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Nick Halling leaves Sky Sports NFL coverage

For news of Sky Sports retaining NFL rights for the 2012-2014 seasons please click this link.

NFL fans in the UK know there are a few things that are assured as the Sun rising each morning and that Ed Hochuli works out. They are that Kevin Cadle will butcher any presenting gig. Mike Carlson will always be amazing and that Nick Halling will butcher a Thanksgiving Turkey and openly root for his team the Pittsburgh Steelers on live NFL coverage on Sky Sports.

Well last night the NFL season opened up with what turned out to be a great game (certainly if you have Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees as your fantasy QBs) but there was somebody missing. Kevin Cadle was there and along side him was Neil Reynolds and big Cecil Martin. Big strange I thought but Nick Halling has been known to miss the odd Thursday game game so I wasn’t too concerned. I then did some googling and found out that Halling will not be on the NFL coverage this year.

Some will rejoice and some will lament. The majority won’t even care less. This blogger though does and it is a sad day. I’m not a huge Nick Halling guy on other sports. I didn’t like him when he fronted Ice Hockey on Five and wasn’t a huge fan of him voicing over football for The Football League Show. However on the NFL it just worked and the banter with him and Kevin Cadle really helped the show run seamlessly.

He wasn’t forced out the door but instead chose to go by his own volition as he’s gone from freelancer to staffer seemingly as he’s now on the Sky boxing team. After so long on the NFL it would seem surprising that he couldn’t do both roles in a freelance way so logically the move to boxing is a full-time one.

Sky’s boxing output took a dramatic hit last year when Ian Darke left Sky to become the voice of football across the pond for ESPN and with Adam Smith not being heard on commentary too often recently it seems to have opened up a spot. Sky have increased their boxing output (but decreased their PPV output) and brought in John Rawling in a freelance capacity as well. I like John Rawling on boxing but Nick Halling I don’t. I really don’t.

So we get a decrease in quality output in the NFL where Halling shone and a decrease in boxing where Darke shone through like a beacon and Smith seems to have been moved towards presenting and fronting the sport.

Sky have made some poor decisions recently and they can be tracked back to Ian Darke’s decision to leave. Getting rid of Mark Bolton and replacing him with Scott Minto was disappointing and this move is just as bad. At least they went with Ed Chamberlain as their primary football guy over David Jones so that is one thing but put me in the disappointed camp that Nick Halling has moved on from the NFL.

He may have been a Scummer but he was good value.

For news of Sky’s NFL Coverage Coverage for 2014 – including Kevin Cadle, Neil Reynolds, Shaun Gayle, Jeff Reinebold and Cecil Martin then please follow the link.

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  1. alan alan

    i have met and talked to this guy, and i have to say, he is one of the most obnoxious guys you could ever wish to me, he is rude and will try to belittle you at every opportunity.

  2. Daley Daley

    Two words. Gary Imlach

  3. Peter Hack Peter Hack

    I’m just longing for Sky to bring out a gadget which will give me control of the background muzak which they bombard us with even when Neil is doing the commentary of the halftime highlights. They just won’t give their junk noise a rest, will they??

  4. bink bink

    I have watched football from day one. but would rather have knowledgeable american football people presenting the programme.
    historically Kevin Cadle was a head coach of a basketball team in the bbl. This was a clear case of being in the right place at the right time.
    His knowledge and live performance was initially very poor.
    Mike Carlson was the the same. You have to find and use ex professional people to introduce and use their undoubted knowledge of the sport.

  5. Andy Andy

    I’ve been a keen watcher of NFL since early 1980s. There has NEVER been a decent English presenter. There have been a lot of guys trying to impress us with their knowledge. But they don’t know half enough.
    Neil Reynolds tonight : “Last week the Bills gave up [against the Patriots].”

    Not only is that comment insulting to Buffalo, it shows a misunderstanding of the Patriots halftime adjustments, especially in the area of play calling and blocking assignments.

  6. up the cherries up the cherries

    I wondered where Nik Halling had gone. Then he popped up as I write commentating on the Super Six boxing preview.Doesn’t work IMO. Liked him and Kev, they bounced off each other and if like you say it was his own decision it seems strange as he looked like he enjoyed it with a plethora of NFL knowledge. And yes shame he supports those orrible scummers.

