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Rebekah Brooks’ job is safe – as long as she doesn’t go down

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Rebekah Brooks will not be fired by Rupert Murdoch unless she is charged and subsequently found guilty of perverting the course of justice. That is the only way that she’ll lose her job at head of News International. Rupert Murdoch is said to be backing her 100% according to sources and that is no surprise. This is the woman who pursueded Murdoch to ditch his support of Labour for the Tories believing that Gordon Brown was done and that they wanted to be seen to be supporting only winners and not losers.

Whilst it is not clear just how much direct influence Brooks had in this whole affair there is no way that Murdoch will pull the trigger on signing off her p45. Murdoch and Brooks have spoken according to BBC’s Robert Peston and the first woman of the British media industry is under no pressure to resign and Rupert is sitting back and will let nature take it’s course.

I have noticed a campaign on twitter about this and I shall address it in another blog post to stop buying his products and stop buying from companies that advertise in the News of the World. Sometimes I despair at human kind I really do. However this is for another blog post. This one is to say that Rebekah Brooks is safe as long as the police don’t find that she had direct knowledge of the situation. If she did well then that is another matter altogether but for now she’s dirty but not dirty enough for Rupert to wash his hands of her.

As for David Cameron I bet he regrets hiring Andy Coulson but I’m also positive he is delighted that he is already gone. If he had still been in his position now then boy the pressure would be on.

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