went through the second world war and made her contribution to the war effort to ensure our freedom and this is how that debt is repaid, disgusting.

  17. marc goodwin marc goodwin

    Yodel has stolen a 39inch LG TV off me today. The guy from Argos told me hes been ripped off from them too. I think everyone who has ever shopped online has a story to tell about Yodel. Gettin refund from Argos but soo not the fxxxxxn point.

  18. jack yan jack yan

    Yodel is the worst company ever, if i ever seen any company use yodel, i will just kick the company out of my list.
    BTW yodel has a customer service number, which will never be picked up and a email address which will never answer any emails.

    When the driver came after 5 days later than expect, jesus, this man cant even read and understand English. To show my anger, I smashed my item on to the wall(its something that cant be broken, i know it ;]) in front of him and gave him a lovely middle finger.
    I wasted 5 days already. And I will complain to argos, which seems to be a better choice. In fact, lets all complain to the companys using yodel and make it lose business.

  19. suzanne lowth suzanne lowth

    yet again i have to endure the company that is…yodel arghhhhhhhh they frustrate me so much,this time i ordered some school shoes from ebay for my son

    i needed them urgently so i paid an extra £6 for 24hr delivery (considering the shoes themselves were only £10,i must have been insane) on the listing it said 24 hour delivery however if order placed after midday it wont be shipped until next day,so as it was after midday on the 24th aug i expected them to arrive on the 26th as that would have been 24hrs from the 25th aug,get email to say item has been dispatched,now at this point it did not say who the delivery company were,on their page it said we use parcelforce dpd and uk mail. So waited in all day on the 26th,nothing,27th nothing 28th was the day of return to school so i wasnt amused,email the seller and they tell me they are being delivered by YODEL oh no

    i reply saying please dont use this company they are a bag of **** and the bad experience ive had before from them.Considering I’d paid 6 quid for 24 hr delivery they actually arrived on the 29th Aug 5 days after order which is when normal delivery would have arrived so i basically wasted £6 for nothing and could have bought 2 pairs of shoes instead of wasting 3 days sitting in waiting,i hate yodel with a passion and again the driver couldnt speak a word of english and kept asking me my name and pointing at his electronic machine oh and he stunk of bo too 😀

  20. Rattenberry Rattenberry

    The worst service ever!They waist patrol driving around,but customers don’t have a slightest idea which date and time they are going to deliver an item.They do it twice,just probably fo fun and when you ,finally, contact them they would say,that they are going to deliver the third time from 8am-to 9am.We don’t live at the adress ,where the item should be delivered,so it means we have to rush for 8am and stay there all day till 9pm insted of going to work.Their drivers even don’t have mobile phones to call to a customer before delivery.It happens the third time when we have to drive from Nottingham centre to Loughborough to collect ordered items.This time it will be a huge mattress….What a waist! Horrible service!

  21. Carousel Carousel

    It is shocking when a delivery companies don’t take care of the good they are entrusted with and when they obviously don’t delivery them. Often a problem is that these types of delivery company are cheaper and therefore more appealing to businesses. It is important to make sure, when you are picking a delivery company to represent you, that you choose them on reputation, rather than price.

  22. marta marta

    I’ve ordered some stuff from Sport Direct to be delivered next day with extra charge,
    i’ve received the message the next day that my parcel was delivered by Yodel,
    Delivery address is the hotel where we log in all people and courier coming into property, I have check with security and no record of Yodel courier was found, i have called them and they have told me that they have signature from someone signing for this parcel, they gave me the name of the person not even working in here and there is no possibility that someone attend the site as it will be logged in, lies lies and i dont have my money ,neither the parcel. i dont understand how can you have company with this service….

  23. Paul Paul

    I have no idea how YODEL are still managing to stay in business. When we used to have stuff delivered by them the ALWAYS mess up. The latest is that they’ve had a ‘next day’ sat in their Borehamwood depot since 6am on the 17th July (a week now) and EVERYDAY now not even their own Customer Services can contact THEIR OWN depot.

    Oh and it can’t be collected as their HAVE to make one delivery attempt first???