  7. I was very annoyed that nick had gone, i have watched the american football from the beginning, and the fun with kevin and nick was fantastic. That bloke neil and that other bloke david have no talent or personality, just lets have cecil cos hes lovely and kevin, and the other two can go bore someone else, i just flick through the speaking and just watch the games now.shame!!thanks for telling me i was wondering where he went

  8. Rupert Bear Rupert Bear

    Neil Reynolds is a journalist, not a tv broadcaster, he was never invented to speak on tv, just write articles for various Sporting Publications. I’m sure that he is a cheap option for SKY as they already have Messr’s Cadle and Martin to pay salaries for, which are probably a fair chunk of the budget, BUT, at the end of the day, who else can SKY choose from, they’ve done away with Halling, Mike Carlson is a freelance and probably gets more money from Channel Four and the Beeb and gets to attend the yearly Superbowl at TV licensees’ expense. If SKY want someone with in depth NFL knowledge they’d need to get someone in from America, but, that would be financially prohibitive in the long term, they also may not be understandable to a British audience and may look as ugly as Bill Cowher with about as much charisma as an aircraft sickbag. Who else is available for us Brits to watch & listen too, some bimbo with big endzones??

  9. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Neil Reynolds can’t even talk properly, so how can he be seen as a competent broadcaster???

  10. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    There goes JagFan, a man/woman who knows what he/she is talkin about. Go Cowboys.

  11. JagFan JagFan

    Sky might retain Neil, but more because he is a cheap contract rather than being competent, he just sticks out as a sore thumb, no chemistry with the others. Thankfully on Sundays we have the Redzone!

  12. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Ok, even the sight of Reynolds digging into that turkey while i only have sardines on toast isnt enough to upset me now, having taken Green Bay over 7pts as well as the under. Happy Cashgiving evryone.

  13. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Of course Sky will retain him, it was just wishful thinking on my part. Sky are slowly replacing all their talent with cardboard drones with about as much personality as a Tesco value ham sandwich on white bread. Ive never had a dog, and my ex gf didnt leave me for someone else..she just left me.
    Oh and, he really really is that bad, i promise you.

  14. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Detroit fans have good music taste, tonnes of booing on Nickelback. Another drone.

  15. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Did Neil run over your pet dog or steal your missus or something? He’s not that bad…

    By the way I’m pretty darn sure Sky will retain him…

  16. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Reynold’s humour is really splitting my sides. Thank god for cecil and cadle. Reynold’s voice is giving me nightmares. Don’t we deserve better? I get my sky for free, but I wouldnt pay for it as long as Reynold’s is droning on. Droooooooooonneeeee

  17. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    What am I thankful for Neil? That your about as likely to get a second year on Sky NFL as you are replacing Chad Kruger as lead singer of Nickelback.

  18. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    happy thanksgiving everyone, except reynolds

  19. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    glad i took the under on this green bay – detroit game tho. Reynolds cant spoil that

  20. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    i dont think i can sit thru 12 hours of neil reynolds. my turkey’s gone off

  21. Sarah Sarah

    Love Cadle, do NOT miss Nick and his inane comments.
    Like Neil, pleasant and knowledgeable by looks of last few games…. although I wish he’d leave Tebow alone.

    Like the other ex players they get in too – absolutely gutted as recorded the Thurs night match on Virgin which c0cked it up and cut off the last few minutes – thanks heaven for the internet so I could watch it online.

    To the expat in Bruxelles, I have watched American football in America, and whilst your commentators might be more slick, your quantity of adverts is annoying, so I’d rather have a mix of both!


    Having endured 4 years of Sky’s NFL coverage while living in the UK and the painful commentating of Ken & Nick, I can only rejoice about now having access to ESPN America’s coverage of the NFL and the best American football commentators – regardless of whether the broadcasts are done by CBS, NBC, or Fox. Not to mention that I now have access to a better choice of games AND all the Sunday, Monday, & Thursday nite games. There was nothing blatantly inaccurate about Sky’s commentating but compared with the insights of former players and long time American announcers, Sky sounds absolutely amateurish. UK NFL fans deserve much better!

