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The life of a faker – the world of @pn_kev_shields

With Portsmouth fans desperate for any news about who the next manager might be suddenly last night we were overjoyed that someone was going to tell us all the inside news. A man called Kevin Shields who has never had anything published in the local rag suddenly turned up on twitter with the username pn_kev_shields (pn is used by all Portsmouth News staff on official accounts) and promised us exciting news and he started today off with this:

'Kev Shield'

A few tweets later he pulled back from the twitter username linking him with the local rag:

'Kev Shields'

A freelance who can’t even spell freelance. I bet he gets loads of work…

Then drama as the Press Conference happened but wait what’s this…the press aren’t allowed to report on it?

'Kev Shields'

In all my days of covering sport (well those days were a while ago now) I have never heard of this. I have been told things off the record by PFC staff back in the day and that news was embargoed until…the press conference. Something is fishy here…I don’t even think he’s an employee of the paper at all…

'Kev Shields'

So he is despite never having had a piece in the rag ever published. Must be a pretty shit journalist and yet they let him cover the big breaking PFC stories…?

But wait…he backtracks when a real Pompey News journalist tweets him:

'Kev Shields'


He’s clearly a wind-up merchant and it is there for all to see but the sad thing is many Pompey fans seem to be getting sucked in. A basic background check – i.e. googling will prove him to be a fake and then his stories don’t add up either.

So the @pn_kev_shields saga is over or is it…? What will the fake The News reporter say tomorrow? I await with baited breath.

Update: Google Jeffrey Noebels and you’ll notice the same photo as he has used as his twitter avatar.

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