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Month: October 2011

Can you guess my type? A short video test.

So many people have said that they know my type. I always contend they don’t know what they are talking about. Looking at my relationship…well no…looking at my infatuation history there is no clearly defined type. However I do know I have a weakness looks wise but do other people know what they weakness is?

Well I decided to put that to the test because I thought it might be amusing. Embedded below is the introduction to MasterChef Australia Season 3 (which is my favourite show by a country mile at the moment – can’t believe Jay went tonight – he was the fave but he just couldn’t do puddings) anyway here is the introduction which shows 12 men and 12 women. Put the video on and watch and see if you can decide which of the 12 women I fancy most just looks wise.

I will say that there is a second budding chef who is totally winning me over with her personality but you won’t really get that from the introduction. So just looking for looks. Can you tell which budding chef is the one that purely based on her looks I’d like to date more than the other 11?

I bet very few will be able to tell…

Please leave me a message and have a guess. It would be interesting to see what people think I go for…

I’ll put up the answer in the next couple of days.

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Why some people are morons #109

Some people are morons. We all know that. However some show off their moronity (is that even a word? Google says no…) more than others. Some even say I am a moron. Some maybe right but for this edition of ‘Why some people are morons’ we go across to the Digital Spy F1 thread where a user known as Zenith posted the following two comments:

Thanks to the BBC website I knew the result before I had a chance to see the race.

The BBC website is my homepage & at 10am this morning, not once but twice the heading “Vettel takes crown as Button wins” appeared on their site.

Knowing that a lot of viewers would have waited to watch the replay this afternoon, you would have thought that they wouldn’t have announced the result in the headline.

So you wanted to watch the race but no live but still went to and expected not to see the result? Are you freaking kidding me? What a surprise that the homepage of the BBC website has the result on it. I mean really. I Sky+ed the race and didn’t check my e-mail or go online before watching it when I woke up in case I saw the result. I didn’t even check twitter on my iPhone. People need to learn that if you are taping something or watching on tape delay then don’t go on the internet or social networking sites where the event might be being talked about. It isn’t rocket science.

However he/she wasn’t finished.

Yep. I mean the BBC homepage

If it had been ITV or CH4 etc. homepages then I would have expected to see the result in the headline, but as a lot of viewers might not have seen the rerun, I still think it wasn’t right to put the result in the headline in the general news section.

If the headline had been “Japanese Grand Prix results” etc. then you have the option to click on it or not. My gripe is that the headline showed the result of the race.

I have customised my BBC page to have the sports section near the bottom of the page, so I cannot see it unless I scroll down. Unfortunately the F1 result was also in the general news section at the top of the page.

Are you sure that the result is given in the headline “for every single race”, even for early races like todays that are given a full rerun in the afternoon? I don’t remember seeing anything like this before.

The BBC websites job it to put the news on. Not to cocoon readers from the news in case they might want to watch the event later in the day.

The result for every race is always in the breaking news strap at the top of the page. Like it is for football results, cricket results and all other major sporting results.

I just get annoyed when people complain about things when in fact it is them making the big error of judgement and not whoever they are complaining about. It is easy to avoid a result or a TV event. I do a radio show on Wednesday nights but when The Apprentice is on I don’t check twitter until after I’ve watched it when I’ve come in as to not spoil the outcome. As I’ve already said it’s not rocket science.

Some people…*goes off and mutters to himself*

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Paddy Ashdown in, Liam Fox out at the MoD?

When David Cameron & Nick Clegg were sitting down to discuss the composition of the coalition cabinet the political hacks informed us that Paddy Ashdown was to become Secretary of State for Defence. The hacks were as we all know wrong but what we don’t know is just how close it was.

Fast forward to the present day and the man who has that job is is real trouble following newspaper allegations into improper conduct between Dr Liam Fox and his former flatmate and close friend Adam Werritty. We have seen though that newspaper storms haven’t yet forced anyone expect David Laws from office. Ken Clarke, Vince Cable and Chris Huhne are all still in the cabinet.

