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My trip to the Big Smoke to take in a show – scary times…

Who here had me ever writing a West End Review? Anyone? *watches the tumbleweed flows through the lands* well due to the line at the London Aquarium being downright insane on Saturday lunchtime a new plan was hatched. This involved going to see a show. Not exactly what you would call natural Neil territory but heck we were in London and I’m relatively easy going.

After the first two choices were shot down thanks to no tickets being available (Phantom of the Opera and War Horse) the third choice was the one I’d mentioned – Legally Blonde. I suggested this for two reasons a) I knew the story and had gone to see the movie in the cinema and b) I had actually read some very good reviews about it. So Legally Blonde tickets were bought and we had just under an hour to get to The Savoy. If proof is needed that I did in fact but said tickets then look no further (well look just below these words).

Legally Blonde Tickets at The Savoy
Legally Blonde Tickets at The Savoy

See. Proof.

I know that is only proof that I bought the tickets and there is no proof I was actually at the show but I was. I didn’t think to take any photos whilst I was there. My main concerns were the lack of leg room at The Savoy theatre and when it started (after a brief delay for unspecified backstage issues) realising it was a little bit shall we say ‘preppy’ and the person I was with likes preppy stuff about as much as I enjoy enjoy mushrooms – i.e. not a great deal. I feared she may not enjoy it and considering it was her birthday trip into London I was fearing my choice would go down like a lead balloon.

My fears were allayed at the interval although I was informed these fears were not exclusive to me after the first few minutes. As for the show itself it was nice and simple. Some catchy tunes (although none that are so memorable that they are still in my head two days later as I’m writing this) but is wasn’t the worst way I’ve spent an afternoon that is for sure. I thought the cast did a pretty good job. I didn’t realise it was Steph from Hollyoaks playing Elle Woods and she was good. The guy who played the UPS guy had a small part but caused the most laughter without a doubt. The staging was all clever. You know what I enjoyed it.

As we left and foraged for food my next big task for the day arrived. Yes I went for a large pizza at Pizza Hut and boy it was large. Gutted I didn’t take a picture of it but it was a large BBQ Americano and I finished it. As I put the last mouthful into my mouth I said (rather loudly) ‘I win!’ at the empty deep dish. Several people looked at me. I think someone was rather embarrassed but I was rather proud of my achievement. I felt like Adam Richmond in Man v Food albeit on a much smaller scale.

So there we go. My Saturday consisted of seeing my first ever show in the West End and taking down a large pizza in one sitting. All in all I’d say that was a successful trip into London. This is not to mention actually going up close to the Houses of Parliament for the first time. I had a quick look in Downing Street and measured up for curtains too…

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