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Louise Mensch MP once took drugs and has admitted it – good for her

A quick blogpost to give props to Louise Mensch MP who has shown how to deal with the media head-on. Miss Mensch was on the Select Committee who questioned the Murdoch’s last week and within a few days she was e-mailed to say that an investigative reporter was digging into her past and had found some things that might well make good tabloid material. Instead of getting an injunction or denying the allegations she just answered them. You can read her thoughts over here.

So whoop-die do a twenty-something took drugs. I couldn’t give a rat’s arse and nor could most people. There will be some older people and some even within her own party that will find this aberrant and a disgrace but you know what – those people should shut the hell up. People do drugs and certainly young people do. Just because they do drugs one day doesn’t make them a druggie and doesn’t mean that they can’t become not just functional members of society but also ones to aspire to.

As for why she was sacked from a previous position she said why and people get fired for that sort of thing all the time. As for characters in Tv shows/Books etc… they are often at least loosely based on someone the scriptwriter or author knows. That is just the way it is. Big deal. No story here…

If this is how politics is going that politicians are happy to be up front about their past and maybe to some degrees their personal lives and it does nothing to dent their standing then that is a great thing for both politicians and for the public. We are all human and we all have a past or a private life that isn’t the perfect 2.4children upbringing in the suburbs. There are what 650 MPs currently and how many of them are perfect and have nothing in their past that could be seen as scandalous by at least a small minority of the population? Yep that’s right zero percent.

So well done to Louise Mensch. Some people may not like her but boy you have to respect her openness and honesty. It might work well with the electorate (and it should) but it probably won’t sit well with the party who won’t like admitted drug users in their ranks but sod them. I want my politicians to be both real people and open and that is something that no-one can lambast this MP over that she isn’t either of them.

While there are some obvious physical effects that one can see on a heroin or meth addict, no one really knows how to tell if someone is on drugs just by looking at them because of the lack or absence of physical symptoms.

Good work Louise. Keep it up.

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