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How to ruin your public image by an unnamed footballer

So a famous footballer in the Premier League had a six-month long affair with a Big Brother star called Imogen Thomas. Now in the context of what footballers get up to it isn’t even a scandal. The tabloid media would have a bit of a frenzy for a couple of days and the situation would die down. The public wouldn’t really care as having an affair isn’t a big deal in this day and age – whether you are famous or just an average Joe.

However the footballer in question decided that he didn’t want this story to come out. Fair enough in one way as he had a family whom he didn’t want to suffer. He didn’t think about that whilst screwing the Big Brother contestant senseless for months but that is not the point as we all know. He is famous so he believed he could have his cake and eat it.

So he got a superinjunction. The newspapers couldn’t report a thing. He got away with the affair and his wife was none the wiser. He could carry on with his life with no repercussions. Perfect. However something happened – the story got leaked. People on twitter talked openly about it and they talking about seemingly the right person. The footballer in question hasn’t publicly denied it and that speaks volumes.

So what does he do next? He sues twitter for breaking the superinjunction. Yes seriously. Considering only a small percentage of the country uses twitter his name still wasn’t really in the public domain but by bringing attention to the situation it has caused the casual observer to ask around and find out how it is. The name is now very much out there and they aren’t talking about the affair as no-one cares but they are talking about the superinjunction and the decision to sue twitter.

People are saying how incredibly dumb he is to sue twitter and it would be very interesting to see how it all pans out. By starting legal proceedings all he has done is confirm that it is him who has taken out the superinjunction. If it wasn’t him who people were discussing on twitter then why sue?

Had the story come out there and then weeks ago it would have blown over by now but all he has been successful in doing is drag his misery out. He wanted to protect his privacy but instead he has allowed the public to make a mockery of his privacy. Whoever his lawyers are must be rubbing their hands in glee. He has an extremely long road to win in court and yet the longer the situation drags on the worse he looks in the eyes of the public.

Football having an affair is a short-term non-story. Football suing Social Media for telling truths about him is a long-term legit news story.

Who said footballers had nothing between their ears?

Note: There is some conjecture over whether this was a regular injunction or the fabled ‘superinjunction’. Either/or the point remains the same but if it is just a regular injunction then apologies for the inaccuracy.

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