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“They’re (Lib Dem Activists) not smart enough to hide it very well!”

That was a tweet I saw come through my twitter feed last night about someone in the Question Time audience who someone deemed was a Lib Dem activist. For the record those tweeting on this were Labour members. Surely that is just a wee bit arrogant? Saying that Lib Dem activists are basically thick? This is what annoys me so much about politics is that tribalism to just so engrained in so many people’s blood that new politics that Nick Clegg preached before the last election is going to be so difficult to achieve.

I think that Labour did some terrific stuff in the past government whilst they also did some bad things. The Conservative’s too have done both good and bad things. No-one if they were to look at every single conflicting policy without knowing the party would choose their party’s policies 100% of the time. However so many people just blinding follow their own allegiances and party all the way even if they don’t actually agree with much of their policy.

I could easily say that I know a Labour member who is racist therefore they all are or that I know a Tory who is sexist therefore they all are. That is the same blanket stereotyping that this tweet used and is to be frank insane and imbecilic. Not all Lib Dem activists are thick. Not all Labour members are racist. Not all Tories are sexist. Every single person is different. I’m sure some Lib Dem activists are thick, I’m sure some Labour members are racist and that some Tories are sexist but honestly.

I know that deep down this blog is essentially pointless but heck – the sub-title of this blog does use that word. In general it just seems like a dumb thing to say. When people truly believe that members or activists of another party are less intelligent than members of their own party then really what can you do? New politics? Not with these dinosaurs about.

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