However if these allegations are proved then Fox is gone and we’ll see at least a new Secretary of State for Defence but we may see a larger reshuffle. It is unlikely the Lib Dems will get added cabinet members in a reshuffle so if Paddy is to come into run the MoD like he should’ve been asked in the first place then someone will have to go.

I think most Lib Dems would be happy to let Michael Moore fade into the memory as Secretary of State for Scotland but with the Tories lack of love across the border then that is unlikely. Nick Clegg isn’t going anywhere and nor is Danny Alexander so that leave us with two potential moves outwards from the Lib Dems – Vince Cable or Chris Huhne.

Like most Lib Dems I love Vince Cable but out of all the Lib Dems in the cabinet he has looked the most ill at ease. He has seen part of his portfolio nullified due to the ‘war on Murdoch’ undercover sting but he has survived. On the other side of the ledger Chris Huhne has done a fantastic job as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change but his personal life has brought him nothing but trouble and any day now time could be called on Huhne’s time in the cabinet.

Nick Clegg would without a doubt like to get Paddy Ashdown into cabinet not just because of his wealth of knowledge – certainly at defence – but also because he’s a very popular and prominent Lib Dem who would be seen to be doing the right things. Chris Huhne’s departure would not do damage publicly although in terms of actually doing a job it might be. Vince Cable’s departure would play out worse with the public but not by much.

For the Lib Dems without a doubt getting Paddy Ashdown into the cabinet would be a major coup and a good move all around. Who he’d replace though is very much up for grabs and if there is a big reshuffle then no doubt we’d lose our unofficial sixth Lib Dem as Cameron would want to put a right-wing member of his party into Ken Clarke’s role as Justice Secretary.

Would it be worth allowing Cameron his choice at Justice to get Paddy into Defence? I’m not sure but what I do know is if this reshuffle happens then the one name Lib Dems need to look out for is Paddy Ashdown and not David Laws. If it comes down to just a straight replacement for Liam Fox then it is surely unlikely that Paddy would get the call but who knows. This would be a great time to move Andrew Lansley as well…

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David Davis MP exclaims that ‘God must be a Conservative’

No I’m not making it up. David Davis said at a fringe during Conservative Party Conference this week that ‘God must be a Conservative’ due to the fact the Party is doing ‘ridiculously well considering the circumstances’ better than both David Cameron and George Osborne had expected for this stage in the electoral cycle. He told this during an Ipsos-Mori ‘Beyond The Bubble’ event on Tuesday evening.

Now first of all I think it is fair that the existence of God has yet to be proven. In fact the proof is shall we say rather minimal and I’m being kind. Yes there is faith and many people have some of that knocking about. However to contend that he exists as a matter of fact to me seems abhorrent but that’s just me. That might be too strong a word but I think for now I’ll stick with it.

The second part though is even worse. Like God in his infinite wisdom and power actually gives a damn about the polls in the UK in 2011. What kind of moron would firstly even think it and secondly then process those thoughts into words and speak them out loud? It would have to be someone whose moronity levels are sky-high and someone who is in fact a moron. Well let’s look at David Davis history shall we?

He wants to bring back the death penalty and he also doesn’t believe in climate change. Not looking good for him as he tries to defend himself from my moron accusations He is a fan of civil liberties which helps his cause but you know climate change is going on. Whether it is man-made or just part of The Sun’s natural cycle is up for debate but climate change exists and that is pretty much accepted.

On bringing back the death penalty he said in 2003, ‘This should apply in cases involving multiple murders where there is clear evidence and no doubt’ – well if there is any real doubt then shouldn’t a jury not convict? Have we not seen cases overturned following changes in DNA evidence gathering where upon someone has been convicted and later found not guilty? You can never be sure unless the evidence is just so compelling – i.e. there’s a video of the murder going on and the person confessed. Beyond that there will always be some doubt.

