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Nadine Dorries tells us all exactly what she wants from this government

Our favourite Tory MP Nadine Dorries is back again for more. She’s been rather busy blogging during the Liberal Democrat Conference. Mostly showing off her inferiority complex about the Lib Dems who are being all mean and pushing her party about and I have a sense that she’s not to fond of that. However she has published her wants or mottos of whatever you want to call them. That’s look at them one by one:

Nadine Dorries wants a referendum on EU membership very soon, to stop right now sending English £s to support failing European economies,

First of all she’s writing in the third person. Only pretentious dickheads like myself do that. Bad Nadine. Bad. Secondly a referendum isn’t the worse thing in the world although it would isolate our economy and harm millions of jobs if we were to pull out of the EU. As for supporting failing European economies as we are not in the Euro our financial help is certainly limited although if these economies do collapse we will feel the pinch. We don’t live in a bubble where overseas factors don’t influence our economy. If you think that then you must be really dumb and clearly slept through the whole of 2007.

to introduce a Bill of Rights, to scrap the Human Rights Act,

Yeah I don’t get why some Tories are against the Human Rights Act. It’s kinda y’know a quite awesome piece of legislation.

to lower overall taxation in order to stimulate growth,

Lower taxes are good. No brainer there.

to cut harder and faster on public services in order to reduce spending,

You can’t cut too fast nor hard. There has to be a balance. The powers that be seem to be walking a tightrope at the moment but the credit rating is still right at the very top and not everything has been cut. Just because Nadine Dorries doesn’t need to use her local library or has any need to rely on such service as Meals on Wheels not everyone else has that luxury. Like many se clearly doesn’t see the real world and only her own and that is a failing on her part

to bring the upper limit at which abortion takes place down to 20 weeks,

If the doctors say a baby doesn’t feel anything until 24 weeks then I’m happy to go with the doctors but in all honesty I’m not entrenched in any position on this. If the threshold was brought down to 20 weeks then I wouldn’t oppose that as long as a previso was added in rape cases and in cases where the mother is in physical; peril carrying the child. In those instances time limits need to be off.

to remove Local Authority control over education,

*shrug* I can see both sides to this story. It will be interesting to see how the so called ‘Free’ schools develop.

to free the NHS from Whitehall and to open up free market provision within the NHS,

No, No, No, No, No, No, No. In case you aren’t down with what I’m saying – no. The NHS is a service that we all pay into using our taxes and it should not be used as a for-profit venture by anyone. We are all entitled to the best health care possible and opening that up to private companies looking for a fast buck or two would be detrimental to the National Health Service and the public at large. So no.

to dramatically reduce inward immigration,

No, No, No etc… What is wrong with foreigners coming over here to work? What is wrong with us going overseas to work? We are all living on one big planet and we should be able to live and work where we see fit. Immigration isn’t going down unless we leave the EU and that isn’t happening any time soon so alas Nadine you are going to fall short on that one.

to embrace our special relationship with the USA,

The same USA whose economy is in the tank? Do you just want to stand around looking all important with the so called ‘leader of the free world’? The USA is an important economy but our ties are clearly greater with Europe. Geographically and historically. The USA are like that ex we still have feelings for but it’s better that we remain ‘just good friends’ for now.

to make prison mean hard work and life to mean life,

I agree prison should not be easy and that life should mean life. However I do not believe that under these circumstances judges would hand out very many life sentences.

to increase our defence budget and support our troops,

So you are saying you think we are going to get entangled in some more wars in the near future? I hope not. Supporting our troops is important but so are many things.

and she belives green taxes are damaging to elderly people who can barely afford to heat their homes. (sic)

Not one full stop until the very end and a misspelling of believes. I’d be embarrassed if I were her. I expect my MPs to be able to spell and use a spell-check. Green taxes are important. I know Nadine couldn’t give an expletive about the planet after she dies but some of us aren’t as selfish as she is. The rise in energy costs are due to the fact that all the oil and gas isn’t under us so we need to pipe it in and if those who own it decide to put up their prices then there isn’t anything we can do about that. Investing in green energy sources in the UK will lead to us being less dependent on external matter with regards to powering our homes but of course you need a fully functioning brain to understand that and…yeah.

So there we go. That is how Nadine Dorries sees the world. Pretty worrying huh?

Originally produced over at the blog of Nadine Dorries

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  1. Jennie Rigg Jennie Rigg

    To be fair to Dorries I can think of lots of politicos like that, and they are in all parties, even ours. The difference is it only seems to be Tory ones who get elected.

  2. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    I think that is the scariest thing about Dorries – she seems to have a scatterbrain mentality where she thinks something but very quickly thinks something else. There is no linear politics with her just a sense of various thoughts that they or may not be workable and may or may not tie in with her other beliefs.

  3. Admittedly I’m no Tory, but I find people like Nadine Dorries and Priti Patel particularly baffling. Rather than someone like, say, John Redwood, whose political goals seem to tie in with traditional libertarianism, Dorries displays less an ideology and more a series of prejudices loosely cobbled together.

    Embrace the special relationship? What does that even mean? We trade with the, we talk to them, we’ve supported them in their past two distinctly dodgy wars. What more does she want? For the UK to become the 51st state?

    Her vision for the healthcare is both unworkable and undesirable. Scary.

  4. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    See that is why I’m quite loose on this subject and why I’m happy to go with the doctors advice which is 24. With issues like this where I know nothing I’m happy to go with the experts and that is what the experts say so I’m happy to go with that.

  5. Jennie Rigg Jennie Rigg

    On abortion: I didn’t know I was pregnant till 19 weeks – I was on the pill, and missed periods were not unusual. If the time limit was 20 weeks I wouldn’t have been able to have an abortion, had I wanted one, because I wouldn’t have had time to jump through all the hoops.

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