  23. bink bink

    bring in all americans and kevin was in the right place at the right time but he should go back to basketball coaching.

  24. bengalbrian bengalbrian

    danny kelly is fat

  25. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Yes, i is back…and so is Reynolds (again) to ruin my Sunday night dose. Of all the people Sky could have gotten, they roped in muffin the mule. Watching America’s greatest game on Sky is like a night at the opera with Stacey Sullivan.

  26. Tim Tim

    Halling was terrible, had no knowledge of the game and was unprofessional with his open support of the Steelers. Couldn’t be more happy to see him gone.

  27. I just cant believe this! I googled the site to say what a great job the team at sky sports where doing, especially Neil Reynolds (very calm and knowledgable) and that now I can at last listen to the entire programme again without having to fast forward EVERY time Nick Halling came on!!! he knew the job ok but he was just SO sarcastic and spitefull. The stutter just stopped anyone else from speaking. What do I read? PLAUDITS for the man!!! I have been following this game for 30 years and have never been so pleased to see someone go. Give us a break! wake up out there.

  28. Frankie Frankie

    Bring Back Nick Halling!!! His Banter With Kev Cadle Was Great! He Kev And Cecil Martin Were The Dream Team!!! Altho I Have To Admit I Do Also Like Mike Carlson On Channel 4! Not A Huge Fan Of Danny Kelly Tho!

  29. Ian Downie Ian Downie

    Like most fans I thought Nick Halling was on holiday and I am now surprised (and shocked) to find he has left the NFL reporting on Sky. Kevin without Nick is a bit like Wise without Morecambe, it just doesn’t work as well.
    There are ok presenters and then there is Nick, topping them all – Come back Nick and bring a bit of knowledgeable commentating back to our Sky viewing of the NFL (who cares if he is a Steelers fan)

  30. mark mark

    Cant believe Nick has gone! Sky Nfl coverage will not be the same for me again. hope they bring Nick back asap.

  31. Arabchris Arabchris

    No Nick = No Sunday Night Football. I don’t bother watching anymore as, for me, the atmosphere has gone. Kev should go back into coaching and Cecil is as much a joke commentating as he ever was playing. I gather Mike Carlson has been given the gig and he’s ok but he isn’t there tonight so hopefully there’s a re run of Last of the Summer Wine on somewhere….better than this trash

  32. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Would love big Cecil on a permanent basis but I think he has other things in his life. I’d love more Shaun Gayle and Jeff Reinbold (I love Jeff Reinbold when he comes over) but due to his day job at SMU he isn’t available until January.

  33. austin187 austin187

    Neil is no match for Nick, but can we have Cecil on a permanent basis?

  34. Sweaty Sweaty

    For all his faults, it’s just not the same without Nick! Listening to Reynolds is like watching paint dry, surely they can get much better? Sky seem intent on killing the NFL, what is it with the so called “HD” quality this year, it is barely better than the SD version! There is no comparison to the MNF coverage on ESPN HD, which is fantastically sharp and vibrant, if ESPN ever get the exclusive rights for the NFL I for one will be delighted, they make SKY look decidedly second rate!

  35. mattdahammer mattdahammer

    @cowboymagic – this isnt a forum and Sky dont give a monkeys – never have, never will! Just be grateful they continue the coverage!

    Oh and you went and jinxed it for the rest of us Cowboys fans!!

  36. Jackie Jackie

    Come back Nick!! The magic has gone from the NFL coverage on Sky – Nick and Kevin worked great together and now it is just statistics! Where is the enthusiam and passion? It’s all become a little bit boring.

  37. Chesster Chesster

    Look you guys the NFL coverage on Sky is awful and has been for a number of years.I’m glad Halling has gone and I hope the other stuffed siuts who are sucking the life out of the game will join him.Any of you guys that think Kev,Nick r Reynolds are any good then you are on some strong medication.The only guy who has something to say is Cecil although the others are so bad they make him look good!!

  38. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I can only conclude that sky are not monitoring the comments in this forum, as Reynolds is still in a job this evening. I hope to god its just a one-year contract. Still, the cowboys are on the march at least.