So David Davis thinks that ‘God must be a Conservative’. Neil Monnery thinks that David Davis’ view of God and the way he interacts with humans should he exist is about as whack of an idea since Nadine Dorries said she was a conduit for God. If God is involved with how people think about the government of our piddly little country then he’s probably involved in every decision every single one of us makes n life and if that was the case then we are mere puppets not in control of our lives and I personally do not believe that is the case and if it was then how depressing would that be?

I’ll stick to my hypothesis outlined above in my conclusion. David Davis MP is either a) a moron or b) acting moronically or c) a mixture of a & b.

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Chocolate Brownies – A potential Great British Bake-Off dish?

Well folks. Last night I was presented with some chocolate brownies. It’s not often cooks for me (and the understatement of the year awards goes to…) and I had in all honesty forgotten that I was being cooked for but wrapped in tin foil were two lots of chocolate brownies. The person who baked them for me said that she may enter the Great British Bake-Off (not sure if she was being serious here or not) but either way she wanted a review of her product so I thought I’d do it very publicly.

Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies

Pulling back the tin foil I am hit with a favourable aroma as a waft of chocolate enters my nasal passage. I look at the brownies at the first thing that strikes me is the oeros broken up and placed on top. I find this disconcerting and the white stuff over the oeros takes me the best part of a minute to work out it was the inside of the oeros. Visually it looks a bit wrong but I’m not a man whose going to be put off by some weird white stuff over a brownie so I tuck it.

First thing I notice is the brownie is nice and moist. Just how a brownie should be. The teeth shouldn’t have to work and just a gentle ease down of the jaw should see the teeth sink slowly into the brownie. Then you get the sharpness of the oero which breaks up the smoothness of the base. You are unable to taste the inners of the oero so all they do is put you off visually.

Within moment I realise that all three in that parcel are gone and have gone down in a flash. The chocolate at the bottom of the brownies for me could be a tad more thick and sickly as personally if you are going chocolatey then I want it to be thick and gooey. The top half of the brownie was nigh on perfect and as for the oeros – a nice idea that possibly would play better within the brownie itself and not stuck on top at the end – although how this would play out in baking I do not know.

Overall I’d give these brownies a more than solid 8/10. Considering I didn’t pay for them I should be grateful anyway but if I’d paid money for these in a bakery I wouldn’t be disappointed and would go back for more the next time I fancied a chocolate brownie. The white stuff from the inners of the oero weren’t for me and having a crunch inside the brownie instead of on top would have been ideal but it was a fine example of the chocolate brownie and if I’m needed to test out any future recipes then my stomach is ready.

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Feminists rejoice – Sarah Palin decides not to run in 2012

So Sarah Palin has decided not to run in 2012 for the Republican nomination to run against President Obama for the White House. This wasn’t a surprise to most considering the likelihood or her winning was low but it was greeted with disappointment around the twittersphere last night – mostly from people like me who saw her running as spicing up the field and making it semi-interesting. The 2008 democratic race was fantastic with the ebbs and flows of the campaign from Hillary’s stunning third place in Iowa to her dazzling late comeback in New Hampshire to the Super Tuesday non-event and then Hillary’s big leads in Ohio and Pennsylvania slowing swindling. It was politics at its best.

Anyway this news also disappointed my friend Kelly over at Political Parry who posted a blog entitled Women and Western Politics this lunchtime which flirted with words about Yvette Cooper (which we agree on – fantastic MP who’d be so much better if Ed Balls had actually allowed her to run for Labour leader – she was the second best candidate behind David Miliband for me but hey) and words on Theresa May (which I disagree with as I think she’s a pretty poor MP) but what interested me were her words on Sarah Palin’s decision not to run.

‘In America, too, there has been a rise in female political figures. Today’s news revealed Sarah Palin will not be standing for presidency. What ever your political standpoint on Palin, and I’m not a huge fan, you have to admit she is as much a master of PR as Tony Blair. I’m actually saddened to here she won’t be standing for presidential election, as it indicates she may not be as ‘ballsy’ as she appears. Like Yvette Cooper, she is true to her (skewed) values, and that is admired in politics. It creates the sense of purpose and direction voters identify so strongly with, and is therefore very persuasive.’

