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The Battle of the Supermarket Mums

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For a long time my Supermarket advert dream women has been undisputed. The Sainsbury’s mum has held this crown. However now she has a rival.

A couple of weeks ago I saw the husband of a couple want to stop doing the family shop and the wife responded.

So now I have a decision to make (actually no I don’t but lets pretend shall we?).

The first woman has long been in top spot. Very much the stereotypical MILF. Now the actress who plays the mum is in her late 40s, which is shall we say a few years older than me. However I’ve never been one to care about age. Age is just a number. I have long had a shall we say thing for the older blonde. It’s a great look. She has a wonderful smile and when she smiles her face lights up. Her name is Tracy Brabin – an actress who has starred in Corination Street amongst other things.

On to the newcomer to the charts, she doesn’t look as old as the Sainsbury’s mum and her skin is less wrinkly. She also has a nice smile (this is my biggest weakness). I like her hair and her demeanour (certainly when on the beach and just after the lions) but whilst obviously if she gave me a call I’d probably buy her a chinese, she is no Sainsbury’s women. The actresses name is unknown to me.

Sainsbury’s woman wins out. Obviously Kerry Katona looks much better these days than she did during her face of Iceland days but she’d still not win out.

This might have been my most pointless blog ever but still, it’s my blog.

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February 1st, 2011 at 9:31 pm

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