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Day: May 14, 2012

Reasons why the people who comment on the Daily Mail website articles are morons #298

Yesterday we saw the Williams Formula One team return to the top step of the podium for the first time in nearly a decade. It was a joyous moment but around an hour and 15 minutes later fire engulfed the Williams Pit Garage. Happily no-one has died although several people are in hospital. It was a ferocious fire and if you haven’t seen it then here is a video of the incident from Sky Sports (well until the F1 management get the video taken off of YouTube anyway):

So anyway this morning I was googling for more news on this and I read all the reports in the national papers and decided to read the worst rated comments in the Daily Mail and boy they are pretty bad…

Oh, come on, DM! People are NOT taken to hospital “for smoke inhalation”. It’s not a form of therapy that most doctors would prescribe…I think we can safely say moron to that can’t we?

Gee, I wonder why that happened? Europeans are always so quick to carry themselves as so much more sophisticated than the rest of world, when really they are just more passive/aggressive. In other words, arson. Yeah it was arson. That is the most obvious explanation… – Moron.

Wonder if the winning car got damaged in the fire? Won’t be able to see any possibly illegal modifications now!Yeah Williams would risk countless lives just to protect an illegal car. Moron. Oh and the fact the winning car was in Perc Ferme so wasn’t in the garage but why let facts get in the way of an ill-informed comment? (A Daily Mail special there)

Glad no-one was seriously hurt but was probably the most exciting moment in what must be the most turgidly boring sport on earth !A fire that caused millions of pounds of damage and endangered many lives exciting? I think that is worth a moron slur.

And they say F1 has become boring …LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you think this guy got his OL’s mixed up a la the Prime Minister? Even if not he’s a big moron.

Shorts and tee shirts is not the best PPE to tackle a fire. I thought these people had to wear protective fire suits. Why weren’t they? Looked like chaos.Toughest one to call a moron yet but she just gets into the club. Of course shorts and t-shirts are not the best way to tackle a fire but what do you expect them to do? Go and get changed and then come back later when the fire has taken hold of the whole paddock? If you had a fire in your living room would you attack it with whatever you were wearing or would you go and get changed and come back later when you were fully prepared? These guys are trained and they used their training to get the fire out as quickly as possible. They did a tremendous job. As for wearing fireproof overalls – they do in the race but the race had long since finished but something just sparked up. Fire officers don’t wear fireproof overalls at home in case a fire randomly starts up…

I think Williams were lucky twice todayThey won the race fair and square so why were they lucky there? They were lucky no-one was more seriously injured though so I grant you that however still a moron.

the most exciting thing that has happened in F1 for years .. the race was as usual like watching paint drying .. I still watch it hoping for something to happen but didn’t expect them to set fire to the pits! glad no one was seriously hurtSo this guy thinks F1 is boring and yet still watched the race as he felt confident enough to proclaim the race was like watching paint drying. If he doesn’t like it he isn’t forced to watch. This is why he’s a moron as he’s unable to command a remote control.

Now Williams will be disqualified for unsafe practices and ,surprise, surprise…ALONSO / FERARRI WIN.Seriously? Moron.

So there we have it. A collection of thoughts from Daily Mail readers about a horrific accident that only resulted in a few relatively minor casualties when it could very easily have been many times worse.

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