I have written in comments:

Guessing Odone has never heard of Hillary Clinton then who might not just be the most impressive female politician around in western politics at the moment but the most impressive politician full stop. She’s doing an amazing job as Sec. of State and is surely lining up a bid for the democratic nomination in 2016 which in all likelihood she should win – and will win.

However are you really disappointed that Sarah Palin isn’t running? I mean really? Sit back and think about how it would play out (note I said would – not could, not should but would).

She would be a laughing stock in every state but the redneck states (and Alaska). She would lose big and would surely set back the female politicians in the States for years and her running might even have harmed Hillary in 2016.

If I was a woman desperate to see a woman in the top job stateside I’d not want Palin anywhere as all she can do is harm female politicians. Sure she’d get some support as a crackpot candidate but can you imagine the people of New York, Florida, California et al going into the voting booth and seriously voting for Sarah Palin?

No. No you can’t as they wouldn’t. Now they would and will vote for Hillary in 2016.

Be delighted Palin is not running and get aboard the Hillary for President in 2016 bandwagon. That is the train that feminists and anyone who wants to see a great politician (gender not withstanding) in the oval office.

It is no secret that I’m a huge Hillary fan. I think she is possibly the most impressive politician I have seen since her husband bizarrely enough. I always wonder how the world would have been different had 9/11 happened under Clinton’s reign. I really do think we’d be living in a very different world but that is just my hypothesis. To get back on subject…

If I were a feminist (apparently I am as I believe in equal rights for all but most feminists I read or speak to believe that the world is so anti-women it is insane – I do not agree with this – so I think whilst I am a by the book feminist I think most feminists aren’t by the book – therefore I can’t identify with them). Yep I think that has straightened that one out. No more abuse for Neil…*ducks*

Anyway yes. If I were a feminist I’d be delighted Sarah Palin is not running as all she can do it set back the cause of women. She can’t win. Not because she’s a woman but because she isn’t credible in the states were she would need to win. She can play well in the deep south and through certain parts of the mid-west but is Palin going to go into New York or California or Ohio or Pennsylvania or Florida and pull out the win against Obama in 2012 (and presumably Clinton in 2016)?

No. No she isn’t.

It is all well and good having a brand but it has to be the right brand at the right time and her brand will not play out where it matters for her as she has no track record on the economy. Her highest profile job was the governor of Alaska. That isn’t going to play out against whoever the democrats put up and more importantly it won’t play out against the likes of Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann who is actually a top and the Republican polling in Iowa at the moment which as we all know is the first state to have a caucus – and guess what – she’s a woman!

If feminists or people who just love women in politics want some joy in 2012 then rejoice that Palin isn’t going to be on a ballot and back Michele Bachmann. I’m not sure she can win but she’ll play out far better in the states she’d need to win in a Presidential run than Palin will and that is the most important thing. Whatever happens I fully expect and hope Hillary Clinton in the President by the time my 33rd birthday comes around but for 2012 she’ll be quiet. For the women out there it’s Michele Bachmann and not Sarah Palin and trust me folks – that is a very good thing indeed despite Bachmann’s Tea Party links. Palin’s brand won’t play out where it is needed and Bachmann whilst singing from the same hymn sheet isn’t dug into the minds of the voters as yet.

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Daily Mail leads with Amanda Knox is Guilty story – Photo

Daily Mail Amanda Knox Guilty
Daily Mail jumps the gun and prints that Amanda Knox is guilty

Getting the news fast is important, getting it first is great but getting it right is still the most important thing.

Daily Mail Fail.

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Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to walk free tonight

Some instant reactions as Knox and Sollecito are found not guilty of murder on appeal regarding the muder of Meredith Kercher.

First of all Rudy Guede is still in jail for the murder.

Secondly I have no idea whether either Knox or Sollecito are guilty or not. No idea whatsoever. However from all the reports the DNA evidence was all extremely unsafe and that is what the judge thought and decided to disregard all the DNA evidence in the case. After he did this he decided along with his fellow judge and the six jury members decided that the conviction was clearly unsafe and acquitted them both of the murder.

