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Day: June 15, 2012

The #neverseconds row (with pitchforks at the ready…) – Argyll and Bute Council need to respond

Twitter is alight this morning. No they aren’t up in arms that I have four different packages en route from four different delivery companies and they all have to be signed for. No they don’t care about the pain I have to face staying in all day and being scared to go to the loo in case I miss the buzzer go on the front door of my building. No a nine year-old girl has been banned from taking photographs of her school provided dinners by the local council.

Ok in the grand scheme of things that is probably slightly more important than my worries (although I will soon have a replacement exercise bike seat so that is important. I have been putting on a bit, well a lot, of weight recently…)

The council are Argyll and Bute Council and the girl blogged yesterday that she was taken out of a Maths lesson and told her blogging career with regards to showing off the poor quality of meals provided by the school was over. Her dad added to the post claiming that the school themselves had been brilliant and he (as a parent) had no issues with the way the teachers and staff at his kids school had acted but that it had come from above.

So the council have confirmed that they have banned Martha’s photography but have yet to explain why. There will be an explanation. Not because the kid deserves one (council’s often forgo this type of thing because they are big powerful institutions and don’t like to be challenged) but the kid and her family will get an explanation because it has gone viral and no doubt the mass media will be sniffing around this story. It is the perfect story for our 24 hour news cycle that will mean that eventually Argyll and Bute Council will release a statement.

Now what this statement will say will most certainly be interesting. They are in a tricky position as they don’t really have a leg to stand on for banning the photographs but they will try. Oh boy will they try. I reckon they’ll say another parent has complained and was worried that Martha could start taking photos of other kids and that bad men (and women) would get hold of the photographs. If the defence doesn’t rely primarily on the fact that the camera could be used to photograph other kids without the permission of parents then the council are screwed. This will be their defence.

Will it wash? I doubt it. The news will certainly turn this into a story and the twittersphere is already ready to burn Argyll and Bute Council for being a witch without even hearing what they had to say.

One thing is sure though and that Argyll and Bute Council’s quality of school dinners has spread well beyond the local media and has gone viral. The rest of the UK and the world can now see what slop they serve up and they should be ashamed of themselves. Martha might be banned from doing any more photographs but her crusade as gone far further than anyone could have ever perceived.

Update 11:23 AM: Argyll and Bute Council have issued a statement. Seemingly they decided that they just didn’t like the blog and the fact it showed some of the bad sides of school dinners. Those who want to attack the council for their unjust decision and ridiculous defence now have my blessing. We’ve heard both sides of the story and one is utter tripe…

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