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ID cards? You what coalition government? Come again…? I thought we’d all decided they were a naff idea.

Over in the Technology section of The Telegraph the headline story is one sure to repulse the majority of this nation. As a country we pretty much said rather loudly that we hated the ID Card scheme and we rejoiced when the coalition agreement took one look at it and chuckled before consigning it to history in May 2010. Twelve months on though and they are working behind the scenes to bring in a new ID Card system that the government themselves won’t police but a small number of private firms will – yes folks that is exactly what people want – yugh.

The headline Coalition builds new national identity system sends a shiver down my spine. Francis Maude is the Cabinet Office minister responsible for the cross-government plan and he has dubbed it ‘identity assurance’. Well Francis I can certainly say I’m placated by using a new term. I’m so thick that’ll wash with me as laud your most excellent proposals. It isn’t an ID Card scheme but we’ll all have one central ID login – like say an ID Card – that if fraudsters managed to get hold off instead of screwing us over for one thing, they can screw us over for everything.

There is a reason we don’t have passwords the same for any websites and there is a reason we have separate logins for everything we do. It is called security and if you want to by-pass that to save a few quid then you sir are a numpty. However you cannot take the full blame here as birthday boy George Osbourne thinks that it is a swell idea. Shouldn’t he be concentrating on more important things and does he really think that this will soften the blow of spending cuts? Yeah that is what he said folks. The people of this country will think that thank fuck there will be less police officers on the street when you have a nice central system that would be like a gold mine to fraudsters. We’ll whoop and holler in the street and chant George Osbourne’s name. We might even overthrow the Monarchy to install George Osbourne as President for he is so wise.

What’s that? I’m sounding like I’m taking the mickey? Oh…

National Identity Schemes are bad. The system that Labour proposed was downright dangerous. This system from what little we know might not be as dangerous but looks like it might not be too far off. The people of this country do not want a National Identity Scheme and that is clear. Neither the Tories or the Lib Dems had any type of scheme in their manifesto pledges so if this one sees the light of day then I’ll be extremely disappointed, not wait, scratch that, I’ll be disgusted with the powers that be in this government. Do not poo poo an idea and then quietly do something very similar twelve months down the line. The country hasn’t changed in twelve months so why has policy?

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