My gut instinct is she probably she involved but you have to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt and if all the DNA evidence is unsafe then you are really pushing it to convict someone on solely circumstantial evidence. You really are.

The Italian legal system has probably done the right thing. We’ll see how Amanda Knox deals with this upon her return to the United States and what her future holds. I remember the case of Louise Woodward and she kept her head down and has rebuilt her life successfully out of the public eye. Will Knox follow suit or will she try to cash in on her story?

I fear it might be the latter.

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‘Letter of Truth #001 – The Truth about war in Libya’

The Rambles of Neil Monnery was delighted and teary eyed when the staff received an e-mail from one of Gaddafi’s men pleading with us to get the truth out. All the reporting and excellent journalism we have been treated to was just western fallacy – a ruse to make all us idiot westerners believe that what we were doing what was right. Clearly though that is not the case and with no bias at all this e-mail from a Gaddafi loyalist will clear up any misinterpretations that we may have had.

I will obviously post the e-mail I personally received ad verbatim and it really is an honour to be hand picked to receive this e-mail. It’s not like it was just spam sent to 1000s of others – oh no of course not. This is the truth people. Sometimes I wonder if we can even handle the truth.

So please read this engulfing tale and start changing your opinions. Or not. I’m easy either way but Libyan war spam is my favourite kind of spam – but I hate spiced ham so that’s not hard. I have not hyperlinked any of the links mainly because it’s all bullshit but hey – if you want to read any of it then knock yourself out.

Dear citizens!
It’s the Letter of Truth, the Open Letter.
Read it and re-sand it to another people: to Media, to the governments, to citizens.
The Truth is for all!
All we have been shown by so-called official media about the events in Libya is a lie. Here is the Truth:
The war in Libya is carried out by NATO forces, with the support of a corrupt bureaucracy of the UN, according to the CIA plans. This is a real destruction of the socialist country. The war is far from being won, as the various politicians and media – members of an international gang, backed up by the global banking oligarchy, rush to assure us.
The war is going on. Today, right now the heroic people of Libya resist with all their might. Army of Libya has been restored under the leadership of Qaddafi and his sons and now is in active hostilities.
At the same time, the bandits are eliminating all the black population, killing without trial. There is real genocide of indigenous people in the heart of Africa – under the guise of NATO and with the acquiescence of most international organizations for human rights – Amnesty International, Human Rights Court at the United Nations (ECHR), etc.
At this point, the bandits surrounded the cities of Beni Walid, Sirte. These cities are under siege, they have neither electricity, nor water, medicines, food. Every day, 24 hours a day, NATO planes bomb the cities from a safe distance using sometimes prohibited weapons: phosphorous bombs, depleted uranium bombs, mustard gas, sound, cluster bombs. There is a possibility that atomic bombs can be used! In the cities there are many dead and wounded people, this is real genocide happening right now! Humanitarian catastrophe!

UN and NATO are CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS, which have finally put themselves outside the law by this war. They treacherously attacked Libya, without declaring war, in order to capture all of its resources (including oil, gas, huge territory and vast reserves of fresh water), destroying infrastructure and population, under the false slogan of bringing “democracy”. All of them are – CRIMINALS! INTERNATIONAL MAFIA!

Al-Qaeda nourished, armed and trained by US is acting on the side of the NTC and NATO – rapes, murders, cuts the throats and threatens to organize a radical Islamist state in Libya!
Prisoners of war and wounded people are being killed! This is completely against all rules and conventions, and simply against any human morals!
Since the beginning of the conflict more than 60,000 Libyans have been killed. There are thousands and thousands of refugees, destroyed hospitals, schools, houses, and the entire infrastructure. The “revolutionaries” kill old men, women and children. And they want us to believe that they have won the war? This is ridiculous and pathetic:
Take another look at all this! Can’t you see what you have done?
Maybe you’re just crazy? Then your place is in a psychiatric clinic! Or you are the forces of Satan? Open your eyes! Come to the path of good, it is not too late! Write the truth! Tell the truth! Repent! And maybe, someday, we will forgive. Find the strength. Awaken your conscience and humanism. Anything else? Brain, finally. Otherwise, you’re all done for!


