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Local Lib Dem activist dies after dinghy accident

It is with sadness that I can now confirm that the man pulled from a capsized dinghy off Chalkwell was 78 year-old local Lib Dem activist Michael Woolcott.

Mr Woolcott died in hospital having failed to regain conciousness after being dragged from the sea by a passing jogger. The 78 year-old had been active on the local political scene for quite some time and had stood in numerous council elections as well as canvassing for other council candidates and parliamentary candidates.

As someone new to the local Lib Dem scene I personally did not know him but e-mail I have received today show him to have been a man of extremely good character and one that will be missed. If any local Lib Dems to the Southend area want to share their thoughts on Michael then please leave a comment or e-mail me using the e-mail link at the top of the right-hand column.

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