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Bahrain Grand Prix is off – end – well until next year – maybe

So for once FOTA seem to be the good guys. They decided earlier in the week that the decision to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix was not a good one and effectively forced the hand of the FIA and the race is now off again and will not happen this year.

The 2012 race is still on the provisional calendar but that is obviously not set in concrete. The whole situation in the country will you would have thought had to completely die down either way or the other (hopefully in the favour of the arab spring winning out).

My main issue though is what on earth drove the FIA to reinstate the race in the first place? I know the answer is money but there are more important things than money out there and one of those things is doing the right thing. It was never the right thing to go to Bahrain in this climate for any party except the Bahraini government.

The safety of all the F1 personal could certainly not be guaranteed and without a doubt the government would have had an insane clampdown on the arab spring before the race to ensure that when the world was watching they wouldn’t see what was really going on.

The FIA come out of this looking like money-grabbing tossers whilst FOTA come out looking like a sensible group of people – which isn’t always the case. I love F1 but when it starts putting the pursuit of money over people’s safety both inside and outside F1 and doing the right thing then I quietly shake my head is disbelief.

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