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Google wants us all to have lots of sex and make babies – Fact

Not the most standard of blog post headlines I’ll concede but the evidence is out there.

Yesterday whilst laying in bed busy a lazy so n so watching the cricket an advert for google chrome came on. The advert is below:

Now the advert didn’t make me want to go and download google chrome. Not one jot. So there must be another meaning behind the advert and the only thing that I can think of is tat it will make people want to have kids. Even the most hardened of souls who don’t ever wants kids will be thinking about it after watching that. My favourite teacher of little ones tweeted last night that she cried at the advert and whilst I didn’t cry per se I will say a tear formed.

The US version is below (slightly more of a tearjerker)

I quite simply cannot imagine how a parent could ever feel being in a position where their offspring is lying in a hospital bed and there is nothing you can do. The feeling where you would do anything in the world to make the pain and suffering go away for your loved one but there is nothing whatsoever that you can do. That must be the most terrible feeling a person on this planet can ever feel and that emotion certainly comes through in a brief instant in the American version.

I’m not sure what the adverts intentions were but all it did was make me think about being a parent – and I’m not sure that was exactly the message they were going for but if it was – then they have done a very powerful job.

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