  24. Suzanne lowth Suzanne lowth

    Ive ordered petfood from zooplus who use yodel this will be the 3rd time ive used zooplus and never had an issue,this was an urgent delivery as im away on hols and needed the special food for my cats delivered in time,apparently was out for delivery today so i waited in all day …nothing,i have just checked online and it said failed delivery attempt at 2055 card left with customer,what a load of rubbish i have wasted my day waiting in for this and complete lies about a card as i dont have one neither dis anyone attempt to deliver ,prob driver was too lazy at end of his round to deliver last 2 times have been ok although it was some foreign driver in an estate car that couldnt speak a word of english and just shoved the machine under my nose and said sign and pointed grrrr now i have to waste another day waiting not impressed

  25. Alicia Alicia

    They should just close down their business as its rubbish. I was in all day and got a text from K&co saying my parcel has been delivered .Delivered where is my question since nobody came. Two weeks ago they say they left the parcel in my porch as of I had one . I hate them .

  26. Sam Sam

    Had various problems using Yodel. I shop with kandco and very and they both use Yodel. on numerous occasions i have had emails from kandco sayin my parcel is out for delivery and could be upto 9pm that that night -not good considering i have to be up for work at 4am. I have had msgs saying my parcel has been delivered but no delivery. One time i had a card put through my door saying my parcel had been left in a safe place – no parcelso went round checking my garden and my neighbours house and still no parcel. 2hours later delivery driver turns up so i ask him if he had tried to deliver earlier as i had a card put through my door ans he just looked at me gone out. The worst was the other day. I spent 165 on a KINGSIZE headboard. Unfortunately i wasnt in at the time so had to re-arrange delivery for the next day. I stayed in all day and waited until 10pm that night finally rang Yodel the next day and they say that it had not been checked in at the depot so it looks like they have lost it. How the hell can you loose a Kingsize Headboard. I contacted Very and told them how useless Yodel are and they said they will start an investigation into what has happened. A week later still not heard anything but i got a txt msg from my neighbour 10doors away saying they have a huge parcel left at their front door no explanation – nothing. I will not use Yodel ever again. they are useless. Stay away. You have been warned !!!

  27. donna donna

    yodel is the worst delivery company i orderd a washer from littlewoods on a 3 day delivery on the 11/5/13 no one comfirmed a delivery date with me so they left a card i arranged another delivery date they said it would come on the 20/5/13 so i waited in all day and it never showed so gt in touch again finally it got deliverd today 28/5/13 why dont they contact people so they no when to wait in and they still want the 30 pound for delivering it in 3 days what a useless company

  28. ST ST

    YODEL lost my parcel too, a rare item bought on eBay from the Netherlands. It’s now 4 days since it disappeared off their radar. A search of the depot at Borehamwood has not uncovered it. I’ve had no explanation and no apology. They should not be allowed to trade. They are a disgraceful bunch of incompetents and/or thieves. I’ve a good mind to report them to the Police for theft, and sue for compensation. DON’T use them under any circumstances.

  29. matt matt

    YODEL has lost my parcel and not made any attempt to sort this issue out.
    It is now 8 days late and they say the parcel isn’t in any of there hubs. I guess this is a case of bad management and lack of company focus in the way it operates.
    If you are a business looking for reliable delivery and proper customer support my advise is to go somewhere else as this company is a complete joke.
    I have now lost money due to this issue. DON’T HIRE OR SHOP WITH ANY COMPANY THAT USES YODEL!

  30. susan davis susan davis

    I ordered an aluminium dustbin from amazon this is a big item. the tracking said it had been delivered 22nd march 13 and signed by sue i always sign s davis on all deliveries. I am always at home noone rang or knocked and its not with the neighbours. Also my son ordered heavy gym equipment this was left outside a neighbours house and luckly they know us it was so heavy three people had to carry it i can only assume the driver couldnt be bothered to walk a few more feet to deliver to us.I have contacted the supplier with amazon and am awaiting to find out where my bin is.

  31. TEK TEK

    At least they should have to call before delivery Yodel is one of the worst delivery they give me to 11 hrs to notice I can not wait 11 hrs in my home

  32. Hussain Hussain

    Hi Guys, Please,Please,Please do not use Yodel, they are Bunch of Clowns. They have the audacity to Lie without impunity. Thieves, Robbers, Crooks and beware of these F…..g Idiots. I ordered £350 Items from USC and I followed the Tracking number on Yodel Website and was Absolutely Infuriated, Furious and SHOCKED to learn that my Parcel has been Delivered and SIGNED for. I was in all day and these B…..ds are Lieing Thieves, who are robbing the Nation. I am sueing these W…..s. Please stay SAFE.

