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Day: June 10, 2012

Take Me Out Girls USA

For the latest series photos and gossip then please follow the link for Take Me Out Girls Photos for Season Seven – 2015.

Take Me Out has gone global (well it has crossed the pond anyways). Yes our favourite cheesy replacement for Blind Date that is perfect Saturday night television is now on FOX over in the States for a run every Thursday night at 8 EST. Apparently it has opened to a relatively poor audience but as we all know Take Me Out is a grower and if the American’s can understand the cheesiness of it all then it may grow into a force.

Following my successful blog on the Take Me Out Girls UK 2012 I thought I would bring you the Take Me Out USA girls. From the publicity shots from FOX my early favourites are in no particular order Lisa, Caitlin and Mindy. I will endevour to tune into the US version to see if they have recaptured the supreme awesomeness of the UK show and will report back.

So as Paddy would say (but as George Lopez says in the US…) ‘Bring on the girls…

Update 1: All the girls from the flirty thirty are on both Facebook and Twitter. Unlike their UK counterparts it seems that they have all created/been created these profiles and they will answer tweets and comments from fans via them. You can search for them on Facebook and Twitter or for a full list to to the Take Me Out page on the FOX website.

Update 2: Ok I’m watching the US version. Here are my notes:

Titles and theme tune are the same (albeit the music is slightly slower).
The girls are still called the ‘flirty thirty.’
‘No likey, No lighty’ is not used, ‘if you are turned off, turn off’ is how George says it.
The love-lift and studio layout are identical.
The girls come out to music down the stairs like the UK version.
Mindy is nuts with her monkey impression but I like that.
Katie Ann likes an All American guy but when a cowboy comes out she turns off for Football rivalry reasons.
Format is the same. Guys comes out, lights on/off then video, lights on/off and then something to impress the ladies (or a second VT). Then guy narrows it down to two if there are more than two left and chooses between the two after a final question.
Liking Debra. She seems lovely.
Doesn’t do the ‘and the power is in your hands’ line when guy gets the power.
Debra gets the first date of the show. I think she’s lovely.
There is no ‘Fernandos’ as it is called the ‘Take Me Out Resort’ which is a shit name to be honest.
Date format is the same as UK version. A treat then a drink or meal.
The first date from last week went well.
Second guy is tight and ‘literally lives at the gym’ unsurprisingly he gets a blackout.
He leaves with a hug from George but it isn’t called some ‘George love’ unlike our famous ‘Paddy love.’
Guy on second date got shall we say tipsy. Kept going in for the kiss. Really rather too forward.
The date sections are a lot quicker than the UK version. About two minutes each.
‘I want to give you a kiss but not date you’ – er…?
Couple of people turned off when third guy said he worked on Wall Street. He then said he quit his job to write children’s books and seven girls turned off. Bad bad bad.
I am feeling this version is far more rushed than the UK version. George speaks to the girls but doesn’t really engage with them.
You can tell it is in a smaller time-slot. The second VT/impressing ladies task is not even thirty seconds long.
‘I’d cook you dinner…only in my apron’ – bloody good line. Pick her.
He does pick Courtni – who is picked after just two guys on the show. Doesn’t even last an episode.
Successful dates leave to ‘Two tickets to paradise.’
Same format of four guys an episode. Episodes are around twenty minutes shorter than the UK episodes after adverts are considered. Honestly it is feeling rushed.
Zaza looks better on TV than in her promo-pic.
There is another dating show straight after Take Me Out called ‘The Choice’ which uses the trick of ‘The Voice’ of guys on chairs who can’t see the girls. Interesting idea. Might record that next week too. Not sure picking a girl just by the sound of her voice is a great thing. I’d always turn around for every Geordie or girl from Lancashire.

Ok show is over. It felt rushed but apart from that it was very similar. Show would do better letting George speak to the girls more as the girls are the stars of the show and the more we know them, the more we feel attached to the show. On the UK version within a couple of weeks we already know 4/5 of the girls rather well. US version needs that.

All photos courtesy of FOX television for publication purposes…

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