  39. neil of newark (notts) neil of newark (notts)

    I have watched NFL on sky for over 10 years. I have always liked Nick Halling’s presentation and was wondering why he was not presenting this year. Now I can see that Nick or Sky have decided his efforts are best elsewhere. Sky/Nick you are wrong on this, Kevin Caddle is great, Cecil adds to the show, but no Nick working with with Kevin, the show is just flat. The curent line up is to too mundane, there is no spark and witty banter. The banter is needed, Kevin and Nick packed it in, NFL is a good game to watch but requires energetic presentation to make the times away from the field work. The energy has gone. Nick please come back to Sky NFL.

  40. Mark Mark

    I found Halling rather annoying to be honest. He knew his stuff, but certainly liked to make his point over and over again. I though, ANY of their regular contributors would be a better fit so long as they didn’t get the charisma-bypassed Neil Reynolds. Sure enough…

    I can’t believe they haven’t poached Mike Carlson. He has to be THE most respected NFL pundit on British TV.

  41. augie augie

    Have to pretty much agree with everything cowboymagic has said…..nick was a star but reynolds is absolute tripe and those two guys on with them last sunday were absolute crap. Tbh I have also never “got” this love in for carlson who for me is an arrogant sod who thinks he is god almighty and talks down to his co-presenter and viewers alike. Also have to say that I am a big cadle fan too – the guy may well make the occasional screw up but his sense of humour and great on screen partnership worked excellently and I really want to see them united again

  42. Robin Ball Robin Ball

    What made Nick Halling so good with the NFL coverage was that he spoke like a real British fan. He knew lots of stats and history, but left the serious technical analytical stuff to the likes of Cecil Martin, Jeff Reinebold etc… He was to use the American vernacular a great “Colour commentator”

  43. Stevie M. Stevie M.

    I will not say anything negative about individual personalities or abilities because they are all doing their best and big Kevin is a good half of the double act, but!? what were Sky thing about when they let Nick go. I compare the situation to a recipe without seasoning, a cup of tea without a biscuit, Laural without hardy, my beloved Dolphins without the young Marino. Yes sure things will carry on regardless and the coverage of NFL will be as good as ever, but its not just the same. The circle is not complete. there is a link missing from the chain. A word to Sky – remove the head from the orifice and bring Nick Halling back.

  44. Freeloader99 Freeloader99

    I agree with most, after watching the NFL on Sunday I wondered where they dragged those 3 experts in from! No charisma at all and Reynolds is a slime ball. Thanks god for the mute button!!

  45. longtime 9er longtime 9er

    Nick will be very missed by most. But the best I can say about Neil Reynolds is that he’s obviously cheap and available …. even Nicky Horne would be more welcome

  46. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    @neilmonnery…a tad OTT? moi? Whilst you, on the other hand, have the nerve to state that Neil Reynolds could be a star in the future. This is the problem with intelligent people, you think too much. It’s people like you that bring in people like Reynolds. Methinks youre spreading your knowledge too thinly.Don’t sit on the fence. Halling is the master, Reynold’s cleans the apprentice’s boots.

  47. Mike Bridges Mike Bridges

    Is there any particular reason for doin the broadcast of games this way in the UK? Maybe have the guys talk a little about the upcoming game, particulary the 2 teams playing? Then have adverts during timeouts and breaks then come back at halftime and talk about the game and show highlights of the other games. It seems sometimes everyone around the table struggling to find things to talk about, maybe they even get bored…KC looks and sounds bored sometimes. Besides he’s a Basketball man lol. If there is an opening now to replace NH I’d love to lol. I did radio play-by-play for a High School in Oklahoma and I war a game commentator for a BAFL team here in the UK and even did the same for a Britbowl weekend. Carlson is very smart and does his homework covering the teams playing and he studies things taking place in the whole league but, he has a lot of miss timed humour. I just think Sky should look at shaking up what they are doing, however change for the sake of change would ae wrong but, not here. They need to livin things up. ESPN may outbid Sky one day for the rights to do all the NFL games. The 2 guests tonight are involved with the London Warriors in the British League.

  48. Liam (Hail Skins) Liam (Hail Skins)

    Reynolds is annoying. Cadle is a loveable f§ck up and had good chemistry with Halling. Thought Nick did a good job…shame to see him go.