  33. What a joke management are we are owed money 200 pound from Xmas and we want it .all we get she’s sorting it not good enough bang out of order .she is and that’s in hull. Can you help want the h.r. Dept in brighton .couriers must be mad working for a shit wage of 50p a parcel. Want number to brighton pls help

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I’ve found this number – 08454638904 – for Yodel distribution services just outside of Brighton. Got no idea if it is the correct number but you can give it a shot.

  34. Mark D Mark D

    just had my letterbox go it was a card from yodel saying sorry i missed you today when…..when i was sat watching tv with a cup of tea waiting for my parcel no knock at the door i wasnt fast enough to catch the driver
    phoned there number no go best way to speak to them is
    0800 1577777
    as this is automated after you put your card id in just press loads of numbers randomly and it will put you through to a person then i complained
    i doubt it will get anywere i just hope my parcel turns up tomorrow

  35. sarah sarah

    I’m expecting a parcel today or tomorrow from yodel. I’m really worried now. Hope they deliver it! Luckily, most people on the street are genuine! Some not so much. I’ll be sitting at the window for the next 2 days now!

  36. Stephen Stephen

    Ordered a new phone from Virgin on 11th Feb, didn’t arrive next day as promised. Rung Virgin Mobile on 15th and told it had been delivered by Yodel and signed for by us. However, we weren’t in at the stated time of delivery. Have checked with all the neighbours and they haven’t got it. Virgin are still getting the signature details from Yodel 5 days later!! Chased Virgin today as yodel tracking is online so why is it taking so long? I want it sorted as we are still without a phone.
    Have checked around and there is an online petition for Amazon to ditch Yodel and an article in the Guardian newspaper dated 21/12/12 saying how appalling they are. Apparently Virgin Mobile have a contract with Yodel………….

  37. Peter Peter

    I ordered a laptop from Littlewoods last week and never received it. I was furious when I discovered that Yodel’s online parcel tracking service showed the item had been delivered and signed for. I was in at the alleged time of delivery and know that nobody came to my door.
    I contacted Littlewoods immediately and they are now investigating it.

  38. Lala Szostak Lala Szostak

    I recently aquired a large box of comics. Most of them are Marvel & DC from the 70’s through the early 80’s. Many are in sleeves & look to have never been read, including a Star Wars 3 pack that was never opened. I’m still combing through them to asses what I have but I’ve noticed many of the covers of the books are cut in half right where the title & volume number would be. Do you know why that might be?

  39. Mallory Berrio Mallory Berrio

    With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyrightinfringement? My blog has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Do you know any techniques to help prevent content from being ripped off? I’d genuinelyappreciate it.

  40. jb jb

    Useless this is the second company to send me a parcel through YODEL, they are useless, lie about redelivery dates, can not find your address on there system, have the neck to charge 10 pence a minute to get through to them and there waiting time to speak to someone is around 10 to 15 mins, hear things like not sure when it will be re-delivered, do sure where your parcel is, not sure about anything.



  41. joanne joanne

    I can agree eith all the above, I was suppose recieve delivery today on there web site it said they had delivered to my address at 10.15am left a card as know one in quess what I have a pub the main frounts doors were wide open with both myself and the cleaner in the main reception area we could see the door all the time. There is only one pub in a 15 mile radious called The Poplar so were did he try to deliver, trying to contact them is like trying to get in touch with mars they are a joke of a delivery company.

  42. well im not surprised i am still waiting for my delivery apparently carded at 530 funny that as some one been in all day long. and no card no driver just wasting my time. never again !

  43. Robert Robert

    where are all this parcels?

    I know.

    mr. santa took them 😉

    and yodel drivers are his elfs.

    they must be really cheap, like half the price from tnt, royal mail. amazon is better of with them for such a low price. I am web merchant myself, and i can tell you that logistisc costs can get really high.

    if 0,1 procent of parcels are stollen, it is still good business for amazon and partners. the fact is amazon is completely aware of yodel pure service, but they have made some calculation like my example abowe. and guess what… we are all suckers… and amazon and yodel are fucking with us colectivelly.


