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Southend Lib Dems rally against the Thames Estuary Airport scheme

‘The City of London needs a new airport like I need a mushroom risotto covered in fried egg’ – Neil Monnery 5th Feb 2012.

Yes that is right folks the time is now (or indeed a few days ago but it was embargoed for a few days) for the people of Southend to raise their voices and start campaigning against the proposed Thames Estuary Airport which is set to be an issue throughout South East England over the coming months.

Boris Johnson thinks it is a great idea. The PM is ready to have a public consultation on the issue as we look for a way to cram yet another unneeded airport into our capital city. Did that sentence read as though it had no bias? Good.

The local Lib Dems will be taking part a public meeting concerning the proposed Thames Estuary Airport to be held at Southend Adult Community College, Lower Hall, Leigh Centre, in Elm road on Friday 10th February starting at 7:45PM. If you live in or around Southend and are concerned about the proposed airport then do pop along and speak with the four Lib Dems who’ll be taking part in the event and talking to residents and listening residents views on the plans.

The four of them are technologically savvy too. They have started an e-petition against the Thames Estuary plans which you can sign behind the link.

Just for a change I’ll throw in a bunch of quotes that are in the Press Release on this matter. I should know as I just wrote it (those three years studying Journalism were worth it although it is being amended but still…):

Alan Crystall – Lib Dem councillor for Leigh – “I first got involved in local politics to fight the Maplin scheme. I am convinced that this mad idea is wrong on all counts.”

Peter Wexham – Lib Dem councillor for Leigh – “The last thing the Estuary needs is a huge expanse of concrete.”

Chris Bailey – Lib Dem candidate for West Leigh and former councillor – “We are already facing excessive aircraft noise in this part of Leigh on Sea. These proposals would make things much worse.”

Peter Welch – Lib Dem PPC for Southend West in 2010 – “It is important for people to speak up now and voice their opposition to these ideas.”

So there you have it. If you are against these proposals and live locally then please do pop along to the public meeting on Friday and sign the e-petition before that. If you aren’t local but are still against yet another major airport serving London then please also sign the e-petition.

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