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Day: March 16, 2011

Protesters in Libya and Bahrain are being slaughtered and we still do nothing. I’m sickened to the core.

I know the political world is still scarred from the Iraq invasion and how it didn’t have full UN backing but now we have another glaring situation where fellow human beings are being slaughtered to quell any free speech and nothing is happening. It makes my blood boil and if I were an MP I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. We can all talk and talk and talk and whilst we talk and talk and talk Gaddafi kills and kills and kills and the Bahraini authorities oppress and oppress and oppress. At some point someone has to show the strength of character to do the right thing but no-one wants to do that as they are scared of what the rest of the world, let alone their own people will think.

Sadly we live in a world full of NIMBYs, certainly when it comes to old school third world countries. People feel far worse for the Japanese people who have been crushed by Mother Nature flexing her muscles than they do about people being slaughtered in cold blood for wanting the freedoms that we take for granted. People seem to be thinking that the freedom rebels in these Arab states deserve freedom but that they need to do it themselves whilst we sit and watch. The historian David Starkey certainly seems to think so after his appearance on Question Time the other week. If they can’t win democracy, freedom and free speech for themselves then they don’t deserve it. What horsecrap. What type of idiot thinks that?

Don’t answer that.

I am naive and I know that and in all honesty I couldn’t care. I am idealistic I know and the real world and idealistic values often don’t go nicely together. However I stick by my opinion and that is people are allowed the right to free speech all over the world wherever they are from. Russian, English, American, Japanese, Australian, Kenyan, Indian, Tunisian, Libyan, Brazilian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu I couldn’t care less – they are all human and all humans deserve the right to live in an environment where their voices are heard without living in fear that free speech will result in arrest or worse.

Yes the Tunisians and Egyptians managed to win that right through peaceful demonstration and no outside help was needed but that will not be the same in every situation. As we clearly see now it isn’t in Libya or Bahrain where the rulers still have the Army and they will happily kill their own people in the name of the government. This is not right. Anyone who thinks it is is someone I will just never fathom. The UN, NATO and the Arab League all want Gaddafi to go and have told him this but he won’t listen. He won’t give up until he’s dead and we all know this. However we still sit and discuss what to do and go round and around and around in circles. All this talk of a no-fly zone will be pointless soon as Gaddafi will have crushed the opposition and doomed these people to a life of misery and pain – that’s if he decides they are allowed to live.

These people only want basic human rights and need our help and whilst we hear their calls we are not doing anything about it. Jo Swinson brought it up in PMQs this lunchtime and David Cameron said he was actively trying to do something but when all is said and done China and Russia will never back any military intervention. They are more NIMBY than anyone and they couldn’t care less. Stephen Dorrell and Sir Menzies Campbell spoke with BBC News after PMQs and both lamented the current situation knowing that time is running out to save these people.

Whatever you think of George Bush and Tony Blair you must admit that in the long run people’s lives were saved by invading Iraq and stopping the oppression. Yes the reasons for war are debatable and the Iraqi people hadn’t stood up as a collective voice demanding change but certain parts of the country were immensely oppressed, trodden down and treated like shit on the shoe by Saddam Hussein. This time the people are loudly saying they want change and are not being allowed it. Not just that, they are being killed for saying it. This is not right and it never will be.

I can understand why the leaders of the major western worlds are not keen to get militarily involved but if they don’t then the rebels and freedom fighters will lose and die. Libya will become a pariah state and will probably become a new home to terrorism, one that has immense oil reserves and money as is even nearer to mainland Europe than Iraq was. Basically if the rebels lose it will be a disaster for both freedom and democracy as well as the safety of the people of Europe.

The time is now to do something. In all honesty the time was weeks ago but as they say ‘it’s better late than never’ the problem being though that never is creeping up on us at an ever alarming rate.

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