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A diet of only Monster Munch, Yorkshire Pudding’s or Marmite?

Whilst most Lib Dem bloggers are (rightly) busying themselves with blogs about the need for the police to have all party conference goers personal details to decide whether or not they should be allowed in, I’ve been reading about this insane article in The Sun where three people have a diet that consist of one single food.

Now that might be weird on its own but here were my initial thoughts. Firstly that the woman who eats only Monster Munch is quite tasty and secondly considering how shit all of their diets are then doesn’t their skin looking remarkably clear of spots and grease?

Maybe I look into these things too much. However how can a person put themselves through this? I know beef flavoured Monster Munch are nce but really is three bags a day and only that day in, day out for over ten years healthy? She said she ate properly during her pregnancy but then fell back into the habit afterwards. Why? We all like Yorkshire Puds (well when I say all – I mean erm…all) but only Yorkshire’s since he was 12? Marmite is fine and dandy but just marmite? Honestly?

Sometimes you get the feeling these stories are faked…certainly the with how great the skin is on all of them. Am I obsessed by just how perfect their skin is? Maybe don’t answer that…

I shall end with this. 20 year-old JoJo from just up the road in Colchester said, “Although I’m single now, I managed to date a boyfriend for a year without him discovering what I ate.” Firstly how on Earth did he not notice for a year that all she ate was marmite and secondly how on Earth did he not notice that all she ate was marmite? I know I said it twice but I felt it was such a major point it deserved to be said twice (joke courtesy of Red Dwarf running gag Series VI).

*shakes his head*

Oh and yes the Lib Dem Conference rules on ID are about are a disgrace. Looks like I won’t be going… I may blog on that later but there are many fine blogs on that and no-one wants to read another liberal’s view on what is going on…well not just yet anyway and look – Monster Munch!

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