    Did it even get mentioned on air? Did they do a best of?

  49. Andy Andy

    I was never that keen on Nick but he is far and away better than his replacement (don’t even want to write his name). Kevin is great. Sky sort it out and get rid of reyn….
    On boxing nick is almost as poor as jim watt. Bring back darke

  50. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Man you really have issues…

    Neil Reynolds isn’t perfect but I think you are being just a tad OTT…

  51. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I cant wait for tonight’s Channel 4 game, Kelly’s overweight enthusiasm, Carlson shooting from the lip, and not a Neil Reynolds in sight. …and relax.

  52. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Earth calling Halling, come in Halling.

  53. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I agree that Danny Kelly is an eejit, but at least he brings energy, and something to look forward to during breaks in play. Listening to Reynolds the squark give those score updates is more monotonous than a Sunday afternoon in TK Max.

  54. Buccslady Buccslady

    3 weeks in and still I can’t get used to no Nick Halling! He and Kevin had the right chemistry to keep the “between plays” interesting with their banter!
    I suppose we’ll just have to concentrate on the actual games…..still it’s better coverage than Channel 4, poor Mike Carlson has to put up with that “eejit” Kelly for a sidekick!!!!!!

  55. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Don’t be surprised Eric. The problem with the internet is that everyone has an opinion.

  56. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I really miss Halling (sob)

  57. EricMetcalf EricMetcalf

    Surprised by the criticism of Nick Halling. He gave the programme authority, and made it flow. Cecil and others are ok, but they sound disjointed and, without Nick, they place a greater burden on Kevin Cadle, who can’t really command the show. Nothing against Reynolds – I hope it happens for him – but there’s something sorely lacking without Halling. And I’m a Browns fan.

  58. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I should also point out that I hired Kevin Cadle to give a motivational talk to my 2 kids. It was only £50 and was well worth it. Wonder if I can hire Squarky for their birthday party coming up soon. Afterall, they fall about laughing whenever they hear his voice.

  59. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    By the way, Cadle is a presenter, he’s not supposed to have such in-depth knowledge and insights. Did Des Lynham have that? Steve Ryder? David Vine? Dickie Davis? Bob “Bloody” Wilson? Of course not. Cadle is cool, his drawl is listenable, he’s got presence, and he’s done alot for American sports in Britain. “Squark” Reynolds has played 50-a-side contact football in a carpark.

  60. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    In other words, in Neil Reynolds world, it’s all Neil Reynolds all of the time. So Nick, what about last year’s Superbowl? “Oh yeah, I remember my brother came around, and at halftime we had a game of catch in the back garden” Neil Reynolds has long since outed his depth.

  61. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Did you notice the looks on the other presenters faces when Neil “Squark” Edwards recounted his story about playing football in the Wembley carpark? Dork central.

  62. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Thanks for all the comments guys.

    I wasn’t a huge Nick Halling guy but it just worked I thought him on NFL. Neil Reynolds knows his stuff but doesn’t have the charisma as yet to pull it off. If he could translate his knowledge into TV prowess then he could be a star.

    I think Sky needs that Cecil Martin or Jeff Reinbold type personality to really gel the show and hold it all together.

  63. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Any one of Jedward would make for better watching than (and in particular, listening) than Neil “The Squark” Reynolds.

  64. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    Let’s call a spade a apade when it’s a spade shall we? Neil Reynolds is as dull as dishwater. Anyone who’s says otherwise simply has no clue what sports presenting is all about. Halling was smart enough to put on the style of an American presenter, with a lively delivery, he brought energy, excitement and humour to the coverage. Listening to Reynold’s anodine squark is even worse than Gary Neville, who has killed Sky’s football coverage. I’m afraid this is gonna be the way in the future folks; dull presenters being hired to avoid controversy. They have nothing to say, and what’s more, they can’t even talk properly. Halling was the Pavorotti of Sports TV, Reynolds, Neville et al come across like orville the duck.

  65. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    I’m lovin’ that guy’s mini hitler moustache on the panel tonight. But is that the best that Sky can do to make up for Halling’s departure?

