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Howard Webb set for Manchester United v Chelsea call

As the Daily Mail put it, ‘Howard Webb is set to be revealed as the controversial choice to take charge of Sunday’s potential title decider between Manchester United and Chelsea.’ However as we all know the Daily Mail are idiots so lets look at the claim that it is a controversial choice.

Last year Howard Webb refereed both the Champions League Final and the World Cup Final. Therefore he is widely considered clearly to be one of the very best officials in the game. He was England’s representative at the tournament and clearly has done a good job on both his big occasions. Yes some might say he let a bit too much go in the World Cup Final but still it wasn’t an awful performance. His display in the Champions League Final was spot on.

So having the perceived best or at least one of the best refs handle the biggest domestic game of the season is controversial? Are you kidding me Daily Mail? Do they know what controversial actually means? Who else was going to get the game? Can the FA find a ref who hasn’t pissed off Fergie at some point?

It was as clear as day that Howard Webb would get this appointment. It’s not controversial, it’s just the right thing to do. Webb has not been given nearly as many big games this season as they have spread it around but this is the biggest domestic game of the season and therefore it is a bit of a no brainer to put the #1 guy in there.

Sometimes I despair. I really do.

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