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The Roman Catholic church don’t mind Robert Mugabe. Apparently being a Roman Catholic is more important than being a good person.

Whilst flicking through my blog list earlier I came across this blog by Danier Furr entitled Vatican endorsement for dictatorship and mass┬ámurder and thought this isn’t going to end well. I clicked on the link and a small amount of sick burnt the back of my throat.

I agree that the church and politics should stand apart but this isn’t politics – this is a racist mass-murderer that we are talking about. This isn’t policy over taxes or free school meals this is a racist mass-murderer we are talking about. This isn’t a row over tuition fees this is a racist mass-murderer that we are talking about. This isn’t a discussion over whether NHS prescriptions should be free for all this is a racist mass-murderer that we are talking about. Ok I think I’ve gotten my point across.

It sickens me that just because he is Roman Catholic the church will turn a blind eye to what a despicable man he is. There is a difference between coveting thy neighbours wife and killing thousands of innocent people in a purge. I haven’t read the bible recently but I’m pretty sure mass-murder doesn’t get the thumbs up from the book. In fact I think it is frowned upon quite strongly.

Surely the most important thing for those in the church is to be a good person. Robert Mugabe is not a good person therefore he shouldn’t be a member of the church let alone be actively invited to important events. This just shows us all that the Roman Catholic church at times doesn’t practice what they preach.

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