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Day: March 10, 2011

Take Me Out Lucy bullied over being seemingly desperate on the show

As one or two people may know…I have no life. Therefore Saturday’s are ‘Take Me Out’ time whilst the showing is going on. This series has been fantastic and there are a handful of girls we’ve got to know and love over the past 12 or so weeks. From Mint JoJo to lovely Kate, divine Carol to burlesque Samantha, disney-loving Abi-Scarlett to cougariffic Heidi. We all have our favourites but there have been two people who have been labelled by some on internet forums as desperate or worse. One is the Mint JoJo (who is all sorts of awesome so the haters are idiots) and the other is Lucy, whose only ‘crime’ is possibly trying a little bit too hard to get a date.

So when I was pointed to a story in The Sun with her saying how she’d been bullied both online and in her hometown over her appearances on the show it made me a wee bit sad. Yes she kept her light on a lot but in honesty what is wrong with that? All you really see is a guy walking on stage, a video about him and them doing their ‘unique talent’ what can you really tell from that? You never know who the right person is for you until you actually get to know them – and you don’t do that just from seeing that.

So in a way she’s been doing exactly the right thing. Turning off her light when someone obviously isn’t her cuppa tea but keeping it on when you never know. It may have been a bit cringing at times watching her try and deep down it was a bit of Car Crash TV but what was wrong with it? People have said they don’t want a date with someone because of the colour of their shoelaces or that they don’t like someone’s choice of shirt, or their hair-cut or their ear lobes are too big. Are these really good reasons to not go out on a date with someone? If they are then no wonder these people are single.

So Lucy has finally got a date. Hope it all went well and that people stop the hate. What is the point on hating on someone from a TV show because remember folks, that it all it is. Lucy is undoubtably a lovely girl who doesn’t deserve any bullying – nor do any of the girls. Just enjoy the show folks and stop making it so serious. Did people ever bully those who went on Blind Date? I somehow doubt it…

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