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Day: March 29, 2011

The Hitler House – Exclusive: Daily Mail Newsroom is smoking some heavy stuff

If someone retweets a link on Twitter I think I’m more likely than most to click on it. If someone retweets a link saying that it is the best thing that I’ll read today then it is a no brainer. I hovered over the link and saw it was from the Daily Mail so I knew it had to be whack but what I clicked on even surprised me.

Yes a story about a semi-detached house in Swansea looking like Adolf Hitler. Really. Sometimes you just have to wonder what is going on in the minds of bored journalists desperate for a filler story in a newsroom late one evening. I doubt any of the journalists discovered the semi themselves so some bored eejit will have e-mailed it in saying ‘look at this bored Daily Mail journalists – isn’t this semi a spitting image of Adolf Hitler?’ and said bored journos have thought ‘blimey that’s an easy filler story that we can knock out in ten minutes and then kick back and relax instead of doing some proper interesting journalism that might enrich the newspaper and stop our soul degrading even further.’

And yet even worse than the story. I’m blogging about it. Seriously what am I doing? I suppose I’m just trying to point out that this might just be the most bizarre and pointless story I have ever read in a newspaper. I know there have been ‘Jesus in my Beer Froth’ articles but any Jesus story has some credence because so many idiots believe it but a house looking like Hitler. Honestly who cares? Has the house taken on the personality of Hitler and in persecuting jews and invading the rest of the street but knocking down its own rooms and evicting the neighbours with poisoned gas? If so that might be quite a story. As it happens it’s absolute codswallop.

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