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The World of the Lady

The world of the lady. As anyone who actually knows me and not just reads my Twitter et al, they’ll know I’ve been single for a long long time. In fact I have had one date in the past four years and there was no second date because she was – and I quote – ‘too busy as she had washing up to do’ – gotta like that excuse – it is so bad it is funny. Anywho…

Whilst I swim in the waters of general loneliness there are other people I know with very interesting love lives. One of those is a friend who prefers to remain nameless but he had what I call a very normal experience recently. There was the girl who he had been talking to on the Interwebs via a love finding site – think it was eHarmony but it may have been another. Anyway they had a series of dates and were texting constantly. This to me is a good sign. Both wanted to meet up more n more and life was good.

Then he made his move and was rebuffed quite spectacularly so I’m informed and since she hasn’t contacted him. So how can two people go from seeing each other three or four times a week, getting generally closer n closer and more flirtatious and more flirtatious and then suddenly bam, it all ending. My hypothesis is that she met someone else and suddenly decided that was that but there must be more to it than that. I have been in similar situation in the albeit distant past where you are very close to someone and they find another and quite simply you do not exist to them anymore.

So I want to know why this happens. Do women think that they can’t have single male friends when they start a new relationship? Do women think that by having single male friends (or in some cases people they were getting closer to) it’ll destabilise a potential relationship? Are all resources needed to make sure that new relationship works at all costs? I at times do not understand. As a single guy I’d prefer to keep my friends should I ever get into a relationship, whether they be single females or not or would this not be allowed? I find it all very confusing.

There is someone in my past who basically had the straight choice between me and two other guys who were after ger affections. Once she had chosen one of the other guys I was pretty much deemed completely surplus to requirements and she just didn’t speak to me again pretty much. For me that is harsh but heck I’ve seen it more than once both on a personal level and amongst friends and colleagues.

So women – are you allowed to have single male friends when forming a new relationship or is that just wrong?

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