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Joan Richardson of The SEO Co is back again…

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Joan Richardson of The SEO Co trying to help me get my website higher in Google. I laughed so much I wrote a blog about it An SEO linkbuilding masterclass – well nearly… but it seems as though ripping her e-mail to shreds wasn’t enough for Joan as she’s back again sending me the same e-mail two months later…

Joan Richardson The SEOCO
Back for more Joan...?

I’m gutted my back-links and number of pages indexed haven’t changed in two months. You would have thought that maybe with the 20,000+ plus hits on my piece about not being allowed to have a wank in the University of St Andrews Library toilets would have at least garnered me one more back-link but alas apparently it didn’t.

Sometimes I look at people in the linkbuilding industry and just cry. Having been there at one point (and having a 20-25% success rate on links) I know how to get a reply and this company really don’t. So instead of getting any business they just get another sarcastic blog post from me. Well I suppose all publicity is good publicity…

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