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The Police, The Media and The Public. All desperate to convict without due process.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Chris Jefferies, Rebecca Leighton are all just names but also people whose livelyhood’s have been tarnished, tried in the court of the media and public opinion and had their freedom taken away from them for some time. All of these people will never face trial and a jury because there was never enough evidence against them to warrant such a thing.

People in this country (and others but I can speak primarily for this country) want justice for those crossed but half the time they don’t give two hoots how justice is gained and if it means that innocent people lose their freedom then who gives a damn. There is a form of blood-lust and pack mentality that is growing by the year. Maybe I just feel it more as I grow older but the people of this country seem prepared to believe what they are told more often than they used to and are not willing to challenge what the powers that be are saying.

The powers that be are of course the media. The media told us Chris Jefferies was a weirdo who did the crime and killed Joanna Yates. It was all sorted by the media. No need for the police to come in with their so called evidence. He was arrested and some of his ex-pupils called him a weirdo and jobs a good ‘un but wait a minute. Hold your horses. When the police delved further into the crime it turns out that he wasn’t the killer. The media were wrong and they couldn’t give a rats arse. They wanted justice because the public wanted the killer to face court. The fact that the media’s first hunch was wrong is neither here nor there.

Next we get to the nurse who has spent 42 days in jail on remand for the murders of patients at a hospital where she worked. Rebecca Leighton was arrested solely on the strength that her fingerprints were on a saline drip. Only problem being that the saline drip her fingerprints were on wasn’t tempered with. Bit of a cock-up eh police? However we all knew she was guilty when she was arrested because the media splashed pictures of her at a club and drinking alcohol. We all know that every nurse in the country who truly cares about patients go straight home after their shift to read more nursing books and to pray. This evil woman went out and had a good time in her spare time so she was without a doubt a cold-blooded evil killer.

What horse expletive.

DSK may or may not have been guilty but if you speak to 90% of women they will tell you he was in fact guilty and they don’t need any evidence to back it up. The media were a tad more ginger with that story because it wasn’t a UK based one so it wasn’t pushing the buttons of your average British newspaper reader and buyer but when it comes to a story us Brits care about them boom. Had anyone ever been arrested for the Madeline McCann kidnapping a few years ago then I am betting within a day we’d know every single thing about this person and the media would paint this person as guilty even before the police had questioned him.

The print media frenzy over reporting criminal cases that haven’t even reached trial yet is for one one of the most disgusting things about this country and it is getting worse I am sure of it. If I was arrested for any serious crime that had got the country talking then I’m sure every photo of me that had ever been taken would be in a media newsroom and every person I have ever been in contact with will have been contacted by the print media and anyone that said anything bad of me would be quoted at length.

I hate our rush to judge culture. Let the criminal system play out and then report the situation. Yes court proceedings are open and you can report on them but speculating about a person when they haven’t even been charged is just plain old character assassination. I hope the young nurse sues all the media and takes them to the cleaners. One day they’ll stop rushing to judge but sadly that day will only come when the people of the UK do the same and I’m not sure that day is going to come any time soon.

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  1. terry walsh terry walsh

    the other part that is frightening is how after the prosecution did there bit, there was no bail set for rebecca leighton? tag her,put a curfew on her,make her sign in at a police station every day, but no, they send her there for six weeks which im guessing would have been a lifetime for her..GUILTY UNTILL PROVEN INNOCENT im sure its supposed to be the other way round, yet you get these prostitute using keepers of our liberty feely hurting someone so bad that who knows if she will ever be the person she was before, and what damning evidence it must have been to justify she has to spend time in prison untill they feel they have had a laugh and can say to her “ha,ha,got you there love, only joking” i know personally about being totally let down by the courts and i cant describe what i lost through it exept to say i dont want to wake up in the morning ever..hopefully she can get compensated for there six week jape, but like myself,there will never be any type of investigation as to why? i would love to get answers for my situation, it wont replace anything but doing what they did to myself is in so many ways a crime- against sum up, i am able to write this because i am on medication,before that i was inside my own head and i mean ‘inside my own head’ and its fucking frightening,unless anyone understands what i mean it might sound dramatic and over the top-its pure situation is very different from rebecca leighton but exactly the same in no protection from the justice system and if she is having any of the life changing nightmares as myself, i hope she never gets the same idea of how to stop it.

  2. terry walsh terry walsh

    i am sick of being sick(damned) about the level of harm these 2-faced shithouses on the press are allowed to publically stir the ready and waiting bandwagoneers who allways have a overnight bag packed for these occasions.and i dont know for sure but most of the editors will have had a high education gaining relevant degrees to why is it they spend so much time clearly writing for the sheep, the brainless multitude that will tell you,”its true, i read it in the papers”, the dangerous majority that even the government have relied on for what do you call a person with honours and degrees that writes like a retarded anti social that would pick a name from a phonebook and enjoy making their lives a misery, that has so much power it really is a crime i think that this fucking government more so blair and brown really dont give a toss because its not trhere bubbles being burst.if say ,rebecca leighton had committed suicide while banged up,and just as the case was thrown out, would they feel anything? this is about the way the media is used by the press and its so fucking wrong i would spend my life hunting the ones resoponsible for printing what they do if it was directed at any family or friends of mine and i would do time for them..scum evil bastards..

  3. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    I do indeed. My apologies. My memory failed me and have amended the post.

    It really pisses me off though that the media do this. Let’s just let the case play out.

  4. Hywel Morgan Hywel Morgan

    Don’t you mean Chris Jefferies not Vincent Tabak?

    Tabak is still awaiting trial later this year.

    Similar thing happened with the first arrest over the Ipswich prostitute murders. I remember SKy telling us the “essential” fact of how much he had paid for his house two years earlier as their chopper was hovering overhead.

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