  66. cowboymagic cowboymagic

    我想 Nick Halling 很好的。 Nick 比 Mike Carlson 一点好。

  67. Grffz Grffz

    well done sky! A nick free Sunday NFL night is something I’ve wished for. My TV was always in danger of having a foot put through it when his face appeared.

    That punch-drunk stutter should serve him well…

  68. Welsh Cheese Welsh Cheese

    Nick was Sunday night football, boxing give me a break , bring him back asap.

  69. I’m really sad to hear this! I wish Cadle had left instead – I can’t stand his wooden presenting style.

  70. stonehenge stonehenge

    Many years ago Kevin Cadle used to be involved in basketball in the UK as a Coach where he made his name in the sport as he couldn’t hack it in the USA and who just happend to morph into a TV presenter.

    He was incredibly rude to table officials and sometimes referees in the National Basketball League and thought himself above everyone else.

  71. english morris english morris

    I can’t believe that he’s gone we need him back Neil is boring as hell despite his knowledge. I hope that SKY see sense and bring him back other wise the links will be just as crap as channel 4’s coverage.

  72. Kevin Kevin

    Shame Nick has gone, miss his enthusiasm and banter. Cecil is great but as he is only on for a few of the weeks this year its not going to be the same.

  73. Jim Edwards Jim Edwards

    It just isn’t the same without Nick. He did know his stuff and the Steeler stuff just showed his enthusiasm for the game – don’t think he ever took it too far.

    It’s a pity there isn’t an alternative live broadcast to the early Sunday games…

  74. Stevie O Stevie O

    Nick was solid if a touch predictable, Mike Carlson just lacks charisma. Jeff Reinbold always the best (or is that Reinebold – Mr Wikipedia can’t decide?), charismatic, witty and extremely knowledgeable. Go get him in Sky.

  75. Rupert Bear Rupert Bear

    I’m delighted Halling is no longer on Sky’s NFL show, he was always butting in with his Steelers rhetoric, the man was useless, a very poor journalist, they are supposed to show impartiality, what other analysists or TV presenters openly abuse the system of showing their true colours to a particular team week in week out on a reputable TV station, very bad form, glad he’s frocked off.
    Thanks to SKY, Cecil Martin and Neil Reynolds will be brilliant every Sunday this season.

  76. Martin Boucher Martin Boucher

    For us, Kev and Nick were an essential part of Sunday night NFL on sky. His analysis was superb and the chemistry between him and Kev was evident. Come back Nick pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  77. Wykey Wykey

    Great shame Halling’s left NFL – Darke’s dreadful at football, but very very good at boxing (Psycho Rawling is tremendous at it all to be frank).

    Never been bothered by a Steeler’s bias, in truth, I like people to be honest and to get stuck in behind their team (as long as it doesn’t bring false reporting or misrepresentation – I don’t think Halling EVER did that).

    Carlson and Cecil are always a good listen, as was Rod Woodson when he was around, might be switching to the BBC R5 extra comms team for the near future, they’re coming along nicely.

  78. rick kelley rick kelley

    i’m a born and raised bostonian and NFL fan who recently relocated to Ireland. Nick was the only tollerable personality on Sky’s NFL coverage. I’m disappointed he’s no longer there, even if he was a Steeler fan.

  79. Hoot Hoot

    Now, if only we can get Cadle to move on!!!

  80. Logan Logan

    My first reaction to Nick Halling leaving was that it would be a disaster. I love Cecil’s passion and inside knowledge, I love the way Kevin tries so hard to do a good job but is clearly waaaaaaaaay out of his depth, and I loved Nick’s dry sense of humour and ability to conjure up obscure facts.

    However, having watched both games this Sunday, I think Neil Reynolds is doing a good job stepping into Nick’s shoes. He’s earnest, knowledgeable and not afraid to state an opinion instead of sitting on the fence.

    Nick WILL be missed by me, but Neil is showing signs of being able to fill his shoes.

  81. Stuart Stuart

    Regarding Halling’s overall knowledge, he undoubtedly has some. Whether he was fed or prepared notes himself is of little interest to me. The great Rugby commentator Bill McLaren used to make his own factual notes prior to any game.

    It was Halling’s in-game observations and bias that I found most annoying.

