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Day: June 4, 2012

The story of my (very real) UFO encounter and my (quite possible) alien abduction

Ok gather round kiddies because I am (for the first time) going to publicly write about my (very real) UFO encounter and my possible alien abduction.

I cannot believe that it has been over ten years since the events that I am about to blog about. A bit of background information first that it was during my gap-year between sixth form and university. I say gap-year but I had no plans to actually go to university but it turned into a gap year when I realised the Isle of Wight was rather limited as to how I could kick start my chosen career. I had a dull cleaning job and spent most of my time with two mates who I won’t name – but those who know me will know who I’m talking about. We would drive down to Compton Bay and just chill out.

We were there one night in December 2001. It was either Tuesday 4 or Tuesday 11 December. I remember it was a Tuesday but can’t be sure which one it was. We were out extremely late – much later than usual. One of the three of us was lamenting about his love-life as usual (for once that wasn’t me) and then fell asleep in the back. The other member of the trio and I were in the front just talking and doing what we usually do – not a lot – but it felt good to just be away from everyone. We had seen many things in our time down at Compton Bay but the next twenty minutes would be strange but what was to happen two nights later would be even stranger.

We left at dead on three in the morning. The driver said it was three and we should head on home. The root we took home would be along the Military Road, which as locals know is the coast road. We turned out of the car park and chatter was at a minimum – we were all tired and looking forward to bed. We all noticed a light on top of the hill which seemed a bt strange that late at night but thought nothing of it. We assumed it was a car. We didn’t think at the time that there was no road there. At this point I should point out that the cloud cover was 8/8 and the moon was not visible in any way whatsoever.

Several minutes passed and the driver asks to the two passengers which we could see the light still and we turned to our left and the light is now very bright and it is coming towards the car. Within a few seconds it was whooshed past the rear of the car and instead of doing what it should have done and plunged over the cliff into the sea it was hovering and tracking us on our right hand side. We were all shouting and screaming at this point and deciding what the hell we were going to do.

We parked up outside what is now the Grange Chine Auto Centre just outside of Brighstone and decided after ten or so seconds that we were going to get out of the car and try and get a closer look. Looking back this was a rather brave act which is surprising as I’m a wuss. At this point the light was hovering to our right around 200 foot or so away and was the brightest thing I had ever seen but it didn’t dazzle the eyes which was the most shocking thing.

We got out and the light stayed there but we then realised it wasn’t making a sound. It was silent and we could clearly hear the sea crashing against the cliffs. We were out of the car for maybe half a minute before the light suddenly switched off and we were left confused and slowly got back in to the car and drove home. The other two would later tell me that they felt that we were being followed on the way home but I will be honest when I say I didn’t have that feeling.

So yeah a bit weird but the weirdest bit is yet to come.

One of our party went on holiday and disappeared to the Caribbean on the Wednesday. In the early hours of Friday morning I woke up with a start and was so cold. I couldn’t move except for my eye lids and all I could see was a flashing red and blue light. I was so cold and I can only describe the feeling that I was ‘floating’ in the air. Then moments later I felt enveloped in warmth – like the feeling after you get up in the middle of the night in winter and then then get back into bed. That feeling of warmth is a wonderful one and one we all distinctly know. I was still unable to move.

This lasted for what I’m going to guess was around two or three minutes. The red and blue flashing lights were constant and when the lights switched off suddenly I could move and I jerked over to my left to look at the clock at saw the time was 03:15 AM. Very very weird I thought but I didn’t link it to the events two nights previously. I thought I had just had a dose of sleep paralysis and didn’t think more of it until that night when without prompting the other person in the car spoke to me and relaid a very similar tale to the one I just told you. The cold then warmth, the floating, the red and blue flashing lights and when he looked at the clock it was 03:17 AM.

Now I hadn’t spoken to him about it. The only person who I had told was my dad where upon he quipped that I had been abducted by aliens. I said that was unlikely and didn’t think about it too much but when the other person in the car relaid the exact same tale – knowing that he hadn’t spoken to me nor my dad about what I had experienced at the same time left me cold. He commented that I had ‘shit a brick’ in the street and he knew immediately that I had experienced the same thing.

To this day I have no idea what happened on those two occasions but I can say this for sure. The light we encountered moved and was not something that we could comprehend. The light was the brightest thing that I have ever seen but was not dazzling. The light did follow us and it wasn’t random phenomena. What it was I cannot tell you but I can tell you that if it was human then it was way beyond what the general public understand technologically.

As for the events two nights later well to this day I remember distinctly what happened. I cannot explain it and I suspect I never will but the feelings and sensations I felt were very real and the fact the other person in the encounter (the one who wasn’t in the Caribbean) had an identical encounter is to me very surreal and stretches the possibilities of it being a coincidence to quite an inconceivable level.

I have no idea why I felt I had to write about it on here but I think it is time I actually put the event into prose and what better place than on my blog? At least now whenever anyone asks me if I have had any experiences I can point them to here. I have had real encounters with ghosts (multiple) but those stories may be for another day…

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