  44. NV NV

    0800 015 2662

    Good luck! I was informed that my package was delivered on the 14th Dec but it definitely was not. I’m on hold trying to speak to someone… but it’s not looking likely.

    How can they claim something is delivered when it clearly is not? Ridiculous customer servie.

  45. Tracy Tracy

    Please has anyone got a number for Yodel that let’s you speak to a real person. I have also signed for a parcel I have not received from K & co and have been told I will have to pay for it

  46. John John

    Same here with YODEL I live in a culdesac at the bottom facing the turning circle, I am retired so I wait for the parcel from AMAZON, check it on its way on the van after two hours no van (and to turn around they must use the turning circle) looked on line delivered 10 minutes ago.

    Phoned Yodel, driver left parcel in out house !I have not got an out house and asked all neighbours around me and they did not have it they also stated no van had come down the street that day.

    Somebody got a nice treat from the YODEL Driver (unless he had signed for it and had it nicked at the depot)

    AMAZON sent another parcel by YODEL it arrived but if the 1st had been in the same packing it could have gone through the letter box I tried it. But when you are in all day and you are sitting looking out at the turning circle and nothing comes down what happens to all these parcels?

  47. Jane Stanley Jane Stanley

    Stunning inept company. Waiting in for fifth day today for delivery that so far was “Unable to deliver no access to property”. Funny, no-one else has had problem and using google maps quite clearly shows where I live. This is for items through Littlewoods (of which I will no longer be a customer due to this fiasco).

    Managed to get through to Yodel to find out what their problem with gaining access was, but idiot call centre staff said he had no idea. He then asked if he could have directions to find me. I asked him where should I direct him from but he couldn’t tell me, and didn’t seem to understand why this was a problem.

    All they can now tell me is that the parcel is yet again out for delivery and should be with me sometime soon (no idea on time or date!). Since they still have no further instructions on where I live (seemingly the postcode isn’t enough for their drivers) then I don’t hold out hope of getting these Christmas presents at all.

    All companies take note – you are going to lose custom if you continue to use Yodel. I agree with Paul above – spread the word and bring this company to its knees (quite frankly it’s barely standing anyway).

    Horrific. Idiots. Useless. Clueless. STOP USING YODEL NOW.

  48. Same old shit expecting an expensive watch off littlewoods tracked it and apparently it was signed for at my address at 14:03 5/12/12. No card and i was in. To put every one right yodel use 60 percent of there deliveries through self employed couriers at a pack rate of 65 pence per delivery only if the item is successfully delivered, no training is given and they don’t care about business insurance as-long as it does not put them in the shit. They then call the corrier hassling them day and night for reports of what parcels they have delivered because most of there electronic trackers are broken and they rely on outdated 1960 paper work. This company is a dam joke. I will be ringing littlewoods as soon as they open this morning and stating if it is not sorted trading standards and the police will be involved . Spread the word and bring this company to its knees!

  49. lee lee

    orderd new phone friday for deivery saterday
    gess hows delivery it with you got it YODEL lol
    11:01 it woz sign for by somone called dan
    the phone company telling me to go door to door to see if i can locate dan it so thay must no what there like
    been on the phone to YODEL how gave me a phone number to call thats a joke auto systems wantig a reference number witch i dont have give up that way
    now wating for call from back witch i dont think will get reeding all the things people have said
    will be phoneing the police in the morning
    and trading standards

  50. paul hay paul hay

    we had a card through our door saying parcel was left in safe place in our green bin. we looked when arriving home to find nothing inside. referance number does not work over the phone. no help line to speek to any one .
    really not happy about this. will be contacting trading standards this afternoon. also given phone number to contact yodel over the phone which dont work either.

  51. Fiona thomas Fiona thomas

    Yodel- don’t hold your breath.
    Yet again the same story, first I receive a card saying they tried to deliver while I was out, well I was in at the time on the tracking site. The next day I’m home all day even went on to to site to track the parcel! As I refreshed the screen it told me the Itami had been delivered that’s news to me, and when I went on to the site if you try and talk to anyone it’s a premium rate number as for Webb chat they just told meto complain to my supplier . Well Argos why are you using this useless company?

