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Don’t be naughty in the University of St. Andrews toilets – you have been warned

This photo has been banded around on twitter for a few days but I thought I’d throw in up on the website for those that haven’t seen it. Apparently too many people are having wanks in the University of St. Andrews toilets and those in charge decided that this needed to stop and have put up the following ‘Masturbation Notice’ on the door.

University of St. Andrews Masturbation Notice
Be warned boys...

So it is costing far too much to remove all the stains from the floor. Firstly I’d wondering who would want to go in there for one anyway and secondly isn’t it more likely that people are actually involved in various sexual activities in there with a partner instead of a solo hand shandy?

I bet Prince William and Kate Middleton never did anything like that…

Apologies to whoever originally posted this photo. I don’t know who it was so can’t give them credit but it certainly wasn’t me.

Update: Please see below. The original picture was taken by Jorge Milburn, a student at the university and was uploaded to fb (link in comments).

Update Two: This blog made it into a Freedom of Information Request. How freaking awesome. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t an officially sanctioned university Masturbation Notice. Who knew? Seriously that is all sorts of awesome and just how cool was the response from the Press Officer? Big props to the guy…

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  1. Paul C.Lalchungnunga Paul C.Lalchungnunga

    Needless to post such a dirty pic on Facebook !

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