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Day: June 2, 2012

You Cannot Be Serious! Review as Alistair McGowan’s new show falls short – drastically, woefully short.

So I thought I’d give You Cannot Be Serious! a try this evening following the lacklustre England v Belgium game. The only saving grace doing such a thing has done is give me something to blog about and let’s put it this way – very little or possibly none of it will be positive.

First of all any dig at Roy Hodgson for his speech impediment is just not funny. I know he says he doesn’t care but that really isn’t the point. When you are using someone else’s disabilities as a source of humour then you have a problem making up your own comedy. As for the song that ended the show regarding the butterfly being called the fly with Duncan Goodhew just standing around. I mean seriously where was the humour in that? I look for it. I really did but it just wasn’t there.

How about the ‘I need to Check the name of the Chelsea goalkeeper – oh yes it’s Petr Cech’ joke that he didn’t do once folks. Oh no he brought it out again later in the show because it was just too darn funny the first time. What about the Jedward sketch of them in ‘Paris’ covering the French Open?

We are really struggling with any quality but how about a video showing the Williams’ sisters dad after he saw both his daughters bounced out of the French Open early – that has to be funny? Oh wait the video was just some black dude smashing his head against watermelons. Yeah. Also a video showing how Petr Cech warms up for penalty shoots with just some dude kicking someone in a helmet.

I could go on but I think I have got my point across.

James Corden’s show wasn’t funny two years ago and ITV haven’t got a show right in this genre for international tournaments since they bough the rights to Fantasy Football League from the Beeb and gave Frank Skinner and David Baddiel the slot. Those two guys are funny and Fantasy Football would still work now. I know the two of them might not want to do it any more but if they did then it is a no brainer.

This latest attempt at a comedy sporting show for the football tournaments for ITV is about as big of a success as my online dating history. Yeah that bad folks. I will be writing a second blog on that shortly with several stories I had forgotten to put in the first time but yes this is about You Cannot Be Serious! the show that is as funny as racism and sexism put together in the same sentence.

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