  52. Claire Claire

    Yodel- what a joke!! I ordered two different stage expensive car seats from littlewoods, both in stock to be delivered by the 6th November, I received one on the 5th, asked the delivery driver if there was another parcel in his van as I assumed they would come together. Driver said there wasn’t and it was maybe on another van. Didn’t think much of it and signed for the 1 car seat that had arrived. Waited a few days then checked their tracking service, which said both car seats had been delivered and signed for?? News to me, as I’ve only received one! Phoned littlewoods, who have put it through to their investigations team and want to check my signature?? However I have already been charged for the car seat- £140!! YODEl employ thieves for delivery drivers!! This company are awful- do not use them!!!!

  53. couriercrapola couriercrapola

    awaiting an expensive parcel from ebay sender who was very efficient … sent by yodel only to disappear into the ether for days …. 2 alleged attempts at deliveries but no cards left, when one delivery was attempted they didnt even ring the bell.. and left a card for the attention of colin .. no other details… , rang depot, rang helpline with promise of call back but nothing .. further calls next day and next day .. said it was on the van and maybe delivered up to 9pm that night .. biggest load of lies ever .. not able to speak to a manager… think it is a company run by a random few people at a police line up or something … no one was able to connect to any part of the business .. parcel was needed for a trip, the parcel tuned up at 7pm on the friday, 4 days later … avoid, avoid, avoid this shower of excrement of a company !!!!!

  54. Muna Muna

    Yodel is the worst courier company ever!!! after reading all these poor reviews , I’m wondering how do companies still working with such bad services. It was supposed to receive my parcel yesterday and here I am still waiting, the funny thing is that the status of the order is delivered and am wondering who did receive it and signed .

  55. tadsha tadsha

    yodel is really messed up, twice i have had items delivered to the wrong address whilst am at home,without leaving a card for me or to inform me deliveries has been dropped with a neigbour.I rang office to find out i was told deliveries was drop with one of my neigbours with a red car, the item in question was a 270 litres deep freezer, how on earth am i suppose to carry a deep freezer from my neigbours house

  56. I have recently placed an order with littlewoods for an order totalling £700 this included an ipad and a childs moshi mondrer camcorder for my daughters birthday. Yodel is the delivery service used. I tracked my parcel to the said van being loaded. I waited 2 days for a delivery. phone littlewoods they contact them and tell me its been delivered without a signature but could pissibly still be with the driver as i hadnt recieved the parcel. the next day i then look online it came up the parcel had been delivered 30 mins after being loaded on to the van on the first day i ring littlewoods explaining i still have no parcel they then tell me the parcel was delivered to a neighbour couldnt tell me which one but they had a name which was foreign or quite frankly just made up. Littlewoods have put me through to their investigation team and am currently awaiting an outcome without my parcel but i am still having to make my first payment. Yodel u need to employ yourself some honest trustworthy staff!!!

  57. Mark Mark

    I ordered a new phone with Virgin Media. My life was made hell by the incompetencies of Yodel. They couldnt even find a major address in the City of London. They dont answer their phone and they dont respond to emails. I cancelled the order in the end and Virgin were forced to admit that Yodel are terrible

  58. “Why well known retailers like Amazon use them I have absolutely no idea”

    They are cheap. Face it: part of the reason you go to Amazon is that they are cheap. And Prime is oh so convenient. But every Prime delivery hits Amazon’s bottom line, so of course they want it to be cheap.

    Cheap. You get what you pay for.

    What I can’t understand is why Amazon has not grabbed the revenue opportunity of offering a “Prime+” subscription that guarantees to use your preferred delivery company. I would sign up.

  59. Will Will

    Yodel has to be the worst company that exists!!

    The problem with them is that they employ “self-employed” people with white vans to deliver items when they are too busy; and these guys get paid per number of items delivered and not per miles covered! So if they think they danger away stealing the items they probably will!

    On 2 occasions items delivered by Yodel were “delivered” when I was waiting at home… But not to me. On another occasion they left it in a charity shop event he owner refused to sign for the item/hold onto the item….

    I just don’t understand how stupid these people can be,,,

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