    I too would rather listen to Mike Carlson, but since he has other commitments I’ll just be grateful to have Halling off the Sky NFL coverage. I am actually enjoying it much more as a result.

  82. Dave Dave

    I am so much more excited to watch NFL on Sky now that Nick has left. It got to the point where over the last two seasons, I would actually mute the TV during breaks so I would not have to listen to him. He brought absolutely nothing new or insightful to the conversation, and was clearly being fed facts and lines (not like this isn’t done for American broadcasters, but they have their own knowledge and opinions to add to each comment). I am still no fan of Kevin Cadle, but at least now I can keep my finger off the mute button…

  83. Pete Bryant Pete Bryant

    Mike Carlson may be an expert, but he is dull and lifeless, as well as a smug pussy. Nick Halling was warm and funny, and a hundred times more entertaining. Who could prefer Carlson??? So boring. Bring back Nick. He’ll be back by Xmas. Fingers crossed.

  84. Daz Daz

    sad times. Nick and Kev were a great team presenting the NFL for as long as I can remember. Cecil Martin is always a great addition to the commentary but Nick will be missed, especially when doing the score round-up and his enthusiasm for the steelers.

  85. For fcuk sake BRING BACK NICK , Himself and Kevin were the show and he WILL BE MISSED , Regards HAILSKINS

  86. T-Total T-Total

    I will miss Halling, but I won’t miss Mark Bolton…as he did not particularly add anything. I was getting bored of Spanish Football, and he was not enhancing it. Scott Minto however, it not an improvement, but is a change I suppose… He certainly is no Lineker….

  87. milkinsmagic milkinsmagic

    I 4-1 am glad halling has moved on. Not only was he a particularly dull scummer (and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition) but he was an even duller Steeler booster.

    I 4-1 would like to see Mike Carlson back on Sky as well as keeping his C4 gig.

    Let’s Go Lions!

  88. lee lee

    im gutted, thought he was on his hols or summat. and darkes left the boxing? sky really struggling with top presenters. except fer the cricket of course. come back please nick.

  89. me and my friends feel this is a huge loss
    sundays nfl games wont be the same without nick.

    sky bring him back he is the uk’s number 1 nfl commentator

  90. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    As I said in the blog I liked Nick on the NFL but not much else. He’s no Mike Carlson but we can’t only have Mike Carlson’s.

  91. cliff mcnish cliff mcnish

    I think Nick Halling was a superb analyst of football. He had a seamless memory for players, and could sum up a game in progress extraordinarily fast and even with humour. SKF have tried a number of other guys with him over the years, but he’s easily the best analyst they had.

  92. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    I agree Mike Carlson is far superior but he is clearly not a Sky man. Look at how Sky treated Mark Bolton. Mike Carlson has a nice niche on the Sunday Night game.

  93. Duderjw Duderjw

    Thank heaven he’s gone is all I can say. He ruined the coverage of NFL for me with his inane comments based on who he knew in the game and how much irrelevant material he could impart.

    If only they’d employ Mike Carlson for proper tactical analysis, I’d be happy.

    Scummer = A derogatory term Portsmouth fans have for Southampton fans and is not meant as a personal insult.

  94. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Sky let Darke go because he had a chance to make a lot of money elsewhere and really ramp up his career. Darke is the voice of football in the States and gets all the big games whereas over here he was never going to knock off Martin Tyler from the top job.

    Obviously he was #1 at Sky for Boxing so to leave that was a blow but he can work freelance for boxing on Sky as long as it doesn’t interfere with his ESPN Football work in the States although Sky do not plan on having him call the biggest fights any more.

  95. I agree with you. Nick Halling will be missed on Sky’s NFL coverage and although he is now covering boxing on the same channel he is no match for Ian Darke for boxing as well as football. I can’t believe Sky let Darke go,

  96. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Oh he’s a Scummer through and through. Big Southampton fan.

  97. Glyn Glyn

    well I agree Nick Halling will be sdaly missed by me from the NFL he really did help make it flow I hope he’s happy within the boxing world and has a lot of success

    but he wasnt a Scummer that’s plain wrong…he was a true Steeler cant fault him for that.

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