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Southend candidate meets Cabinet Minister to discuss funding for Coastal Communities

Whilst I was busy commentating on Southend United v Accrington Stanley last Saturday Southend West’s PPC in 2010 Peter Welch was busy talking to Danny Alexander and congratulated him on his work to wrestle £24million for seaside town rejuvenation. Here is what Peter was up to along with a grinning picture of the two of them.

Peter Welch meets Danny Alexander
Peter Welch meets Danny Alexander

The Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Southend West at the last General Election has met with Cabinet Minister Danny Alexander to congratulate him on finding the funds needed to set up a £24 million fund for seaside town rejuvenation.

The scheme, announced on 9 February, by Mr Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, will provide funds to diversify and transform seaside economies by allowing them to rejuvenate traditional assets or exploit new emerging industries.

Seaside groups could use the money to start programmes that can deliver skills training, offer apprenticeships to school leavers, create new workspaces or support small-scale transport improvements. Successful applicants can expect to get grants of between £50,000 and £2million.

Mr Alexander told Mr Welch that having grown-up in a seaside community, he was aware of the problems they can face, and had been delighted to make the cash available to stimulate a stream of quality projects.

Peter Welch told the Chief Secretary: “This is a significant boost to seaside communities – as is the emphasis that the Government is putting on green growth. I hope we will see some quality proposals put forward from Essex, to win a share of these funds for local projects.”

Good stuff as always Peter.

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