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Day: March 15, 2011

Ashley Cole – Is it possible to dislike him even more than we all did previously?

I’m pretty sure that he is the most disliked football around and tat is quite an accomplishment. Many footballers are disliked by fans of rival teams but the general public couldn’t care less. Ashley Cole has managed to transcend sport and is just disliked by everyone. I’m not even sure that Chelsea fans like him that much. Terrific footballer, yes. Best left-back in the world, quite possibly. Bit of a prat, without a doubt. Hated by most, yeah I’d say so.

We all know about his extra marital affairs that caused his divorce. We all know about him skipping out on Arsenal for mega-money. Then a few weeks ago he shot a work experience and seems to have pretty much got away with it. I’m pretty sure if I shot anyone then the police may want to get involved. Had the work experience kid shot Ashley Cole then all hell would’ve broken loose. So he gets away with that which is to be honest more than annoying and now this.

Whilst I do not generally buy newspapers I do read most of them online and therefore I do read The Sun and today a headline with, ‘Ashley Cole’s plan to woo Cheryl back’ is easily enough for me to click on. The fact is that he thinks that buying property in Dubai will woo her back, the divorce was all a stunt as she had to show that she was doing something and is extremely confident that they’ll re-marry when retires. What world does this guy live in?

So he thinks that when he retires and isn’t playing football any more she’ll run back to him and they’ll live happily ever after in Dubai? Well in a way you have to admire his optimism or maybe it’s just self-delusional. Either way the smugness and arrogance really pisses me off and he always pisses me off. He has it all, he can be a hero to many but instead chooses to act like a total jerk.

And to top it all off – the photo used in the article. Well lets just say they make him look like a right arrogant twit. Nice editing by whoever edited that.

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