False mass media. Many of the videos were filmed in Qatar, in an open-air pavilion with extras, and have no relation to the real events. Specifically, the material on the capture of Tripoli:
Lying about the reason for the attack, saying that Gaddafi allegedly shot a peaceful demonstration does not hold water. Amnesty International found no trace, no witnesses, that the troops fired on protesters Libya:
Moreover, it is a lie that so-called “protesters” were “peaceful” – they were well armed by NATO and by some authoritarian monarchies such as Qatar, Jordan. All the weapons were new, in packages, and the latest models from around the world, but most of the weapons were American. There were even the latest weapons, which have not been taken into service in the U.S. – can you guess where the bandits could get it from?
Many “demonstrators” – were mercenaries, bandits from around the world, particularly from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
It is a lie that the war had been won by the coalition. Here are operational reports:
It is a lie that Gaddafi did not want negotiations………….
It is a lie that according to NATO none of the civilians was killed. Look! It is not for the faint of heart. People are still dying right now – in Bani Walid, Surt, Sabha, and in the rest of Libya:
You hide the fact that NATO bombed schools and hospitals, houses belonging to civilians, and the rebels under the guise of NATO devastate entire cities:–DH47IUYRUdcoPUZg/
You are hiding the fact that NATO is using dirty bombs, chemical weapons and cluster bombs – it is also your lies and a huge crime!:
You hide the genocide of the black population of Libya! The majority of the population of the south is black. Their cities destroyed and the inhabitants driven out and entire families are cut out. Many of the black people were working in Libya, and have no relation with the army. But after the pro-NATO mass media announced that Gaddafi had allegedly had black mercenaries, bandits started killing all the black African! Where are you, anti-racist organizations? The African Union? Afro-American media? Africans living in Europe – have you seen? Look!:
You hide the murder, torture, shooting, cutting throats of the wounded, prisoners of war, just civilians who “the revolutionaries” meet on their way!:
You hide the huge losses of the coalition troops – NATO troops and the Gulf countries (Kuwait, UAE, Jordan). But they are your children, Americans, Europeans, now they are coming back home, in coffins, and how many more to come? Is that what you wanted? Is it what you pay your taxes for? Do you know how big the losses of France, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Qatar are? Sure you know all this …
You lie about the true reasons for the war – the Libyan resources and the Libyan money:
People all over the world are collecting materials for the tribunal over you. A lot of photographic and video material! Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, Emir of Qatar, NTC – look! This is what YOU have done! Are you happy?:
You are hiding information about the protests against the war and NATO’s aggression:
5 million Libyans out of 6 support of Gaddafi!
You hide the fact that there are leaders of some countries with conscience and honour that 8 countries in Central America condemned the military intervention and unlawful entry of NATO forces in Libya and are trying to defend Libya in the UN:
And there’s more! This time NATO after mustard gas, cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons might use nuclear weapons against Sirte and Beni Walid!
Other sites, with regular news on Libya and Syria:
A list of sites:
So, WE all know that already. Soon everyone will know about it! And YOU? What do You not know about it?
The massacre in Libya will be stopped in the nearest future. The tribunal will be convened in Libya, where they will investigate all your crimes! The leaders of NATO, UN leaders who have recognized the NTC, bank managers, who blocked the money of the sovereign state, and all those who supplied the weapons to the bandits, trained, coordinated
them, military leaders and those who took part in operations against a sovereign Libya, mass media who distributed lies and slander, you will soon answer for your crimes!
We understand that to some extent you are have been taken hostages by the international $$ gang. You think nothing can stop them. And you are scared.
This is the beginning of the end of your dirty and deceitful world, our golden calf and interest rates, and the oppression! Your wars are coming to end too!

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