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Ed Miliband likens #ukuncut to the struggles of Women, Civil Rights and Apartheid – Just wow.

Sometimes you are just left speechless.

Ed Miliband spoke to the #ukuncut rally at Hyde Park today and talk about scoring an own goal. Cuts are clearly not fun and they are causing real strife for real people but sometimes you have to know what real struggle is and comparing the this to the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights Movement in the US and South Africa under apartheid is not fair nor is it right.

I haven’t watched most of the coverage today as I had Cricket, Football and F1 to catch up on so I didn’t even load up twitter until after I’d watched qualifying. Therefore I don’t know what people were saying on there but having seen that video my respect for Ed Miliband has died just a little bit more.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How Labour managed to screw up their leadership election I’ll never know. It is like when you are going for a job and you just decide a candidate is too good to be true so go for someone else. David Miliband was that candidate. He had everything, was in one of the most important jobs in the cabinet as Foreign Secretary and was seen by the electorate and within the party as the man furthest away from the Gordon Brown inner-circle. He was the obvious choice but the unions decided he wasn’t their man and therefore he didn’t get the gig.

Ed Miliband may well be a very nice bloke but when the public who by and large hate Nick Clegg still prefer him to you then you have an issue. You should be extremely popular. The leader of the main party of opposition who are opposing nasty public sector cuts and still you aren’t liked and then you go and liken the United Kingdom in 2011 to South Africa in the later part of the last century, the Civil Rights movement in the States and the worldwide struggle for women to get the vote. How dare he.

I know it sounds like I really dislike him as a politician but I don’t. I just think he’s woefully out of his depth and the country as a whole needs a strong opposition leader but we just don’t have it at the moment.

I’m still shaking my head at that video and soundbite…

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  1. fred fred

    That was the TUC demo – not UK UNCUT

    400 000 + makes it one of the UKs biggest demos

    • TUC and Met both say 250,000 so where did you get 400,000 from?

      Apologies for likening #ukuncut with this demo. The demo itself seems to have gone well but Ed M’s comments…

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