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Blog of the Year Awards – Somehow I’m up for a couple

So here I am. I am sitting in a hotel room in Birmingham on my own watching whatever crap that is on my TV that doesn’t get many channels. 24 hours ago I was in bed at home and I had zero plans to be here but things change.

Just after midnight last night I was informed that I was up for Lib Dem Blog of the Year and that it would be great if I could make it up to the star-fuelled glitter black tie event that is the ceremony. I may have added in some adjectives in there that might not be strictly accurate. I read that it was at 10AM whereas it was in fact at 10PM. Bit of a fail as I probably could have travelled up tomorrow but hey I got through accreditation. Thank you police for allowing me into the Lib Dem Conference.

So I have a weekend pass but I may or may not be at the conference tomorrow as I have a long-time friend I haven’t seen in an age who lives up here so trying to find a time to catch up. I will be around on Sunday for sure but depending on how tired I am I may head back after lunch.

Anyway back to the Lib Dem Blog of the Year shortlist for this waffle. I must say I was stunned. Absolutely stunned. I don’t see myself in the upper echelons of the Lib Dem blogosphere. I love Matthew Gibson’s blog and we all know how great Caron Lindsay’s is. I will admit I haven’t read much of Nick Thornsby’s but when I go downstairs to upload this blog I will have a peruse (yeah no wi-fi in rooms but apparently there is down in the lobby).

It is a great honour that the judging panel saw enough in me to shortlist me. As I said it is a stunner. I expressed on Caron’s Facebook earlier that I felt like that movie that was seen by about thirty people, that somehow ended up in the Best Film category at the Oscars. I’m not being humble for the sake of it. I truly believe this. What is does do is spur me on to continue blogging and try to improve whatever I do.

But that was not the end of it. I also made it onto another shortlist. I am also up for ‘Best Blog Post on a Lib Dem Blog’ for my article on Ken Clarke and the hysteria regarding his rape comments in the social media – primarily on twitter. Another great honour and this one I can at least understand as I got a lot of terrific feedback on the blog post and I knew it was the post that in a way announced me to the blogosphere. I had been around for several months but it wasn’t until that blog post that I think people noticed my inane witterings.

I should get round to summing this up. This has become waffly as usual. Totally shocked but proud to be shortlisted for both awards. There are some amazing bloggers out there – truly amazing and I feel that as a party we produce some of the most thought-provoking blogs out there and that is something we can all be proud of.

I shall see you at the awards ceremony. I won’t be in a bow tie…

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