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Day: June 23, 2012

Yodel – A joke of a delivery company – where has my parcel *actually* been delivered to?

I’ve been waiting. Waiting for a parcel. In fact I have been waiting for several parcels recently and the delivery has been sluggish at best. One parcel went missing but the replacement came through but one parcel that was apparently being delivered by Yodel has yet to appear but the ‘funny’ thing is apparently got delivered yesterday at 14:59 according to their tracking service.

Now I work from home as most of you know so taking in parcels isn’t exactly a huge deal. In fact several of my neighbours routinely get deliveries sent to my address knowing that I’ll in most likelihood be in whilst they are at work. Yesterday at 14:59 I was in fact in and certainly available to answer the intercom should it have buzzed. It never buzzed. However the parcel has been marked as delivered to me.

So what could have happened? Well the first thought of most people was that it got delivered to a neighbour. However I live in a gated community where to get access you need someone to buzz you in. Considering no-one buzzed me then it is highly unlikely they buzzed anyone else in my building. Had they done then I’m pretty damn positive that whoever they left it with would have come around and left it in front of my front door. So I’m going to rule that possibility out.

The second option is that the delivery driver has delivered it to another random address in the area. However with no calling card I have no idea as to who that might be. My building is the only one with this post code so any attempted delivery to another address would be way out.

Of course the third option is they just left it on the pavement outside my building where any Tom, Dick or Harry could have half-inched it. If that is indeed what happened then they’ll get rather a surprise when they open the parcel I can assure you of that.

The fourth option is of course the driver stole it himself, which having read the insanely long thread on Amazon about the company wouldn’t exactly be a shocker. I’m sure my ebay seller will either reimburse me or send me another parcel out but that isn’t the point. The point is Yodel say they have delivered my parcel to me when in fact they never even tried.

Here are just a few of the comments in that thread that I think add weight to my thought-process that they are an awful company:

i am a person who hardly complains, but this yodel made my blood boil. i don’t understand why are companies using this stupid and shady company. My experience with yodel was couple of months ago when i upgraded my O2 broadband and they were sending a new router via yodel. I was advised to stay at home the next day to receive the package. They give me a tracking number, i waited the whole day and nobody showed up. I checked the website which stated that the package has been delivered, i called O2 and complain them, they said that they will send me another one, same thing happened next day. And than the next day. 3 times in a row. Nobody showed up and each time web tracking number said that i have received the item. After ten days i received a letter from yodel that the parcel has been dropped with my neighbor (when i was still at home) and i have to collect it from them. And it took me another 2 days to get hold of my neighbour. They dont have a complaint number, all i have to do is fill a feedback form on there website, which i did and never got a reply. I hope nobody gives them any business and the shut down soon.

i had a card pushed through my door by yodel saying parcel inside garden shed.wasn’t even for me,traced it to some guy 2 streets away,good job i’m honest or he would have lost his goods.if thats who amazon are going to use,may have to think again who i buy from.

I recently experienced appalling service from yodel. We were out on first delivery – fair enough, although it was a day later than estimated delivery time – the card said the item couldn’t be left as it needed a signature. I arranged for re-delivery the next day and waited and waited. Then my neighbout came round in the early evening with a parcel that had been left amongst their plant pots at their back door – yes this was the expensive item that had needed a signature! I was less than impressed especially as they had to walk past us to get to my neighbours – thankfully they saw it before it could get too wet in the rain and be damaged or worse. Please stop using this poor service!!!

They are just three comments but there are over 600 on that thread and about 95% of them are saying how awful Yodel are. There are some that say fragile deliveries were thrown over garden fences, I saw one saying that the delivery wasn’t delivered because the driver couldn’t open the front gate, the only issue was that the address it was meant to be delivered to doesn’t even have a front gate.

Yodel are totally useless. Beyond useless. Why well known retailers like Amazon use them I have absolutely no idea.

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